Message To The Indian Nations
As the time for the taking approaches, it becomes incumbent upon various groups to make allowance for the survival of their organizations in a post rapture reality. The Indian Nations have, by necessity, guarded much of their knowledge and their traditions and done so via oral tradition. When the 'voices' of those who possess this knowledge are no longer upon the earth, the traditions will be lost for those who will most need it.
It is vital that the Chiefs and Shamans of the various nations choose their replacements now.
Make your choices from the highest order of non ascendant persons within your numbers. Pass your tribal treasures to these individuals as you would in the normal passing of an old one. The new chiefs should be advised that upon their rise as leaders, they shall create a Council of Chiefs representing all of the Indian Nations. The purpose of this group is NOT to indulge in attempts to acquire things from the government. Instead, when this construction has been completed, the spirit you once knew as Talking Chief will be returned unto you.

Those you call The Spirits contacted and lived with you at various periods of time during history. You were taught the ways to elevate your souls into the dimensional realities. With each tribe, future knowledge of their trials and tribulations was given along with promises that are yet to be fulfilled. The time for completion of these covenants arrives soon.