Merlin - Excaliber - Camelot - Stonehenge

The newly arrived face at Stonehenge is none other than Merlin. Its arrival comes as a presage and an announcement of the impending arrival of him who was once known as Merlin and known to us simply as The Old One.

Just as Angel's Lair has been performing an extended countdown now for many months, the British are now receiving their wake up call.

A moment in time will arrive when Merlin announces that he will appear before the House of Lords on a specific day and time. He will appear before that assembled body seemingly out of no where wearing the imperial purple cloak that is his right. He will bring with him Excaliber, Arthur's sword. As once he did in the before times, he will sink its blade into the stone floors before the assemblage. There it will rest for a number of weeks and, as was done before, many will arrive to try and pull it from the stone. As one will expect, all will fail. Following this I will arrive, not as Caligastia but as Arthur. Arthur's tomb has never been located nor his city of Camelot. Both were taken from the Earth for safe keeping. The House of Lords will witness the sword pulled from the stone and the return of the once and future king. Also, Camelot will reappear at stonehenge for the circle rock structures are the supports for the round table room of that castle.

At the moment these things occur, the British Empire ends.