Mechanics of Rapture

Christian speculations on how rapture is to occur is based upon a small amount of information provided in the Bible. While this is correct, a great deal was also omitted. It should also be noted that 'rapture' is a Protestant term used to define a 'harvest' or a 'reaping'. The word implies a great emotional joy that will accompany the event. This also is correct.

The situations and history leading up to this moment are listed at length on HQ and it serves no purpose to indulge in redundancy here. It is noteworthy that at no time in the history of the universe has a harvest been performed in the manner that is to be implemented on Earth. Also, that following the taking - the remainder of the population is usually exterminated. This will not be the case here as the 'Left Behinds' are given a final opportunity to find their way home. This unique opportunity brings with it a number of problems. When you pull fifty percent of a population out of a society, civilization will collapse. The term used for this is 'End of Civilization Disease'.  The relationships between the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker are important and without the cohesive glue of those relationships - no civilization can survive. To this end, outside intervention is required in order to insure survival.

Herein agendas come into play. We know, in advance, about the arrival of the antichrist 1,260 days (roughly 3.5 years) after rapture. In order to set the stage for that arrival, defensive structures have to start being placed immediately and at the earliest possible moment. There will be three sides in the equation. A consortium of nations, hereafter referred to as The Nation, who will stand with the Planetary Prince, The Beast who will eventually stand with the antichrist, and those who lack relevance in the larger scheme of global affairs. It follows that support and aggrandizement's from the Planetary Prince will be awarded to The Nation with survival supports being provided to the third group. All will receive the benefits of direction and instruction and all are free to accept these or not pursuant to the dictates of freewill.

Rapture will not come out of the blue. Following the return and conquest of the Satanic Rebellion, the Prince will make a global announcement wherein every man, woman and child on Earth will 'hear' the messaging. After this, proof will be delivered via an aerial show involving the 'clouds of heaven', commonly called ufos. This isn't an invasion. In truth, the Prince and his associates were here before you ever set foot on this world. There will be no landings no invasion from Mars or evil aliens common to sci fi renditions. Instead, the Prince will make himself known to governmental leaders and will make a series of public appearances using radio and television. His messaging will be one of joy about the approaching event. Many will be inspired and happy whilst others will be terrified and frightened. Great efforts will be made to lessen the later effect.

Societal Concerns

The specifics of what needs to be done, when and how, will be discussed at length with various governments. It goes without saying the the economies of all nations will collapse upon the implementation of the taking. Banks will fail in as much as there won't be people playing their mortgages or credit cards. Business concerns that are centered on the basic necessities of life will survive but in a lessened fashion. Many will go bankrupt as their 'markets' have disappeared. There is no government on Earth that can insure private concerns against the results of rapture.

Even so, there are things that can be done. Each of these are agenda items and keep in mind the conflict to come. In order to stabilize the currencies of the nation and to help those societies absorb and survive the losses resultant from rapture, the Nation will be placed back on to the Gold Standard. The Prince will supply sufficient quantities of precious metals in order to stabilize monetary systems. These will not be afforded to the Nations of the Beast.

Cydonia, Mars is a mining and production facility where from we have created the physicality's we would need for our own purposes. In extracting the metals we did want, we also acquired massive quantities of materials that, while needed to some degree, constituted an excess that was not needed. Rather than discarding these, and knowing of the need in this era, we refined and stored these metals. They will be provided to the Nation, beginning with the United States. This will serve to stabilize and enhance the situations of the Nation while, at the same time, throwing the Beast into even greater disarray.

Prisons and Miscreants

The Penal Systems of the world serve only to protect society from its poorer elements and do not necessarily inspire anyone to be better than they are. The prisons will be emptied and their inmates will be confined in open areas with living circumstances consistent with Wild West mid 1800's conditions. They will have to work together to survive. There is only one rule, do no harm. There is only one penalty for violation of that rule - immediate judgement. These people will learn to take care of each other.

From their ranks there will be those who would not be considered 'predators'  These will be offered the opportunity for service in the military. An organization well suited for teaching discipline.

The rule here is Isolate, Tolerate, Educate

Military Concerns

During numerous life times I have been associated with a variety of military concerns. In this tour, I chose not to indulge. Regardless, I am  mindful that roughly sixty percent of the U.S. armed forces joined pursuant to a very ascendant ideology - duty, honor and service. The remaining forty percent is dead wood looking for a meal ticket. The U.S. Military will be very hard hit by rapture.  With advance notice of the fact, they'll be able adjust their systems to accommodate the reality. The Beast will not be so blessed to the volume of advance information as will be received by the Nation.

The U.S. Military will hold a singular distinction  with regards to planetary defense. The Planetary Prince will provide a global network of light weapons capable of shooting down bad guy ufos. The enemy comes from within and from without and an accommodation to the fact is required. This system will require approximately thirty seven stations.

The Nation's military concerns will also receive a highly advanced level of intelligence.

Implementation of The Rapture

On Earth are seven facilities that were placed and hidden in 500 B.C. Each of these combines to create a planet wide dimensional door capable of moving selected individuals from the surface to an awaiting ship (refer to the Hail Mary).
While the actual taking is done very quickly, the ship will stay in orbit for three days before leaving for its destination.
These facilities are located in Colorado, Alaska, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, South America,  and Russia. As with Angel's Lair and Angel's Keep, each is protected by automated and very unforgiving mechanisms.

The Restructuring of Governmental Systems

As noted in a previous and recent writing,  the corruption's of governments can not be tolerated if the Nation is to survive.
Specific to the United States, and this can be considered a template for use with other concerns, all elected officials on the Federal level will be dismissed from service as will the corrupted elements of the judiciary. Those items currently in place that violate the principles and intents of the founding fathers will be summarily removed. A new president will be appointed by the Prince as will a body of functionaries to service the needs of the country's populations. A similar scenario will play out at the State level as well. In one stroke, corruption of spirit will be removed from the equation. The Prince will not be the president.
The powers of the new president will  be dictatorial but within the confines of Constitution. Consider this to be a variant of a Constitutionally prescribed form of government - Martial Law.

The United Nations

The United States, and the rest of consortium countries will withdraw from the corruptions of the United Nations. That organization will be given thirty days to leave the confines of the United States.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO will be disbanded and reformed omitting membership to elements that serve the Beast.


Many structures and dwellings will be vacated upon rapture. The supply of housing will outstrip the demand and construction concerns will find themselves unemployed.  Mortgage holders will not be able to survive the Rapture collapse. Consequently, when a structure has been vacated due to Rapture and there are no familial heirs or those heirs do not wish the incur the responsibilities of the property, the ownership of that structure will go to the Federal Government. Faced with a glut of unmanageable real estate, the government will assign dwellings to those wanting them and wishing to maintain them.
Everyone will have decent living circumstances.


The income tax will be abolished and replaced with a ten percent national sales tax. All forms of double and triple taxation will also be abolished. Government will live within its means.


While many industries will be hard hit by rapture, there will be plenty of work for everyone.


There will be no children of tender years left on the planet. Welfare structures wherein adults are aggrandized in the name of the children they had, but would not support, will be abolished. This dead wood will be required to have purposeful employment. The free ride ends at rapture. There will be no new births.

Energy Independence

The United States imports roughly twenty percent of its oil. Post Rapture, there will be no imports and the country will be energy independent. OPEC will fade into history as will their influence over large areas of the world.

Old Age Pension Structures

The Social Security System, a corrupted, robbed, and worthless pyramid scheme will be restructured to accommodate the principles promoted in its creation and operation. The elderly and the truly infirm will be cared for. Moneys allocated will not be subject to income tax and the qualifying age will be reduced from its current seventy years back to age sixty five.

Communist\Fascist Structures Set to the Destruction of the Nation

Organizations and elements set upon the deliberate destruction of the nation, its laws, its values, its morality and, most importantly, God will be exposed via due process and held to answer for their sedition's and treason's. Count the American Civil Liberties Union at the head of this list.

Aspects wherein the government that has been the empowering functionary implementing  these seditious schemes will also be exposed and adjudicated.

Socialist Structures Based on Race

The aggrandizement's based upon race will be abolished in their totality. Racism, by any individual or group, will not be tolerated as a matter of enforced law. However, the empowerments of one race over another will cease and this government will become truly color blind. There are no Black Americans, no White Americans, no Asian or Hispanic Americans - only Americans.
We are all in the same boat and we sink or swim together as one. E Pluribus Unum.

Consider the principles elucidated to be a consistent theme in all elements of the Nation.  This is a partial list of some the expected elements in that Nation.

United States
Great Britain
Ireland (Northern and Southern Free State)
New Zealand
Mexico and most of Central and South America

A partial listing of the Beast


China will not become a player in Post Rapture events until the nearing of the timeline. Most Middle Eastern concerns have been deliberately omitted from this listing. While these will not be under the command of the antichrist, several will attempt to sit the fence in an effort to play both ends against their middle i.e. Saudi Arabia. The strategy will not be advantageous to their purposes.

August 28, 2004