The Lake of Fire - Perdition - Forgiveness

Any person who is of good heart, knows right from wrong and has the integrity to live between those limits will be well judged. Those who don't - won't. Father doesn't punish people. Those who track to a poor end do so pursuant to their own freewill. Yet, there is an escape route even from the poorest consequence. Father will forgive anyone who meets two conditions; a request for His forgiveness made with a true and sincere heart.

The cosmos is like a large electrical circuit with positive and negative polarity. The source for this energy is Father (7d) and it arrives from the place called Father's Eye. The point where it exits is called perdition. There, the energy returns to Father and is recycled. This energy Doppler shifts towards the red and swirls out just as does water going down a drain. This point is called the Lake of Fire. Anything entering that vortex is converted into energy and its prior form is destroyed. This includes souls as well. Those who have been poorly judged are delivered to the Lake of Fire. There they stay until one of two choices are made; a sincere request for Father's forgiveness or death. Entering the Lake of Fire results in the death of the personality with the soul energy returning to Father. The Bible identifies the Lake of Fire as a place where there is a wailing and gnashing of teeth. This descriptor is true in that the souls there typically refuse to take responsibility for the actions that led them there. They rarely see the others there as well as they are self absorbed with themselves (as they were in life). They walk around mumbling to themselves with all of the excuses they used to justify doing what they knew to be wrong. This is not a place where one finds sincerity of heart or spirit. Yet, to my knowledge, none have ever been told, in advance of the fact, that there is a way out. I am doing so now.

These things do not apply to a Nephalim. As they have no soul, incarnative continuity requires the intervention of those who manage the affairs of the planet in question. A Nephalim who fails judgement is simply ignored and no continuity provided. For these, death is the end of the journey while for others, it is the beginning.

We are creatures of habit who frequently worship at the altar of pain and transgression. Those who have injured us, those who have maligned and betrayed leave a mark that doesn't go away of its on accord. There is no such thing as 'closure'. Instead, we learn to live with it but the scars and memories of how we acquired them are with us every minute of every day. Such experiences tend to make one distrustful, suspicious and cynical. The continued indulgence of these hurts has a price - it strips away every vestige of hope one might have and we no longer see ourselves or our fellows as people capable of being better. Living in such a fashion produces despair - a dark place devoid of all hope. These are burdens that we 'choose' to carry. No matter how bad a prior moment may have been, it is we who continue the suffering inflicted by individuals who, most often, are no longer in our lives.

The cure is to just 'let it go'. To put the burden down, to cleanse ourselves of the unwanted pain and to start again with new eyes. This doesn't mean being stupid, to be sure, we've learned from the past. Yet, we no longer need to paint everyone with the same brush and, in the doing, open ourselves to the possibility of greater happiness. Forgive those who have injured you and start again, this time, asking Father's guidance.

I'm not a person given to prayer. I don't speak at God, instead, I go and talk 'with' Him. I realize the average person can not do this. Regardless, I do have two prayers. The first has become known as Alan Shepard's prayer.

God, please don't let me screw this up.

The other is, May Father's Blessings be with you and in you and around you always.

You've been told, Ask and you shall receive. Inferred in this is don't and you won't. The Father is with you always. Yet, He must be invited if you wish His assistance in your journey.

Caligastia 10/2007