Temporal Nexus

A temporal nexus has occurred. Linear time proceeds in a moment by moment fashion. By way of analogy, visualize a pool table with 15 balls upon it (no cue ball). Further imagine that there is no friction or external force acting upon the balls. This allows them to move around freely once set in motion. Now activate the balls in a random pattern where they are bumping into each other and the rails of the table. To the untrained eye, this movement appears to be chaotic. Yet, in a very short time, the balls will order themselves in a pattern where they incur the least amount of collisions.

People, within a timeline function in a similar fashion. Going about their lives, interacting with some and ignoring others. The difference between people the the billiard balls is that people have choices while the balls continue in a pattern determined by the initiating forces exerted upon them.
People follow the path of the balls to a point, and then they need to make a choice and they will join a new stream of apparently chaotic movement following a new ball trail.

Imagine driving down a road that comes to an intersection. This is a temporal knuckle, a point of choices. You stop at the intersection examining the various options. You see a newly paved four lane highway, a three lane highway with older pavement, a two lane dirt road and an off road situation going overland.

The smoothest and easiest route would be the new four lane highway. This is the 'choice' most likely to occur when an individual reaches that point. The other highway options are the choices least likely to occur in descending order.

Returning, for a moment to the pool table, there were 15 balls, the cue ball was missing. Now, place the cue ball on the table and strike it. It becomes an initiating force which, as soon as it strikes one ball, reorders all of the balls and their journeys. It may strike only one ball, but its effect is to change the timeline scenario for all on the table.

The cue ball must, by its very nature be unique. There can be only one. Such is the relationship with a planetary prince and his timeline (pool table).

During the last several years, I have endeavored to isolate myself from the timeline to the maximum degree possible. This, to minimize my interactions with the line for those spans of moments.

Now, in the pool table analogy, there is another aspect, a second pool table slightly above and over the first except this table has many holes in it allowing the single cue ball on it to drop down into the main timeline, strike a ball or series of balls, and then to return to its original position on the second table. Or, at least, some position on the higher table. This permits the planetary prince to facilitate the temporal engineering set in motion when the 15 ball table was set into motion.
In other words, to make on the fly adjustments and refinements as needed. Such adjustments are best made, and the largest degree of control achieved, if the cue ball is upon the playing field,

In my own temporal journey, my path had, as of a few days ago, reached a timeline knuckle where choices had to be made. I knew the choice and have been working to bring it to reality for over a year. Many obstacles had to be overcome, not the least of which has been universal meddling by agents who have been dropping their own cue balls onto the table in a continuing effort to cause discord within the timeline. My efforts, combined with intervention from Father enabled the journey to this all important moment. The choice of the knuckle was to join with another person, born of mortality, one who has accepted the parameters of her mission and is dedicated to Father's service. When this joining occurred, a temporal nexus was created.

As I stood at the intersection, I had a choices of roads to take - I chose - none. Instead, I stayed put occupying that space in the line as my own unique space - rather than traveling over it.
As the timeline and my life force are one and the same, occupying one temporal space without movement results in temporal warps to the timeline. Visualize a gravity well around a moon or a planet and you'll have accurate imagery. This force is, however, static and limited only the boundaries of my own personal energies.

As I held my moment, I was joined by my female counterpart. Her arrival into the gravity well of the temporal moment caused her to be orbiting me within the well, just as the moon orbits the Earth. Now, both of us are doing this moment in an 'out of time' situation. We are both joined together by our mutual 'intent' and affection for each other. This exists within time and outside of time as well. We are both incarnate, living in the third dimension and commuting back and forth between 3d and 4d. Our 3d physicality's served as an anchor which drags 3d into the vortex of the 4d construct.

It is a universal constant that the sum of the parts can not be greater than the whole. Individually, this person and I proceeded on our journeys each with a power factor of 'x or y'. Now, we are 'x+y'. However, due to our positioning within the timeline, the energies present on the pool table are now reordered in as much as the seemingly random pattern of the movement of the balls is no more. Their course has been reset into a new fashion. The imagery that best serves the analogy would be that of a directed and controllable tornado wherein the balls are now moving in an ordered circular pattern. They may continue to bump into each other in their journey around the circuit, but the pattern of their movement is now focused and, as in a tornado, the individual elements are now combined into a single unit of much greater force than when the original components moved separately.

Those who have played at the destruction of this timeline and the people within are now rendered impotent. I have taken the forces present and commandeered them to my own purpose. They are unable to stop these forces nor can they create their own. Were they to continue dropping cue balls onto the table, the balls are consumed in the fury of the tornado and become a part of a greater whole. These poor agents can not infect or affect the course of this line from this point on. This is the nature of a temporal nexus. Admittedly, these are very rare occurrences in that the need to create one is a rarity.

It should be noted that  for this feat to be accomplished it took an interaction with another agent (person) who had been positioned within the timeline for this purpose. On the surface, this person would appear of common and unremarkable origin in the same way that I appear 'average'. The old adage of not judging a book by its cover applies here. Together, she and I became the two elements that set the tidal forces of the tornado in motion. As we moved in our defined circular pattern, we exerted force upon some around us. As they became involved with the inertia of the moment and the movement, they in turn had effects on those elements around them and so on until the nexus was formed.

We are now, one significant step closer.....