Non Ascendant - Cures

I recently spoke with a fellow who confided he was an alcoholic and was currently in Alcoholics Anonymous. He further stated that he'd read the page on non ascendant behaviors and had recognized himself.  AA has always depended upon 'God' as a source of inspiration in an attempt to get the non ascendant alcoholic to understand that there is something greater than themselves. Currently AA calls this a 'higher power'  the politically correct equivalent for God Almighty. Regardless of the name, the person is the same, our Creator Father.

Within the last week, I had another conversation with a woman who told me she had recently confronted her father about some horrific abuse he had inflicted upon her has a child. The man, incredibly, admitted his miscreance and proffered true sorrow for his misdeeds.

What do the first gentleman and the second gentleman have in common?


Both have taken the first steps in the journey out of their non ascendancy and towards their own salvation. Both have GIVEN ADMITTANCE to the errors of their lives and sought to redirect their actions into something more positive, more wholesome and better than the way they had chosen to live.

The first step to solving any problem is to recognize that it exists. ADMITTANCE of the truth is, therefore, the first endeavor of the journey. Denial is the first step for the non ascendant in their avoidance of the truth. One of these methods insures the growth possible in the journey whilst the other serves only stagnation and, ultimately, death.

There are five ways to deal with any problem.

You can kill yourself.
You can kill the person causing the problem.
You can run away geographically.
You can run away via drugs and substance abuse.
You can make changes.

The first four options all involve denial in one form or another. Only the fifth offers growth.
The price?
Admittance of the truth.


Can any of you really think that your particular form of miscreance is something new or that God has not seen these behaviors before? Can you be so buried in yourselves that you think you aren't worthy of forgiveness? Father loves all his children and it pains Him to see you inflict such suffering upon yourselves. Yet, He gave you freewill so as you endure your self inflicted suffering, He endures.

I have seen Father turn something evil into something good with no greater effort than a word. It takes only a decision from you, now - today, to begin the journey to eternity. This distance is much shorter than you might think.
If you are a substance abuser, there are many good programs that will help you in that particular journey. You can't think clearly if your head is cluttered by drugs or booze and you must be willing to think clearly.

If your non ascendancy doesn't involve drugs, your journey isn't burdened by that aspect. How do you achieve your ascendancy? You do it in service to others. You give admittance to your self centered, ego centric selfishness and dedicate yourself to the service of your fellows. One day a week of volunteer work at many of the organizations that serve humanity is a good start. Working with retarded kids is a way to find people who give their love and affections without restriction.

This does not involve giving money!

One can not buy their way into Heaven nor can you 'deal' your way doing end runs.
Give us some credit. We're not stupid.

The proposition requires that you give of yourself to others. Organized efforts are good because it provides a structure many need to work within. However, it isn't the only way. Three good deeds a day for people you have nothing to gain from will work as well. It can be as simple as opening a door or picking up a piece of litter.
Do these, and do them everyday, and in a very short time you'll find they've become ingrained and you will have changed into a different person. There's no magic to any of this. It does, however, require a decision.

While there is Life - There is Hope