Love and Lighters

I was once asked by a 'love and lighter' that if we had 'x' amount of people all dedicating their 'light' to the proposition of making the world a better place - could we do it?

My answer was that were this possible and after 500,000 years of effort dedicated to the proposition of spiritual evolution, it would already have been done. Furthermore, I, personally, would not wish to live under their regime.

In their zeal to spread their ideas of enlightenment they promote and ignore several very basic and fundamental rights of man.

1. They set themselves to be the arbiters of how others should live their lives and how they should believe.
2. They set an arbitrary 'standard' that people should be just like them.
3. In the name of God and what is good and right, they would impose their standards on others.

Many of the love and lighters are truly good people looking for a way to share their individual epiphanies with others. Many have also realized the beginnings of dimensional abilities and realize that, singly, they have little power and propose that by combining spiritual efforts they can change the world for a higher purpose. Yet, if one reviews the history of similar ideologies over time, we can not help but note that the theocratic fascism proposed has ALWAYS turned out poorly and to the detriment of others who have fallen under their thumb. They do not see past their good intents of the moment to the point where the tyrants rise to subvert the original premises for the goals of power and profit. It has always been so.

The road to individual salvation is found in the exercise of freewill where the individual CHOOSES, on his own, to be a good person because he sees the value of good. No imposition of thought or action that sets to restrict this God given gift of freewill can be viewed in any other context except that of evil.

If the love and lighters, or anyone else, wishes to set themselves as gods, then I require proofs that they are competent to the task and must have the minimum qualifications for godhood. Specifically, that they be all powerful and all knowing. Lacking these proofs - is it not better to be guided by the real Creator Father and set our course in accordance with His directives?