Rapture and the Disposition of Earth's Souls

I use the terms of Christianity as they are well known to many regardless of religious belief. It needs to be recognized that all of the world's major religions were drawn from universal waters. It is not my purpose, in the use of these terms, to elevate one belief system over another. Instead, I use the terms that, in my opinion, serve to bring the greatest clarity to my words. The Creator Son is directly responsible for the implementations of Christianity and Islam. The Oriental religions were derived from the Melchezidek Family of Angels.

Mortality is a school. Here, it is intended, that you will learn the skills and disciplines that will enable you to accept universal citizenship. We don't grade on a curve. It's a simple pass/fail system. The universal scheme allows for five hundred thousand years for the acquisition of knowledge and ability. As always, its your choice as to whether or not you which to avail yourself of what has been put before you.

Judgment is not an individual life review of each person on the planet. Instead, it is based upon the color of your soul. In April 1997, the first judgment of man was held. This qualifies as a massive abduction although not for the poor purposes of those who have preyed upon us. Thousands and Thousands of souls were gathered together and, one at a time, escorted before the three judges. It takes three angels of high status to perform judgment. In this instance those judges were, The Creator Son, The Old One, and myself.

An ascendant soul radiates a clear white color. Each of the judges sat at a desk with a computer terminal. As each of those who were to be judged were brought before us, we registered our votes on a key pad. Those who passed judgment were escorted to another room wherein they received a genetic marker that will allow us to locate and identify them for the moment of rapture. This moment comes with the simultaneous transport of all ascendants. Those who did not pass judgment were returned from whence they came.

I'll address some of the concerns various people have raised.

'What happens to my children'

Children who have not reached their majority (age twelve) are deemed innocent. They go with the highest ascending parent.

If neither of the parents are ascendant, I assume parentage and the children ascend with me.

'What if I don't want to leave my loved ones behind'

Rapture brings with it a moment of extreme clarity of vision. You will know in your heart what is true and most choose to go. However, IT IS A CHOICE. You may stay or go as you wish. The First Cause precludes interference with your Free Will.

'What happens to those who do not ascend'

Earth's rapture scenario provides a second chance for the non ascendant population. Those who have passed judgment and ascended are to be spared the trials that will come upon the planet. Revelation gives ample voice to this turmoil and I have no need to repeat it here. One of mankind's greatest strengths is his ability to rise in the face of adversity. In these fires, the non ascendant will find his ascendancy.

'I think it stinks that I only get one chance at ascendancy.'

If you compute the average life span at eighty years and divide into 500,000 years,  he typical person will have had over six thousand life times. This assumes a quick turn around at the Hall of Souls. However, for the sake of argument lets call it five thousand lives. At which point do you say 'enough already'? All that you are now is the culmination of all those lifetimes. You aren't judged for the first but for the last. As with any school, there comes a judgment day. When you graduated high school, did you hem and haw and say, 'Gee, may-be I really don't want my diploma'? If you failed to meet the standards for graduation, did the school give you your diploma anyway? If they did, yours was a poor school with no morality or character. The universe does not operate in such a fashion.

'Where do we go after Earth'

Typically, ascendants go to worlds the next level up  after going first to Jerusem for an orientation period. This serves to lessen the 'culture shock' in the transition period. However, Earth is not a typical case.

You bring with you a highly competitive nature. The universe has always disallowed competition. They fear you and they would isolate you and treat you as lepers rather than welcoming you into their fold as brothers and sisters. Recognizing that the universe is at a moment of great transition, pursuant to its own awakening, I will take you to the new universe (7) and there we will build things that have never before been seen in creation. As always, Immanuel will be the ruling Son of that domain. This will be a Lanonandek universe. There will be no Archangels or Melchezideks. Success will not be doled out like so much welfare. It will be a realm where you can move as high as you wish based upon your own incentives and desires. You will not be subject to the caste system of prior universes.

'What happens to the Non Ascendant soul'.

There is no Hell except for that which we create for ourselves. Father has never condemned anyone to Hell. Instead, it is a state of being to which we condemn ourselves. Those religions who state "Hell for all Eternity" are usually unaware that eternity is not forever. These universes, while very long lived, will not be here 'forever'. They too will stand judgment one day and either ascend or not. What happens to the 'Soul Dead' is extinction. The permanent death of the soul. At this moment in time we have three classes of people on the planet. The ascendant, the non ascendant and the soul dead. The later is best described as a predator, the child molesters, murderers, rapists and other variants of miscreants that plague your societies.

'What about the all loving and all forgiving Father'.

Any person, who with good heart asks for Father's forgiveness will receive it. It is Father's policy that anyone who has the awareness to ask, is ascendant. There are two catches here. He/she must be of good heart. If you think you will continue with non ascendant behaviors and slip through the back door at the last minute, think again. It doesn't work that way nor is Father naive. If you are truly of contrite heart, Father will elevate you to ascendancy.

The other catch is the fact that you must ask. Few rarely do. It reflects that their state of awareness is so poor that they haven't reached ascendancy in five hundred thousand years nor is it likely they would do so in one million years.

'What sort of God kills His own children'

Father does not impose extinction. It is your choice. Its the choice you made in your sojourn on Earth AND it is the choice of the soul dead when they stand judgment. Tolerance demands recognition and acceptance of the free will of the individual. If such an individual chooses extinction over immortality, then acceptance of that choice is mandatory pursuant to the First Cause.

'Have YOU stood judgment'

All who enter mortality are subject to the rules of mortality. Judgment is one of these. In 1996 I was informed that Father was waiting for me at the Hall of Judgment on Jerusem. As instructed, I went. For me, this was a glorious and fulfilling moment. Father found me acceptable. Additionally, the effects of any sin I had accumulated in life were purged from my soul. Following this event, I had the opportunity to meet with five very dear and beloved friends who were waiting for me.

Revelation gives voice to this fact, "The Prince of This World hath been judged". It is an issue of status that only Father was competent to sit in judgment on me.

'What happens to Earth after its all over'.

When my tenure as planetary prince ends, my timeline will be passed to the Creator Son. He will create a one thousand year timeline and Earth will be transformed into a penal colony holding the souls from the rebellion. The Son Himself will be the planetary prince and will work personally with these souls to bring them back into the universal fold.

Following this, its hard to say. I suspect that Earth will be maintained as a shrine to the universal awakening that issued from it.