Satan's Minions

Contrary to common Christian thought, Satan is not hiding under our beds waiting to steal our souls. To be sure, he was under some beds, but this number does not exceed ten thousand.
Satan carefully, and with great deliberation, cherry picked those individuals he wished in his service and each of these because they would contribute towards a greater goal; the destruction of Earth's timeline.

I came to this knowledge from sources 'other than'  Biblical sourcing and, in truth, had I not already known, its unlikely I would have recognized that the ten thousand number is listed in the Revelation Code with links cross-wiring it to Satan and his Rebellion.

A few notable historical figures to have sold their souls to Satan were Chiapus, Herod and Pilate. The first two currently work for the California Department of Motor Vehicles and are as corrupt now as they were in Jesus' lifetime. Pilate teaches science at a grade school and  is the same petty bureaucrat that he has always been.

The United States and others are under attack from Satan's ten thousand and that assault is directed at the very foundations of what we are as a people. The order of service is simple - God, Family, Country. Without God there is no family and without family there is no country.

If we add another Biblical truism to the mix, 'The tree is known by its fruit", we have an easy and available tool for recognizing the attack and from whence it spawns.

Leading the charge against God, family and country is the so called American Civil Liberties Union. This is an organziation that has been corrupted away from its original purpose of protecting the principles in our Constitution and subverting the nation into Communisim/Fascism. Satanic operatives have endeavored to make God a four letter word and to strip from our 'selves' and our history any recognition that Freedom is a gift from God. Our founding fathers knew this and codified it into their original writings.

A communist regime must achieve three things in order to establish totalitarian domination over a population. They must kill God from public discourse or recognition, they must establish that people (and in particular children) are the property of the state and they must establish a legalized 'norm' wherein the free expression of ideas and religion must not exist. History well records this procedure as used in Communist Russia and the Soviet Union. Communism failed there but religion still survives.

With the election of William Jefferson Clinton, the codification into legalized practice began under the name of Political Correctness. This is nothing more than garden variety fascism. To be sure, no law has been passed for, in truth, the Congress would rather stand by and watch the subversion of our nation but will not take an proactive hand in it.  Abraham Lincoln in his second inaugural address warned that if Congress did not stand forth to do its job, we would be ruled by a judicial olegarchy.
Given this knowledge, Satanic syncopats attacked on mulitple fronts using the oldest play in the game book, divide and conquer.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a well intended effort to redress wrongs against blacks. During the 1970's, however, it became a tool for providing dominance rather than equality. Congress passed funding for many social programs under the theory that doing so was within the scope of redress. It became practice, under this theory, that stripping away the Constitional Rights of the white majority was okay with the thought that lessening the rights of one group to favor another would somehow produce equality when, in fact, the original goals were subverted to provide dominance. These practices are now into their second generation and the kids of the first generation are still beind denied educational opportunities because they do not belong to the officially favored minority.

Feminism rose as a collorary to the Civil Rights movement demanding equal pay for equal work. Yet, again, the righteousness of the original cause of action was subverted by communist leaning elements to create inequality between men and women giving the later dominance and power over the former and with governmental sanction. Again, no laws were written to the point but rules and regulations were altered to accommodate the goal.

Today the lastest in the seemingly never ending list of groups to demand 'new rights' is the Homosexual left who want a redefinition of marriage to be other than it has been for many thousands of years.

With each of these groups, public resources were allocated to one side and the expense of the other and ignored the truth of the proposition that a 'right' is something everyone has.

Polticial Correctness was forced into our schools via the Clinton administration with attachments that failure to comply would result in a loss of federal funding. A school nurse can not give a kid an asprin without parental authoriziation but can provide condoms and abortions. This is not insanity, it is a well thought and and precisely implimented program designed to indoctrinate our kids into communism/fascism via a system of false education and, at the same time, tearing the guts out of the family via force of law (rules and regulations).

Al Gore correctly stated the philosophy when he mistranslated the phrase 'E Pluribus Unum'. He said it meant, from one many. In fact, it is exactly the opposite, From Many One. The goal is to divide us as a nation and to set us fighting against each other.
The government (at various levels) has empowered these conflicts by throwing resources to favored minorities at the expense of the majority with the purpose to set us fighting amongst ourselves.

Add to this the American Civil Liberties Union, the legal arm of the Satanic conspiracy and we have only too look at all of the various pieces and lay them next to the tree from which they spawned. Once done, it all becomes easily seen and understood.

Sherlock Holmes was right - there is a Doctor Moriarity seeking to be the world's puppet master, and his name is Satan.

Add another layer to the obvious elements of Satantic service, the so called 'liberal' press, who twist, spin and mutilate the truth into something evil and unwholesome. As with our schools, the point is to indoctrinate, propogandize and to subvert the Godly intents of our founding fathers and to, instead, create a communist regime in the United States.

In the last two elections, the voters of this country, who have not sold out, have flatly rejected the left awarding greater representation in the Congress to the right and putting George W. Bush at the helm for another four years. Consistent with the Satanic theme, the left is relentless and continues to promote the 'Big Lie'. Rather than accept the will of the people, they would knowingly and willfully drag the nation into destruction. CNN deliberately misrepresents what goes on in this country and its syncopat the BBC spread the Big Lie worldwide. In this they have succeeded and much of the world now has images of the United States that are, in no way, related to the truth.

Satan realized early on that he didn't need to have everyone - he only needed a few key people in focused positions.
In 2001, Satan was captured here on Earth in the company of three princes of his rebellion. All four are now out of action and unable to have a continued effect on the timeline. Regardless, the damage has been done as their minions defile the Godly principles we, as a people and a nation, were founded upon.

President Bush is like the Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike trying to keep it from breaking and the man needs all the help he can get.