Mars Attack II

On July 4th, 1998 Nasa and other governmental concerns sent a lander to Mars. Some noted that the mission carried twice as much fuel as it really needed. The public was indulged with censored images of a little robot moving around the surface while scientists gave cutsey names to various rocks.

Untold to the public was the fact that mission actually had two probes. Thus the need for twice as much fuel as a one probe mission would have demanded. There was nothing cute about the second mission. Its sole objective was to nuke Cydonia. It failed.

It has been known for some time there is an 'alien' base in that area. It was also learned that an attack from orbit was impossible as the residents there take a dim view of being blown up.
The interplanetary geniuses at Nasa came up with a new plan which was implemented today,
December 3, 1999.

The United States has landed a mission in the polar region of Mars to test whether or not water resources exist in this region. The objective is legitimate. As with the prior effort in 1998 another mission objective was piggy backed, again - nukes for Cydonia.

This time a slightly different approach was employed in that two missiles, each containing ten warheads were landed and deployed. Instead of making an outright attack on the Cydonia base, a wait and see if there's any danger attitude has been implemented. It is for this reason alone that the lander was permitted to touch down at all. Old One decided that if this made some feel more secure, why not. Regardless, a defensive structure is in place and there is no possibility any attack would be successful.

Update - December 7 1999

Nasa now claims it can't get its antenna pointed towards its target. The claim is false and the
the probe was operational on landing. It would appear that Nasa never had any intention of
even putting on the dog and pony show it usually delivers to the paying public. One might infer an increase in the arrogance factor as the number of failed Mars missions grows leaving one to doubt the competence of an organization that doesn't seem to function well to its purpose.

Update and correction - December 9 1999

My speculation as to Nasa's intentions was in error.

The probe landed and functioned perfectly. However, its signal was being blocked from the time it came out of orbit. Old One sent a crew to examine the spacecraft in considerable detail. Along with the nukes (which was known before it ever entered Mars orbit) the other scientific equipment onboard was far more sophisticated in its purpose than just determining whether or not there was water on Mars. In fact, new technologies allowing the craft to make extensive and accurate subsurface maps of Mars were in place. Old One decided that it was not in the best interests of those on Mars to allow this information sent to Earth. The probe has been rendered inoperative.

I'd offer a suggestion to Nasa and the Military. If you want information about Mars - ask permission first. You invade the domain of others, knowing full well they have representatives here on Earth, yet choose not to indulge even the most basic of civilities.

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