The Faces of The Creek
The story of The Creek continues.
On a separate mountain, I'm shown sticking my tongue out at the dragon. Not a very princely thing to do but a definite act of contempt AND very 'me'. At the bottom of the photo appear two men peeking out from the bushes.

This picture of Old One was taken from a higher vantage point on the opposing mountain. The triangular area that appears to be his mouth is not. From the higher position, it clearly becomes his chin. Like me, he is delivering a raspberry to the sleeping dragon that is carved in approximately the same position  I've situated the two photographs. The 'status' of sleep indicates that the dragon is unaware. Comparitively to my image, the dragon is alert. At the upper right hand of Old One's frame appears ufo rock. The humanoid head below Old One's face is representative of  Earth's Nordics who are associated with him. While human in appearance, they are not. These photos hold many more subimages buried into the main images. Blow up the images, play with them and see how many you can find. Waldo ain't in there.

Upper left, we appear to have an alien looking critter. Top middle, is an image consitant with 'the beast'. Upper right, shows an image of Hell. A horned 'devil'  with a variety of unhappy faces around him. Lower left, a lion's face. Lower middle, a man in apparent pain. Lower right, an image of a man and another dragon in profile. The dragon appears to be holding the man's head.

The images in The Creek run from the sublime to the fearful. The carvings are arranged so that each 'module' tells
a story. As the module is brought into focus with neighboring modules, the 'story' begins to fall together as with the
pieces of a puzzle.

The issue of how these images were carved came to mind. I climbed to the top of the mountain over Father's
image. There, I found an area where it appeared that rock was loosened and then made into 'pounding stones'.
Generally, this is a stone of three to five pounds that has been ground to a point. To have made these carvings
was a monumental effort as the man would have had to hang off the cliffs and literally hammer the rock into the
shapes we see. I have found one such pounding stone and, given the time, could most likely find many more.

I'm told by Old One that these images were carved by the local indian tribe in 500 B.C. If so, it is interesting
that many of the images are of caucasians and drawn at a time when American Tribes had not yet seen their
first white man. The image of a gray and the ufo give much cause for question as well the fact that these
characters are part and parcel of Christian ideology. The 'out of time' aspect of these renditions must give one
pause to ponder the subject of 'time' and those who walk upon it and within it.