Of Miracles and Beliefs

In the beginning of my journey, I was generally beset with emails or varied comments along the line of "You must be out of your bleeping mind" whenever I discussed the topics on HQ. Today, it is a rarity I receive such comments. Few people could get past chapter one on HQ without having this knee jerk reaction. It's understandable.

Within that time frame I'd get emails from people demanding proofs based upon irrational or illogical criteria.
'Who Am I', was one. The question assumes I'm walking around with an individual dossier on everyone. I'm not.
My reply was, 'Jackie Chan?'.

More than once I've been asked , 'What am I wearing'. A reasonable reply would be 'ignorance'.

People in general, and new agers in particular, seem to have an expectation that a combination of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all intermixed under the name, angel. It goes without saying that these assumptions and expectations are not the product of first hand interactions with the species. Were it otherwise, the individual just might have a small awareness of how silly some of these queries are.

A number of times, I've been asked for miracles. Not big ones mind you, 'just a little miracle'.

My general response is, 'I don't do tricks'. If you want to see a magician, I'd suggest David Copperfield.

However, miracles do exist and they are where you find them although they are frequently delivered in a manner that isn't 'in your face'.

Jackie, my associate, has a relative who has been on a quest for faith and belief for sometime now and has focused on traditional Christian means to achieve his goal.  He has not been totally successful in the endeavor. We took him out to Angel's Lair this last weekend so that he might see the sculptures and hear the tale. He wasn't impressed. I told him beforehand that I had no 'beliefs' on the table that all I did have was the truth. He later commented that he had an unstated expectation that 'something' might happen. Were you to query the people from the Adventure II, they also had this expectation but also reasonably allowed that such would, in all likelihood, not be the case. They received three miracles in the course of their journey.

Jackie noticed a new carving on the Father rock. The panther that had appeared during the Adventure II had disappeared and a left profile of a panther (well carved) had appear up on his forehead (or in his mind if you will).
Our guest saw it as well. Unfortunately, the battery in Jackie's camera died without notice and we'll have to wait until a future trip to get a picture of it (if it still exists by the time we get back out there).

This panther approximates the new one on Father's rock and is found elsewhere in the Lair.


We took the gentleman in question home and he met with us at the house the next day. In the meanwhile, I'd gone through the pictures for 1998, 1999 and 2000. The panther carving was not there in any of those renditions.  When I saw him I asked, "Well, are you ready for your miracle?" He brightened up immediately. I pointed out that he wanted to see something happen and he did. I sat him down at my desk with the previous years photos and asked him to identify the panther he'd seen the previous day. He couldn't. Then I suggested that if he still wasn't impressed, to some degree, to take a rock and put it on his coffee table. As soon as it morphed into something else, he should call me. It goes without saying we wouldn't be hearing from him about the rock for a very long time<g>.

Given the reality we live in, we take the physics of that reality for granted. Rocks don't get up and walk away nor are they possessed of the capability to alter their forms. Yet these rock sculptures do. Is it a miracle? Not really.
It is the product of a a technology that has an understanding of the nature of creation not yet common to the Earth.

I'd suggest that if you quit viewing the physicality's of reality as rocks, trees, water and the like and, instead, view them for what they really are - energy - you will begin to have a true appreciation for the nature of reality. 'Things'  are made from atoms. We know that splitting an atom releases incredible energy and this provides a logical bookmark to the premise we are dealing with energy. We also are made from energy. The difference between us and a rock, however, is in the 'harmonic' frequency that we emit to occupy our space in the energy field called life.
Altering the harmonic of a precarved rendition upon a rock can produce different things to view depending upon the frequencies used when it was carved. Matching that frequency at a later time can bring the object to 3d visibility while rending others invisible.

If we carry the thought further, realizing that EVERYTHING is made of energy, and backtrack the energy to its source - the first energy - we arrive at the Creator Father - God, from whom all things were made and exist. This is not a trip into belief or religion. In fact, science and religion are two sides of the same coin. The vision of each side is limited only by their own sight at any given moment. Ultimately, if the two follow their own individual paths, they'll arrive at the same place staring at each other and feeling silly for their prior ignorance. However, such is the nature of the journey.

There are some elements I had hoped would join me in the journey who, instead, stayed in the shadows preferring to lurk at the edges. They've been something of a disappointment to me. Yet, on the flip side, there are others possessed of logic and reason who did arrive and have taken their places at the table Father has prepared for them. The paradigm I've offered is one that demands proofs on a par that no cynic can rationalize or spin the reality to something other than what it is. Those who have taken their seats will find a feast in the service offered to them.
Those who did not arrive will see only the realities of a food chain they can't conquer - having waived the time of reason for indulgences in agendas devoid of reason. The reality will be the same for both ends of the string, yetwhile one views it as a blessing the other will see only an imposition.