The Accountability for Mars

I arrived on this planet nearly five hundred thousand years ago. At that time, Mars was already a dead world.

The universe is a need to know society and bureaucratic practices do not include the idea of accountability to its populations. Rather, the inverse is true. The government believes the populus is held to answer to the bureaucrats. Thus, we don't know what mechanism was responsible for the massive devastation evidenced on Mars today, a planet that was once capable of supporting human life.

What we do know with certainty is that the destruction of Mars was not the result of a natural event, that the planet had a high degree of probability of having intelligent life, and the only source that would have ordered the planetwide destruction of life on a world is the Ancient of Days. This fact is consistent with the man's personality profile and mindset.

Prior to the Declaration of Secession, all of the resources needed for our operations here on Earth were provided via regular transports from various facilities. We had no need for raw materials such as ores or other components for building and construction. Following the Secession, a mining and production facility was established on Mars as circumstances forced us to forage for raw materials and to build from scratch every physicality we would need from buildings to ships. The main facility is located in the area called Cydonia and there are satellite stations at various other points, most in the southern hemisphere of the planet. Additionally, we maintain a small sentry post on Phoebos.

It was decided that it would be destructive and counterproductive to Earth's timeline to take the needed materials from here. Thus, an off world source was the only reasonable alternative. We found little of what we would need for a long term operation on the Moon and deemed it  unworthy of the effort.

It is the nature of the Ancient of Days to crush anything that even remotely smacks of defiance. The Lucifer Rebellion is not the only incident in the history of the universe. It is the largest and best orchestrated example, but not the only one.

Currently, the universe works for the internal destruction of Earth and its people. The universe views the idea of 'letting them destroy themselves' as 'poetic justice'. It rationalizes that its manipulations against those peoples are irrelevant and only the end choices made by the people themselves are relevant. In this fashion, they eliminate accountability for their instigation's.

Our examinations of Mars have not produced any evidence of internal destruction's or manipulations. It appears that great care was taken to eradicate the fact that there ever existed anything there. Typically, this would be the last action the Ancient of Days would take preferring, instead, to inflict as much suffering upon the world as was possible. He views this as justice even though the bulk of the planetary population would not be privy to the causal agents occurring between the planetary prince and the universe.

The destruction of the Mars appears to have arrived from space, Mars orbit to be exact.

For us, Mars holds no strategic importance beyond its production capabilities and the protection of its current inhabitants. We know that Mars base will be destroyed in the future following the War in Heaven when the Ancient of Days attempts to inflict his gratitude for saving his tail, from the Rebellion, upon the Earth. The base, will have been abandoned at that point and all resources moved and dedicated to the defense of the Earth. Earth will not be the new Mars.

For thousands of years, we have been producing things we had no immediate need for. In particular, frigate class ships in the 250 foot range. There are thousands of them parked in space not far off the orbit of Phoebos.....waiting. Were a person to get a photograph from a distance, it might appear to be a gigantic ufo hundreds of miles in diameter. It is not. It is a collection of many smaller ships arranged in a pattern best suited for long term storage.

We patrol the inner planets from the Sun to Jupiter. There will be no accidental nova to our Sun. We have sensors and detection devices widely scattered insuring no one sneaks up on the planet. We even have a contingency plan ready in the event they start throwing rocks at us - literally. The Battle of Earth will be fought by us, amongst ourselves, and not with an Independence Day invader.


At the point in time this occurs, Rapture will have already taken place. Those, poorly judged, have need of these poor days in order to find their ascendancy. The Word was given and they heard it not. Trial by fire then is the only remaining possibility.

Also, you have freewill. It is my prime directive and it will not be stripped from you to accommodate the needs of a moment. Instead, you will need to rise to the moment and do what is true, correct and right.

The universe covers its miscreance in holy words and edicts of assumed legality when, in fact, it all comes down to the mindset and evil of one individual, The Ancient of Days. If you thought Adolph Hitler was a lot of fun, the AOD
makes the Third Reich look like a choir practice.

If you have any doubts, gaze upon the remnants of Mars.