Behavioral Traits of the Non Ascendant Personality

1. Denial

    An unwillingness to accept responsibility for the poor results of choices and behaviors.
    Blames others for their failures.
    Excuse themselves because of some event, or combination of events, occurring in their past lives.
    Always has an excuse or an explanation.

2. Explanations

    Wants to 'explain' their life story with extensive references supporting #1.

3. Vision

     Can not fathom that others can see them as they truly are and continually attempts to exploit the
     theory that 'they don't have a clue'.
     Can not see themselves as they truly are as the limit of their vision is formed under the boundaries
     of #1.

4. Repetitions

    Lives life as though on a merry go round.; doing the same things the same way endlessly and irregardless
    of the behavioral history of failure attached to the given endeavor.
    Expect others to fill up their lives.
    Life is a question of filling up time - not of living life.
    Only rarely does the Non Ascendant indulge a behavior that has not been employed many times before.

5. Truth

    Seen as a variable that can change from moment to moment given the need of a particular moment.
    Lying is okay if it serves the needs of a moment.
    Pursuant to #1 and #3, the Non Ascendant will expect you to believe you are a special character and
    they won't lie to you.
    Why tell the truth when a lie will suffice.

6. Confrontations

    When confronted with the falsities of the operational premises supporting #1 and #3, the Non Ascendant
    typically runs to avoid.
    Will become angry and resentful when confronted with their behaviors and will ultimately plot some 'pay back'.

7. People

    Are objects to be used. If for no better purpose than filling up the emptiness of the NA's life.
    NA's are users not givers and always take more than they give.
    When inclined towards giving, it is always a bargain and the NA will serve up only the minimum necessary to
    maintain their taker's advantage.

8. Love

    NA's are incapable of true love.
    Love is a bargaining and a word to be used in bargaining.
    The NA may give lip service to love and service to others, however, the bargains always require they
    'receive' first, last and always.

9. Avoidance

    The avenue of first recourse.
    Always takes the path of least resistance.

10. Integrity

    Not a possibility to the NA mindset. Just a word to be used in the event of a need.

11.  Sex

    Self gratification.
    A tool to be used.

12. Parasitic

    Will attach to a host that fills any of the NA's requirements for time fulfillment.
    Will bleed you dry if you give them half a chance.

13. Rationalizations

     Has an abundance of reasons for why they hurt and exploit others.

14. Success

    The vast majority of NA's are not successful - there are, of course, exceptions.
    The lack of success begins to become apparent to the NA in their forties. Regardless, the realization
     is generally insufficient to inspire change.

15. Salvation

    Generally, the NA will not even consider a change in behavior until they've reached the bottom of the
    barrel and only when the choices are life or death. Only then does salvation become a possibility.

16. Fear

    At the root of all Non Ascendancy is Fear.

17. Religion

    Generally a waste of time until the bottom of the barrel has been reached.

18. Inspiration

   The NA can not find inspiration at the hands of a person willing to be used by the NA.
   The NA has no capacity for the appreciation of gifts offered by the well intended.

19.  The NA serves only the 'ME'. 'WE' is not a possibility unless it is in service to the 'ME'.
    'YOU' exist only to the limit of the NA's 'ME'.