Liberalism and the Radio Show

I have, in recent weeks, received emails from liberals complaining about the fact that I criticize liberalism without giving equal criticisms to conservatism. These same individuals also tell me that they are looking for the 'higher power'.

Religion, in general, and Christianity specifically, has been under attack for an extended period of time in the United States under the guise of  'separation of church and state'.  This assault stems from the left. If they had any historical consciousness at all they'd realize that in Communist Russia great efforts to destroy religion also prevailed for an extended period of time - and failed. The persecutions in that country were far greater than will ever be tolerated in this one.

My comments about liberalism are a comparative to conservatism but NOT to the point of politics. Instead, they are intended to highlight the practical differences between good and evil, defining the methodologies of how evil operates. I accept that as people occupy each end of the equation - neither end possesses a state of abject perfection.
Regardless, one is less imperfect than the other.

Generically, liberalism is an appeal to emotion while conservatism resides in intellect and reason. Liberalism depends upon the forceful, by law, extraction of resources from those who produce to aggrandize those who don't produce. It is the basic weakness of a democracy, using the principle of one man one vote, that those who breed the fastest will ultimately reap the power to inflict themselves upon the remainder of the population who breeds responsibly. When the resources of the producers are seized to support the breeding of the non producers, it takes no math genius to realize that at a certain point in time, the non producers will out number the producers and the house of cards will collapse. Liberals don't care.

We have to look no further than California, where liberal dogma prevails,
to see the destructive nature of the belief system.


The liberals who have contacted me with their criticisms wish to see me bring conservative philosophy down to the common level of mediocrity liberals find acceptable. I can't. There is more truth in one ounce of conservative thought than there is in ten pounds of liberal belief. The truth is not a variable. For me to accommodate the wishes of my liberal audience, I would have to spin the truth to be other than what it is and to lie. These are not acceptable behaviors that I'll indulge.

However, I set this task to any liberal who is willing to take it.


By virtue of reason, logic or fact, establish that our Creator Father is a Liberal and I will reconsider my position.

If you can't, then as a matter of reason, you must also accept that liberalism is not godly and, thus, false.