The Racist Obama Self Destructs

The reader is referred to a prior writing here on HQ -  A Message to Black America.

Sean Hannity exposed the racial bigotry's of Barak Obama and his association, for twenty years, with one Jerimiah Wright who purports to be a minister of God. Mr. Wrong, who has been identified as a hate mongering black racist makes it perfectly clear that he hates whites, hates Jews and hates the United States of America. Obama now decries his spiritual's advisor's comments thinking that white americans are stupid enough not to draw a reasoned connection between Obama and his pastor.

Birds of a feather flock together. "Yes But"  did you see all of the birds in the flock? So say the apologists on the left.
"Yes But", George Bush spoke at  Jones university that teaches interracial marriage is not permitted. This, as if, one has anything to do with the other.

The real question is, "Can a white hating racist be the President of the United States"?

when that very same racist needs white votes to get elected?

Fact : Many thousands of whites who are not racists voted for the racist Obama believing him to be non racist.
Fact : The time of institutionalized racism in the United States is long past.
Fact : Hate mongering bigots ignore that, for two generations, white parents have taught their children to be sensitive to
          black sensibilities
Fact : For the same period of time, black parents have taught their children to be racists.
Fact : None of the so called black leadership, in fact hate mongering bigots, are willing to give voice to the truth
            as long as there is money to be made teaching hatred.
Fact :While the black bigots give extended lip service to hating whites, they are first in line for handouts waiting
          for Whitey to wipe their backsides when they fail. (School Bus Nagen of New Orleans)
Fact : After receiving the handout, they always turn and bight the hand that fed them.

The time now comes to discuss the place of Affirmative Action (Reversed Racism against Whites).
Barak Obama is the proof that the yardstick set by Martin Luther King is the reality. That a person be judged by the content of his character and not his skin color. Barak, has garnered the votes of many White Americans who believed he was a New Hope when, in fact, he is just another self aggrandizing politician willing to lie to get themselves elected.

Martin Luther King's  yardstick has been met and Institutionalized White Racism no longer exists. Its time to stop the reversed racism against whites (government sponsored).

As a matter of personal experience, in 1970, I walked into the student loan office of the college I attended. I took one step in the door and they said to me, "Don't even bother filling out the forms - whites don't get money".

In 1994, my son (age 10) applied for the Los Angeles City School District's Magnet School". He was told he needed an IQ of 160 and was tested. He passed the test. Then he was told (sorry - no whites allowed).

Were in not for ROTC (who is truly color blind) many white kids would not be able to get a college education where many black kids find easy paths into Harvard.

It is a curiosity that while I was too white for a student loan, I had no trouble getting a bank loan which I used to buy a business. I've been gainfully self employed ever since.

Relative to HQ topics, there is only one question. Does God, in His Heaven, have room for hate mongering bigots?

The answer is NO!