Immanuel of Salvington

Immanuel is a Trinity Son. As with The Michael's, this is a small family of angels and it speaks to the unique nature of their group.

Immanuel is considered to be a glorified Creator Son. Father has first offered each and every universe that has come into creation to him. In each case, Immanuel has rejected the offering, in part, because he does not view himself worthy of the position. He knows his flaws and is uncomfortable with the idea of deity worship which is bestowed with the position. Regardless, he is a surrogate father, brother, mentor guide and friend to each of the Creator Sons of the six existent universes. He has trained each for their positions.

Immanuel holds a unique position within the universe. Clearly high born and a Favored Son, he moves about between universes answering the calls of the Creator Sons when, and if, they feel the need to draw upon his expertise. He also is a person who is dispatched to handle immediate problems of many types. One may say he is something of a fireman. However, he once commented that he was the most competent person within creation to shovel manure in six universes. Of his wards I've heard him comment, "They're all Good Boys", reflecting his parental and carrying attitude towards them.

Naturally, his own self description does not well portray the fact that he is an advanced evolutionary being who is dedicated to the service of Father. In physical appearance he stands at about six feet, with the long lean robed appearance common to angels. He has brown hair and a full brown beard.

The situation between Immanuel and Michael is unique in as much as the Rebellion came to be before Michael's official installation as Regent. A Creator Son is required by custom, not law, to complete seven incarnations at the various levels of life within his universe. Michael's last, and most difficult, was as Jesus. Once this incarnation was completed, and protocols satisfied, he was free to assume the reins of power. He did not. Instead, he dove back into incarnation and has been here on Earth since.

The universe spends much time speculating on the intents and actions of the Creator Son and some of the various exalted personalities. It isn't incorrect to draw analogy to the British Royal Family and the many that speculate every time they sneeze. What is important is that all of these great personalities have one thing in common regardless of their individual angelic families. They reflect Father's attitude in how they go about doing what they do and being what they are. Crucial to an understanding of these people, and in particular Immanuel, is they all service the Logic of Purpose. You don't do a thing unless there is a reason for it. Michael's non-return to the universe is certain to have initiated years of discussion as to what he was up to. Yet, given the events that are now before us, one can see how his silence was crucial to the creation of the universal awakening that lies soon before us.

No other Creator Son came to power with a universe in such abject disarray and no other Son has had to rise to the challenges posed by the rebellion. There are good reasons why Michael of Nebadon is the universal regent, these will become obvious as the drama unfolds before us at this most important moment.

Update 5-19-1998

I've not said a great deal about Immanuel. His whereabouts are unknown to most and it served no good purpose to indulge in speculations. It does serve purpose now to place the logic regarding Immanuel before you.

The Caligastian timeline upon Earth is essentially a virtual reality. What we live now is the best of all possible alternatives for the promotion and creation of ascendant life upon this world. It will not become 'reality' until that point that the line is accepted by the Creator Son and it becomes part and parcel of HIS timeline, the universal timeline.

Yet, even then, it is still a fiction. The Universe is not a forever entity. Before the creation of the universes there was Immanuel. He is the Creator of the universes we live within. Such is the license granted him by the Creator Father.  The timeline for the universe is a very long one, even so it is finite. Just as the judgment of man is now upon us, so too there will be a judgment upon those who live within the various universes. At that time, the ascendant populations will either rise to the 7th dimension (Heaven) to be with Father or reap the consequences their choices in life have wrought.

One must pause to give thought to the incredible power within the mind of Immanuel. Furthermore, the enormous faith Father has in him to have granted him these abilities. It is always a truth that without Father we are nothing and can do nothing. Yet, with all this incredible ability, Immanuel's powers are mostly restrained and always to the
service of the Creator Father.

I've said in prior writings here on the web that when I came into life I negotiated an in insurance policy with the Creator Son. After his incarnation he came back into mortality as man and, in the doing, subordinated himself to my timeline. When comes the time for our departure we must leave together otherwise the line collapses and it will
return to my entry point within mortality, 29 AD. I calculated that the universe would be unwilling to create a situation wherein the Son would again be on his way to Golgatha. I further estimated that regardless of their hatred for me, and it is a hatred, they would be unwilling to inflict this incredible suffering upon the very individual they say they worship.  There would be no rationalization, no denial, no miscreance of thought that would inspire them to this state of accomplished state of evil and sin. I was wrong.

I have also given voice to the situation that exists here with the various groups of nomadic Nordics. Some of whom have expressed an interest in association with the House of Caligastia. However, universal ships also trapped here at the time I initiated the energy ring around the planet have made it clear that any of their number who make an effort to move in my direction will be attacked and destroyed. I've made no secret of the fact that I will at some future point have to clear the playing field myself. This places all of the Nordic elements between the proverbial rock and the hard place. Accept my offer of association and they die at the hands of the universe. Do not accept and I will have to deal with them myself. This is clearly a no win position.

Many of these Nordic groups have bowed before the universe's miscreance out of fear.  Furthermore, the universe has/is attempting to bait me into a fight. Whilst I am not associated with the Rebellion, they think me easy pickings, the whole of the universe against one little world. One must give recognition to the degree of courage evident in
this thought. The affected Nordic groups are sizing up the odds and figure that association with Caligastia to be a poor proposition. Their perception is inaccurate. The equation is the Universe against Caligastia and The Son and The Father and Immanuel.

When I placed the energy ring around the Earth, The Old One made a comment to me. He said, "I've never seen such a thing. Actually, I've never even HEARD of such a thing". The ring is a passive tool befitting my intent.  It does not have to stay so. The logic here is clear. If neither universal forces OR nomadic nordic groups can leave this planet because of the ring, it follows that universal threats and intimidation are a total irrelevancy as they do not hold the high ground in this food chain.

The logic of Immanuel is thus. He created this universe and could, with only the effort of a thought, decreate it.  Would he? Only he could answer this question. Regardless, the ability is well within his license. It follows also that he could surgically alter, affect, or destroy any singular aspect of his creation.

Where is Immanuel? No one knows. The evidence and likelihood is clear that he is upon the Earth. Native Americans were given a prophecy that a white buffalo would be born to them signifying the presence of the Creator Son upon the Earth.  Yet, TWO white buffaloes were born indicating that TWO of the Son's of God are here, now. The verses from John 1 through 12 give voice to his actual presence here upon the Earth.

The relationship between Immanuel and Michael is one of absolute Love and Loyalty, each to the other. If Immanuel had to choose between service to a corrupted universe or the Creator Son, the conclusion is a no brainer, The Son.

Would Immanuel allow universal forces upon this world to successfully accomplish the poor plan I've indicated?

I say no. Further, the consequence for misjudgment in this instance would be extreme and devastating for those poorly intended aspects of the universe.

Would I allow those who choose association to face destruction for their choice?

My answer is this, "Caligastia protects his own".

It is not my wish, nor my intent, to start a war with the universe. However, I am also not inclined to stand idle and watch them commit murder.