The Value of Offerings and Rejections

It has always been my practice to first  approach people and things from the vantage point of logic and reason providing them the opportunity to indulge intellect over fears and agendas. When this approach fails, then other alternatives are considered.

The universe, for example, typically will only give a warning once. If ignored, then protocol for the consequence is established. Where mortal souls are concerned, I've endeavored to make repeated attempts at reason allowing for the fact that Earth's human population is not of the universe and ignorant of the protocols.

Regardless, there comes a point in the journey of offering wherein the individual has to use the pot or get off of it.

I'm not a 'I told you so' sort of person. Yet, when an offering has been repeatedly made and rejected - its time to move along in the journey putting the item, or person, behind you - a door closes and the consequence of the action (or inaction) comes home to roost at some point for good or ill. Oddly, there seems to be a balance in these things for as one door closes - another opens.

History is filled with many examples wherein the 'little guy' comes out of left field and occupies a pivotal moment in human history. In South America, example, the mindset is to look to a military man to rise from the ranks and seize power and establish himself as dictator. Simon Bolivar well knew the mindset and predicted through the words at his grave, 'From My Tomb Tyrants Will Rise'. In all of history, we are given a myriad examples of 'food chain' wherein big fish eat little fish. It is with 'power' that governments operate and inflict themselves up their populations.

Yet, our historical teacher instructs that power is a very illusive and temporary thing that can change overnight
irregardless of the seeming forces arrayed against it and that they key moments in time are hinged upon the little fish no one saw coming.

Consider this scenario.

The timeline for the totality of Earth was known in advance. Further that the facilitation's in time that were needed to insure that line would arrive at its intended destination were placed in advance of the need. It follows, therefore, that there are no original actions taking place and that each element contributing to the whole of the line was/is  known
by those who had a proper need to know.

To be sure, living within a linear time frame, it 'seems' that what we do is original. We lack any perspective to know otherwise. The counter argument to the proposition would be that the temporal engineer took away people's right to freewill. Nothing could be further from the truth. That the totality of all the choices made add up to an end product does not imply or infer contrivance or manipulation in the exercise of freewill choices.

This timeline ends, and my tenure as planetary prince, at rapture. The line is extended for a time by the direct authority of the Son.  I, thus, have a descending role in this play. To be sure, no one knows more about the workings of this planet than I (Except for Father) and I will still be in service here until the Last Judgment.

The huge carving of the dog Snoopy, at the Lair, points in a benign way to the temporal fiction. This artifact was placed in 500 B.C. - well in advance of the character's creation. It serves as a heads up to the fictional nature of the game.  If we take all of the universal agents, all of their willing mortal associates and all the traitors willing to betray their own and put them end to end - all of their miscreance will add up to a null - nothing - as their actions were taken into account long before they arrived on stage. This is a food chain that surpasses the dreams of some and the nightmares of others.

I was once called the Great King of Terror. It is not my nature to be so. However, it also isn't my nature to roll over and let evil prevail. If food chain is the only avenue left, I will exploit it to the maximum degree limited only by my own integrity.

The ends times for Earth are unique. We will face a moment when there are not preexisting protocols to deal with the situations prevalent on the planet. Normally, at the end of judgment, the non ascendant is exterminated. Instead, we will have a remainder population of 'walking dead'. There 'status' is as though they were soul dead. There are no protocols to deal with such a situation and they will be established en route.

It is axiomatic that the non ascendant personality is one governed by fear anyway. Confronted with the reality of a food chain so far in advance of anything conceived - there will be  cause of fear and even terror. It is at this time those to whom offerings were made, and which were rejected, will come to know the folly of their own contrivances.
At this point in time - the realization will be worthless to them and can easily be filed under, late, later, too late.
For those who accept the idea that power is the establishing element of a food chain, rather than reason, they will come to know they have no power and never did - only an illusion they nurtured.

At this point in time, I will be constrained to remind these elements that the offering was made.