The Story of Lynne

Lynne is a person given to outbursts of rage. A psychiatric worker might define her as manic depressive and/or schizophrenic. Regardless, she knows right from wrong. Lynne is also a murderess.

Several years ago, her husband came home to where she had laid an ambush for him. He walked into the house, said hello and headed for another room. Lynne attacked him from behind with a shovel, hitting him in the head. When he went down, she continued beating upon him until he was dead. Her rages provide her with an uncommon level of strength. She placed his body in the back of their truck, made a left turn leaving their driveway and buried the body on neighboring land.

The area in question is rural and isolated so there were no witnesses or even the possibility of witnesses. Within a few days, she reported her husband missing to the local police. There the matter sat until the man's father began making noise and convinced the local sheriff's office to investigate a possible murder. The sheriff's did not discover evidence of a crime. Not because there wasn't any but because in Podunk Colorado they had neither the resources or training to exploit the level of forensics needed for this particular type of miscreance. So.....Lynne got away with the she thinks.

The woman's rages last from three days to a week, and when she comes out of them she realizes the wrong she's done. She can't eat and now looks like a survivor of Aucshwitz. She can't sleep well either. She is isolated and has only one friend, whom, in one of her rages she turned on accusing the friend of doing things that Lynne herself had done. The locals know the friend to be a stable and honest person and many have been suspicious of the story of the disappearing husband who 'left' without a car, without his clothes or the other things one would expect.

Lynne's life (if you can call it that) is one of a self constructed Hell on Earth and the worst of it hasn't yet arrived - there is another Hell beyond this one. When she exits from her current mania, she'll realize she's lost the only friend she had and, with it, her only contact to humanity. The friend in question, however, is an angel.

Sometime back, I was asked to look into Lynne's story for the truth of it. I discovered that she had , in fact, killed her husband.
I advised the angel that the only thing that could be done was to wait for the moment when there might be a possibility of reaching through the rage to make contact with what's left of a rational mind or better - her soul. The moment has yet to arrive but I suspect it will come.

Lynne will be advised that her only hope of salvation is truth coupled with true repentance and that she should turn herself into the authorities. Left to her own devices, Lynne would continue living in her own hell which is far worse than anything the system could do to her. This is a case where imprisonment would be the best thing for her - odd though that sounds.

She feels the weight of her guilt. When the soul suffers - the body screams. Admittance of the truth with repentance allows the soul to right itself and to recenter and balance the body and mind attached to it. Lynne's life is so pathetic at this point that the despair that will soon follow will leave her only the option of suicide. Then, her next self constructed hell will appear.

No one gets away with anything and there is, for all, a time of reckoning.