Show Me The Beef!

There are some who claim to have contacts with 'spirits' who guide them. They also 'feel' these contacts are beneficial, helpful, and elevating. Naturally, these contacts, if we assume the absence of mental illness, delusion or personality disorder, are always experiential leaving no proof in their wake. The individual partaking in the experience chooses to 'believe' the contact from a 'higher' source and they frequently follow the dictates of their 'guide' in their belief they are directed from 'on high'.

On this web site I have consistently repeated one message - SHOW ME THE PROOF! I, personally, have no desire or wish to indulge a believe system that can not stand up to examination in the light of day. Conversely, if one is to discover THE TRUTH, beliefs follow. The truth will always stand on its own merit and is always an absolute. Beliefs are choices that are frequently arbitrary and follow a given person's wish list of how things should be. One method is based in reality and the other in fantasyland.

Logic is primary means available for discerning and proving the unseen and the unknown. IF it is 'real' then a proving of that reality is a possibility. Relative to the issue of 'unseen voices', it follows that those very voices should be able to establish the reality to our satisfaction. That means, IN YOUR FACE proof.

Let me provide an historical reference. When me and mine came to work with the ancient Greek culture, they had an existing belief system centered in a god set they called The Titans. It is a natural evolutionary step that people attempt to explain the circumstances of their lives by assigning the unknown to 'gods'. Yet, when the Olympians arrived, the Titans were 'over thrown'.

In truth, the idea of the Titans died from benign neglect for one reason only, The Olympians were real. We made face to face contact with many and that they continued to think of us as gods spoke to their moment within the evolutionary processes.

Factor now the year 2000. While few would be inclined to see my people as 'gods' due to the advanced state of evolution acquired over the years of this journey, there are many who still allow elevated status ONLY to the fact that we can do things you can't and have a superior understanding of why things work the way they do. Does this make us 'superior beings' - NO!

It means only that we are farther along in the journey. Should one ascribe elevated or 'holy' status to those from higher dimensional levels based only upon our ability to do things you can't? NO!

Consider a lesson from Earth's criminal element - The Con Game.

There are two forms of the game - the short con and the long con. The con artist who short changes a clerk at a cash register is running a short con. This requires only a minimum level of expertise. The long con, on the other hand, requires a detailed knowledge of human nature and the ability to predict a persons actions and responses given the particular set of details the con artist will provide. The long con also depends upon the assumption that there is a little bit of larceny in most people.

Flip the parameter of the game a little and center not on larceny but upon a persons 'needs'.
The need to feel one is 'special' is commonly provided by the unseen voice. The need to feel that one serves a greater and glorious purpose provides an excellent vehicle for exploitation. There is no lack of humans who have taken advantage of people using these same parameters and under the guise of religion. So, placed into its proper perspective - this isn't anything new or unknown to mankind - just a little different twist to the game.

On the issues of proof:

If logic is a vehicle of providing proof (and it is), then there is more than ample proof available within the confines of this web site to allow that I am not the same as you. Proofs of hybridization are documented. The discovery of ancient places heretofore unknown is documented and those places do extraordinary things (in response to me) that defy the known laws of physics. These are in your face facts.

The latest event over the July 4th weekend (2000) is only one in a long series of proofs that have been provided to those deemed to have a need to know and pursuant to the related logic of purpose. Those partaking in the Adventure II were witness to a ufo sighting performed by The Old One. A person who, I might add, does not show off or permit our people to do so. This exception to the rule was performed and speaks to need of the moment of those who participated in the journey with me.

So, my invisible voices have shown the beef!

Can yours?

If you can't produce a full and tangible materialization of the unseen AND before sane people competent to stand witness - what value do your invisible voices and invisible faces have?

Would it not be judicious, at the very least, to allow that those you 'assume' to be of elevated status and good intent aren't? Would it not be wise to demand on going proofs of those purported good intents? Or is it better to be a sheep following the Judas goat?

Father sent the Creator Son to this world. He was in the flesh and IN YOUR FACE. Does this not suggest to you that those who come in Father's Name should be willing to walk with you side by side without fear?

I'll tell you why these celestial con artists aren't going to do so even though they have done an great deal of showing off - particularly in the last fifty years.

The war in heaven is close at hand. Since the beginning of the genetic abductions, we've had to sit on our hands tolerating the intrusion into our realm, Earth. We could have fielded a military force and driven the intruder off. Yet, to do so would have tipped our hand to our true resources and provided the universal enemy knowledge of our ability and intents far ahead of the moment. This would have been a poor military judgment. So we endured, as you endured. This time is past and the intrusions were ended with Father's help and without the need for us to expose that  hand.

In the past few years, many have noted a new 'phenomena', the green meteor. These were not meteors nor were they phenomena. We have sent our war ships forth to destroy the enemy whenever and wherever they show themselves. From this moment on, there will be no exceptions and no tolerance. If they show one hair on their backsides - we'll be there to pluck it.

For those who were victimized during the abduction period, know this. There is nothing that you've endured that I myself have not endured. This may be of little comfort to some, yet, trust there was good purpose and, if nothing else, I have paid my dues.

Update 7-25-2000

Greg Robbins has referred me several ufo articles one of which indicates an attempt to land in a parking lot under what can be inferred to be 'emergency' circumstances. Following the Adventure II outing, I issued a directive of total intolerance and any 'illegal alien' was to be dealt with summarily and permanently. Since then, ufo sightings have increased as The Old One is flushing them out of their dens. The attached articles come from Jeff Rense's
Sightings web site.

 Puerto Rico Sighting

 U.S. Sightings

Note: No endorsement of information is offered EXCEPT on the sighting material proffered.

Old One confirms the sighting information contained in these reports. Furthermore, in the local parlance,
these ships now sleep with the fishes. In the upcoming days there will be more stories of this genre although you aren't likely to see them in the North American Press. Latin American sources tend to be less biased in their news reporting on these subjects.

Most of the bases used by our uninvited alien visitors are underground. Old One and I perfected a technique for flushing them out. David Price's keen eye pegged Old One's ship at 400 feet in diameter and 40 feet in height.
He was close, it's 500 feet by 50 feet. A ship this size carries multiple power supplies daisy chained together.
However, the weaponry is adapted to handle all the power supplies at once. In other words, it has a sizable kick.

Simply put, Old One positions his craft over their lair and starts pounding the mountain with the big boys he carries.
The resultant cave-ins inspire the miscreants inside that its a good idea to relocate. However, when they hit the door to the base, they find a contingent of our ships waiting for them. Few ever get out of the door.  I had one 40 footer get past me during a preemptive strike on a Satanic alliance a few years ago. It was picked off by one of my flight group. One by one, they're being flushed out. This process will continue until their presence is removed.