Pilate, Herod, and Caiaphas

These three historical characters are somewhat more than a trivial footnote to the poor deed and injustice perpetrated upon The Son nearly two thousand years ago. All three are now, as they were then, non ascendant in status. All three have failed the first judgement of man and all three will fail the second judgement as well. Not for the evil they committed then but because, in the intervening time, none have worked to evolve themselves to the minimum levels required for ascension.

One of the three, Pontius Pilate, has already crossed paths with me in life. He works as a high school teacher and thinks of himself as a geologist. He is still the self aggrandizing bureaucrat and still 'plays the game' to cover his own backside regardless of truth.

A moment will come when all three are brought together during speeches The Son and I will deliver together. At this moment, their memories will be restored and all three will know who they were and are. They will stand before Him they nailed to the tree.

Following the second judgement, my timeline will be ended. Judgement will no longer be mine and only The Son will be empowered to remove death's bonds from them.

These three have not been forgotten.