Earthquakes - Causal Agents

There is no mystery to me as to the causal elements involved in the creation of an earthquake. The reason Earth's scientists have not discovered it can be allowed solely to the fact that their respective scientific disciplines have also supplied them with limiting patterns of thought, disallowing consideration of things that do not fit their paradigms or the accepted and traditional norms.

Consider the issue of a fourteen year old hacker who penetrates a computer thought to be highly secure. How does he do it? The first element is the fact that no one ever told him he couldn't and he didn't know it couldn't be done. So, he goes forth and does it.

I once discussed the idea of tricking a modem into thinking that a datafile in transit was actually a program. Then as soon as the file hit the cpu, it would execute an instruction set. The gentleman in question had thirty years of experience with IBM and said it couldn't be done. Today, it's called a virus.

The same limiting factors of thought keep those who care from discovering the elements that lend to the creation of an earthquake. Everything, individually, is known. Yet, none have put together the pieces. I will do so for you now.

The Earth has mass sufficient to bend the texture of space. People tend to think of space as empty, it isn't. Further, they tend to think of it as null in its fabric - it isn't. If you place a ball on a towel and hold all ends of the towel, you'll see how the fabric of the towel warps accommodating the mass of the ball. So too it is in space. This warp is commonly called a gravity well and it resonates at a very low frequency. This resonance is created as the mass of the planet moves over the strings of the fabric of space much in the same way a guitar string will resonate. This resonance is often thought of as a magnetic field, a product of a gravity well.

The Earth is predominately made of nickel and iron. When you move a nickel iron rod, for example, through a magnetic field, the result is simple electricity. Every electric motor or generator on the planet works in accordance with this principle. A rotor moving within the confines of a magnetic field (supplied either by a magnet or by an electrical source) will create electricity. Thus it can become a dynamo. The planet functions in the very same way as the nickel iron of the planet moves through the magnetic fields contained within its gravity well.

What happens to the electricity created? It depends upon its point of creation. The greatest concentration of mass is at the core of the planet. It follows that the highest concentrations of generated electrical activity will also be there. The molten core, like the surface, is not a pure conductor. The impurities in the rocks and other strata cause resistance to the electricity. This creates heat. The heat creates pressure. That pressure, when brought to bear against a weakened aspect of the planetary crust, results in an earthquake.

Now, none of this is new thought and the dynamo principles of the earth have also been known for at least twenty years. Where science has faltered, due to its own limitations in thought, is in computing the trigger that directs and releases the pent up energy.

Scientists say that the planets can have no responsibility as a causal agent where earthquakes are concerned due to the fact that so little energy reaches the planet. They are in error.

Scientists also say that the Sun and the Moon, one being the largest object and the other being the closest, 'might' have a causal role in the earthquake trigger. They are correct.

Consider this:

A high percentage of earthquakes occur in the early morning hours with the sun is on the horizon (dawn) and the moon is directly overhead. It follows that tidal forces are at play in the earthquake trigger. Yet, this is not true ALL of the time. Therefore, there must be a missing element. There is.

Let's return, for a moment, to our electric motor analogy. The rotor within the magnetic field must be at right angles to that field (90 degrees) for maximum efficiency. Note also that the angle arrangement between the common factor of the sun on the horizon and the moon overhead is also 90 degrees. How about that?

While the sun and the moon are the primary triggering agents, they are not the only ones.  Combinations of the inner planets (conjunctions) forming right angle placements (squares) with other combinations of planets OR with a primary agent (sun/moon) can create the same trigger.

Where scientists have failed is in their assumption that a receipt of energy from another planet MUST be the operative element of an interplanetary trigger. It is not the amount of energy. Granted, a certain amount must be present - but it is not an impinging factor.

The right angle placement of sun creates a circuit with a high side and a low side. Electricity follows the path of least resistance. So the sun would be the high side and the moon the low side. This constitutes the triggering agent.
However, the right angle arrangement ALSO serves to focus the pent up forces within the core. Thus, when there is a sufficient amount energy stored (pressure), and that pressure is focused upon a fault in the tectonic plates AND the right angle trigger is in place then an earthquake will be produced along the low side of the circuit.

Now, were some inclined to compute the probabilities of earthquakes, it is doable. First, a model of the planet with all of its known faults etc. must be constructed. Add to this an estimation of geoelectric energy created allowing for energies received from the sun and other minor sources (this includes also nuclear detonations). Then observe for a short time, where the Force factors pop up at. This would allow accurate prognostications within less than 18 months. Finally, plot the triggering elements of planetary movements.

For instance, if Mercury and Venus were within conjunction and the Moon and Mars were also in conjunction AND squared, you will get an earthquake if there is sufficient force AND a pressure focus on a fault. Combinations of planets in square (Jupiter inwards - ignore the outer planets) will throw the trigger within 5 degrees past exact square. On the other hand, the primary agents of the Sun and Moon will pop its trigger within 5 degrees approaching exact square.

I give this information as a gift to my fellows for whomever may find it useful.