Prelude To The War In Heaven

On August 29, 1998, an enormous wave of gamma particle energy struck the earth. News reports state that the energy of the burst would have been sufficient to power civilization for a billion billion years. Why then was the earth not destroyed by this stellar event? Father's Ring protected us.

The star emitting the energy burst is reported to be twenty light years from the Earth. In stellar terms, this is right around the corner. Additionally, this star is well situated within the area of the Rebellion worlds. Not only was the Earth hit, but the Rebellion realms as well. It should be noted that it will have taken the energy of this wave 20 years to reach the Earth. Thus, the event occurred in 1978.

The Rebellion reaction to the event was immediate. Due to the 'timed' arrival of this potentially destructive energy, they immediately concluded that the Universe was the originator of the event. They scrambled their warships into an aggressive posture against the universe and have held that position.

The Universe, summoned their group commanders to Jerusem for a meeting. This Universe is one that rules by committee. Amazingly, they had appointed no supreme commander for their forces. Whilst they had assembled groups of ships and had assigned command of these groups to individuals, they had no battle plan. It appears they intend to show up with their ships and simply engage in a street fight with little thought or planning.

This meeting was also riddled with Rebellion operatives. Every word said was sent back to their leaders. The attitude of those in the Universal side of the equation was one of despair and hopelessness. The universe has never had a war but it appears that the Rebellion has organized itself and made plans for this inevitable conflict. If arrogance were the only currency by which victory would be assured, the Universe would prevail. Yet, such is not in a reality.

It is only a short matter of Earth time before the Universe fields its force. We have with us here, a mechanism by which we can measure some of these events, The Creek.

I have, in the last six weeks, been to the creek thrice. It is performing a countdown as new images have appeared, whilst others have disappeared. On the Sphinx, a new face has appeared at the bottom carved in red rock. The face is mine. The coloring indicates (predicts) the birth, or rebirth, of Caligastia.

The pretty angel that once held a book, then disappeared has now reappeared. Now, however, she holds a baby. This child is yet to be born but is predicted in Revelation. Her name will be Laurel, in the Greek fashion, and means victory. This naming was performed by Father Himself. Her middle name will be Hope, as given by she who will be her mother. Her last name is yet to be given. The pretty angel who holds the child is Laura, our medical practitioner.

Near the Griffin, a grouping of dark rocks has appeared. In their number is a three sided door that is blocked by a large rectangular stone. The door is current inaccessible due to the dimensional shifts that keep the rest of the entrance hidden. At a particular moment in time, this passage will lead into the hidden facility.

Another rock, has taken on the form of a scoop dished antenna. Examination of older photographs shows that this form has not been visible previously.

In the last days of September 1998, the creek sent a message. All the objects that are hidden in the 4th dimension became visible and all those things in the 3rd dimension shifted into the 4th. The creek cycled these events into a pattern. We took all objects from 3d and assigned a numeric value of 0 and 1 for those that were in 4d. This created a binary coding. We then compared the repeating sequence of the events and decoded the message. It said, "We are ready". Once the receipt of the message was acknowledged, the transmission was terminated.

Translated, the message means that all that can be done upon the Earth, has been done. The tumblers to the locks upon the Earth are in place. We wait now only the universal tumblers to fall into their proper positions. When these events come to pass, a greater event will spawn from them. It is our speculation that Father will use the moment of my repersonalization to issue his Declaration as to where He stands in this conflict between the Rebellion and the Universe.  This we can not know and do not know, nor is there purpose now that we do. Regardless, we indulge in our speculations. We believe that as the parties are squared off against each other, they and all within the universe will come to know that Father and Son are sided with the Earth, not with the Rebellion nor with the Universe.

During the meeting of the universe, it became apparent from their discussions that Father had not spoken to them in a very long time. As they came to realize this, their despair grew. Not from a fear of the Rebellion but from the first glimmerings of thought that they had abandoned Father through their poor handling of his universe.

Earth's Sons and Daughters stand ready before His service.

 The Child:

It is Father's intent that Laurel be the Bright and Morning Star of the new universe. This position means that she will be second in command to the Creator Son of that realm. In the history of creation, this is the first time this position will be held by a female. It indicates a radical departure from established tradition and speak well to Father's intents for the future.

Aside from the baby held by Laura, two carved vulvas have appeared at the creek. In total, three births are addressed by the carvings; mine, Laurel and the Creator Son whom Revelation correctly identifies as being a mortal boy who will be a ruler of worlds.

The Son:

Christian thought once commented that once The Son came as a Lamb but return as The Lion. This is very true. The boy who is but a boy but also is not, is positioned for this important moment in time. Like me, we have awaited, somewhat impatiently, for the necessary events of temporal engineering to unfold. The time seems soon to be upon us.

The Mother:

She who is to mother Laurel is an Earthborn female. She will become the Universal Mother of the new universe and will become the template for all parenting within that realm.

The Countdown to Armageddon:

The 1,260 days of Revelation during which the War In Heaven will be fought are done 'out of time'. It is not a reflection of time as it is measured upon the Earth. Relatively speaking, it will seem as though only one night has passed. Those who mark the Biblical countdown need to remove these days from their numbers.

The House of Caligastia:

As of this writing, the House of Caligastia now numbers twenty nine worlds. There are many lower caste worlds within the universe who are great in their belief and service to Father. Once His declaration is issued, they will divorce themselves from the Universe and this House will swell in numbers as Fathers loyal son's and daughters flock to His call.

The Rebellion:

The rebellion is currently numbered at eleven worlds. This, however, will change as one of their group disassociates himself and realigns to Father's service. Revelation speaks of the seven bodied beast who wears ten crowns. These are the planetary princes of the ten rebellion worlds who will ultimately do battle against the Universe.

Earth's Involvements:

Following the War in Heaven, the event called Rapture will occur and the ascendant population will be safely transported to the new universe. This will occur immediately upon my return from that conflict. However, over the
last twenty years, many have been contacted and asked to perform services here with planetary forces in the post rapture time. Those who agreed were given training and instruction that would enable them for this time.