One World Paradigm

It is the nature of many to view things with a parochial attitude reflecting 'how does it impact me'.  American's lack the perspective of Europeans, Africans, Asians and so on. Conversely, these other parties see things from their specific points of view. This also is true of the world's religions. Many indulge nit picking over ideas of 'who gets into heaven'. "Our view is the best view and only 'we' are going to be recognized by God as righteous". The proposition, aside from being extremely intolerant, presumes to know the mind of Father. It further assumes the Almighty shares their point of view. Assumptions make for poor realities.

Yet, many of these various factions do not realize or recognize that there is already a one world paradigm in place.
One that all share and recognize when they aren't picking parochial nits.

The Buddhist, The Hindu, The Jew, The Christian, The Moslem, all the indigenous tribes of North and South America, as well as those of Australia ALL recognize the existence of a Creator. They all accept that there is a life after this one. They all believe there is a judgment. The points of commonality are myriad and global in their scope.

Our governmental societies are built upon religious principles starting with the Code of Hammarabi and the Law Of Moses. Certain concepts are accepted no matter you which cultural heritage you spawned from. Murder is wrong.
It's self evident to all and requires no discussion. Without realizing it, we HAVE created a global consciousness. One that is hidden only because we get lost in the words.

One person may use the word 'soul' while another says 'spirit' while another says 'higher consciousness or celestial awareness'. One person may say 'thought adjuster' while I'd say 'temporal adjuster' and another might say 'guardian angel'. The conceptualization of the word may be the same as the next person's but we remain separated as a global mind for lack of agreement on the words.

To this end, the individual must begin thinking and TRANSLATING words down to the concept commonly held if he/she is to be able to communicate with their fellows on these, or other, subjects. In the doing, you will also learn there are no racial, religious, social, or geopolitical boundaries. We are all ONE IN THE FATHER, our creator, or mentor and our progenitor.