Marten's Adventure

My name is Marten.  I made the journey to see and hear Caligastia / Bob in late October of this year, 2005.  The idea for the trip was first suggested by David Price, one of the Advens, and a short time later it became a reality with my graceful host Bob and his canine companions.  This posting is a summary of my experiences and the trip.

I have been following the logic and experiences presented by Caligastia on his HQ web site for roughly seven years now.  Being raised a Catholic, my initial reaction to the information was fear and anger because the ideas were clearly outside church teaching, but despite an elevated emotional response I was determined to dig deeper and suspend judgment until I could defeat the logic with valid arguments.  I am on a search for truth where I can find it and I have to be willing to allow a certain amount of latitude when ideas are to be run to the ground and proven to have foundation.

Many years ago I was exposed to a big blue book (UB) that was presented to me as containing a bigger picture of what exists outside what is readily observable – the structure and organization of the ‘heavens’ and the ‘universe’.  Clearly this was also outside the teachings of the Church, but again latitude must be allowed if one is going to expand their perspective.  I have to say that the first third of the book was a complete waste of time for me.  Endless lists of personalities that I had never heard of, and all arranged into a tightly organized top-down fascist bureaucracy. 

To be sure, the Father was at the top, but the farther away from Him, the more the system seemed to be wrong-headed.  And somewhere in there evil crept in and created a division in the universe.  We have been told this from the start – that almost from the very beginning evil has existed.  Corruption also exists in this universe – and once this is realized, then it is only a matter of time before a blame game begins – who is the cause of this evil.  The UB is rife with the stench of the blame game.  The mortal perspective does not allow for a high enough perspective to make sense of all this – the best we can do is live good and holy lives and then see what happens.  So I found the latter parts of the UB to be more interesting – the history of spiritual evolution – the life of Jesus Christ.  And then I left it untouched for years and tried to concentrate on the task we have all been given.  Live good lives, pass judgment and get into heaven. 

One name stuck with me though – Melchizedek – because it was repeated in the Catholic mass.  So  I made an exhaustive search of the word – and among many other things found the HQ web site.  So seven years later I had asked as many questions as I could think of, and the single greatest point of proof for me resides with the Revelation Code.

There is clear and undeniable logic of purpose to the work of the Apostle John, as written into Revelation and referenced in Daniel.  Everything revealed in the Rev Code points to messaging being sent forward for someone to re-discover and to use to find his way.  Again this points to a celestial personality going into the darkness of mortality, and then finding his way out again.  The story is remarkable and perfectly executed, with the evil side of the equation being powerless to prevent it. 

So, I went to see for myself, and confirm as best I could by kicking the tires – so to speak – the reality that Bob/Caligastia lives.  I flew into Colorado Springs and drove to meet him at a local restaurant – he wanted to look in my eyes before agreeing to anything.  I too wanted to make sure that he was not a drooler, and it only took a few minutes to find a comfort level for both of us.  So, I stayed with Bob for about five days. 

Before I arrived, Bob told me he asked Old One about me.  Old One said that he should give me what I want.  So the question was – what did I want?  I was a bit taken back – the question gets to the heart of the matter right away.  I told Bob that I want to make the journey and see what unfolds – I want to confirm all the proofs possible – and I want to discover the truth, whatever it is.  Ultimately I want to be an ascendant soul, and I want to pass judgment.  “Seek and yea shall find” – followed by “don’t and you won’t”.  Well I was seeking.  So, questions and more questions were put to Bob for all five days. And he provided answers to all questions – and often offered even more information than I had requested.  This kept us up late into the wee hours most every day, with the company of his two sweet dogs – they quickly accepted me as part of the household.

On the Friday we set out to the Lair so Bob could show me the faces and personalities that are documented on HQ.  They really are much more visible in person, and the really amazing thing is the relationships between them.  I shot both color and black and white photos.  The B&W really brings out details that the color film doesn’t show.  For example, the Angel.  We had seen how she changed over time.  Her face disappeared at one time.  She was holding a book.  Well now she looks as beautiful as ever, and appears to now be holding a sword instead of the book.  The sword is pointing down with her hands resting on the hilt.  Bob has copies of all the images and a set on disk, so he is free to post the images he wants.

Saturday was spent developing film, examining the pictures, and lots of discussion.  I have already said the single most convincing thing for me is the Rev Code, but I have to say the story is also represented on these rocks.  Whether or not one buys into the reality in Bob’s head, you have to admit that he lives this reality fully and completely on so many levels.  If it is all an illusion and a big coincidence, then at the very least it is a very grand and elaborate illusion.  All weekend I kept shaking my head.  Here I am talking to either a crazy man of severe delusion or The Planetary Prince – there is no middle ground, and it is looking more and more like the crazy angle is not in play.  So maybe I am the one with the delusion – but my eyes are telling me something different.

The question of the purpose of my presence here kept coming up – and in truth I still have no answer.  Most everyone that shows up seems to have a reason for doing so.  Bob said that Old One had been particularly quiet all weekend, which was unusual when someone comes to stay with him – again I have no answer.  I don’t describe myself as being ‘dimensional’ in any way – at least not intentionally.  I was taking things as they came, and trying not to read more into things than were really there.  Bob was trying to set up a meeting with an associate of his that lives nearby – her name is Pat.  He has mentioned her on a recent posting, and he described her as being very dimensionally active.  We would try to meet up with her and her husband the next day on the way to the area behind Angel’s Keep.

So, on Sunday we woke up to a particularly cool day.  Frost on the grass and low level clouds.  The cloud cover held as we made our way up into the mountains.  We stopped in to meet with Pat and ended up staying for some time, which allowed us to build a level of friendship, and allowed the clouds to clear off and the sun to shine.  Pat seems to be very connected with her surroundings – she ‘feels’ changes in the earth and in the timeline.  This has been verified several times for her – 911 being one time – and the activation of parts of the Keep complex being another.  Bob and I then went to check out some more ‘rock elements’ for a couple hours.  The sun was now bright and getting low – so good late day contrast was everywhere and we got some good pictures.  I was shown a few very large elements that stick out like a sore thumb – they were undeniable really and fit with the geometry of the whole complex.  I am being a bit vague here because Bob has not spoken about some of these elements as they may be still ‘in play’.

Anyway, we headed back to Pat’s and spent the evening sharing experiences and I was very happy to speak with these very sane and kind people about HQ and the whole end times situation.  I had the impression that as Pat asks questions, she already knows or feels much about the answer before she asks the question – and then measures your response against this.  Again, these are feelings, and I could see that both Pat and her husband were genuinely seeking my opinion, and gently testing me to both gauge my sincerity and hear what I had to say.  There are very few people that I can talk freely with about these subjects, because the usual reaction is very negative and fearful, or instantly dismissed. 

We went outside and the sky was bright with stars in the clear cool mountain air – a very crisp evening and very black being so far away from any visible lights or houses.  The sky was busy with aircraft, the odd satellite, and the occasional falling star (meteor, not angel).  We pointed and talked for a while, identified the Doppler shift in a couple locations, and a few constellations.  Personally, I have seen this Doppler shift since I was 12, and always near the horizon – so I am thinking that it is atmospheric.  Light at low angles bends as it passes through the air or water – this is why we have colorful sunsets and rainbows.  Bob thinks otherwise, but OK.  So we disagree on a small point. 

I left these very sincere people with a most content feeling – like I had just met some truly special souls.  Bob and I and the dogs headed back to town, which was a good hour drive away.  At this point Bob and I are just happy to sit quietly and watch the road.  Then Bob says he wants me to keep an eye on the sky –  even though there is a security ship directly above him at all times – well, just keep an eye open.  So we bump along for about another ten minutes.  I have my binoculars in use, and then I spot a cluster of lights that are not moving.  Before I say anything, Bob says “there‘s a ship”.  And he doesn’t sound pleased.  Old One doesn’t show off, so he is thinking bad guys.  We drive on a few hundred yards and pull over – I watch through the lenses and see about seven lights in a horizontal stagger pattern.  The middle light is flashing red to a slow pulse – and they just hold this position for another good minute.  They are about four fingers above the horizon, which now is a mountain across the ravine we are coming down.  There is no movement, and this is not any aircraft that I have seen.  I spot other normal aircraft in the sky as I look around.  Clear sky and no clouds.  Then the cluster slowly fades out and disappears – maybe three seconds – and then reappears the same way.  We start driving again and the lights stay on for maybe another minute and then fade and are gone.  No movement the whole time, and difficult to say how far away.  Bob says that only a big ship with status ever does the red light thing – at least a 500 footer.  And he said that a detail of Defiants was dispatched to deal with this.  And that was it.  I guess I saw a UFO.  We speculate on the drive back who it may have been, and why.  No clear answers follow.

We spend a late evening going doing a recap of the weekends activities and experiences.  Old One has been very quiet for the whole time.  I still have no idea what I am supposed to do with all I have learned, but I have learned a considerable amount.  I have about run out of questions – imagine that.  Here I am sitting with the Planetary Prince and I have run out of questions.  My head is swimming with thoughts, so I zone out now and then as I process everything.  OK, enough.  More answers than questions usually means that I get quiet.  We watch a movie and try not to out-think the weekends events.

I spend the next day mostly by myself.  Bob has errands to run with his dog who is fighting an eye problem, and I do the tourist thing and go hiking.  The sun is hot and warm enough to sun tan.  Colorado really is very beautiful, and fall is my favorite time of the year.  For dinner I meet up with Bob and we go out to eat.  I still have more answers than questions and it is light conversation and good humor.  He talks to me about personal matters, and I am grateful for his advice.  I have gained a friend, and have tried to be useful during my visit.  Bob has prepared to make a small impact when he leaves.  I can see that he is waiting for the moment to reveal itself.. 

I flew out early the next morning feeling like the trip was a great success.  I had an idea that I wanted proofs of some kind before I arrived, but without specific expectation.  I thought that if I looked the old man in the eye and spent a bit of time with him then I would ‘know’.  Well I definitely got more than I expected.  From where I sit Bob, you definitely are crazy - but you are not insane.  You are definitely on ‘the give’ and not ‘the take’.  You were most kind to take me in and give me all the time you did.  You do, however, make yourself out to be older than you really are – nothing a haircut and a close shave wouldn’t fix .  Many thanks.

I must also give recognition to my lovely wife, who has had a difficult time with everything about this to date, and rightfully so.  She is relieved that I have returned safely from this trip unscathed and apparently not part of some wacky cult.  While she did not trust anything about my going on this trip – she did trust and believe in me, and in my books that means everything.

Original Angel Angel 7/99 Angel 10/05
                     1998                                                        7/1999                                                        10/2005

Look carefully under the hands of the angel. Marten noted that there appeared to be a 'sword' with the angels hand resting on the hilt. Note that the handle (above the hilt) holds a face.

Angel's Sword
Angel's Sword

I'm told by Marten and others that the Bob rock is a faithful rendition of my face including the baseball cap I'm given to wearing.

Bob Rock 10/05 Bob Rock