Causes For The Lucifer Rebellion

The universe is a caste system. You are created into your slot and there you will remain for eternity. If you are high born you have little to complain about. If you are not, there are many inadequacies and injustices in the equation.

All of the Creator Sons come from a small family of angels called The Michael's. As they all bear the first name, one is distinguished from another via the inclusion of their place of origin into their name. The true name for the Creator Son of this universe is Michael of Nebadon.

Archangels serve in the capacities of upper management. Whilst Michael has been away from his universe, The Archangel Gabriel has been minding the store.

Cherubim serve as low to mid level functionaries. Thought Adjusters, who are commonly mistaken for guardian angels, travel life with you as a constant companion, friend and advisor. In a universe that gives voice to the value of life experience, no other group of angels possess more yet are deemed to be of low status and are not included in the decision making functions that most affect them.

The Lanonandek Family of Angels are relegated responsibility for the worlds of time and space and the management of ascendant worlds.

The Melchezidek Family of Angels are universal teachers. Their philosophies are the foundational principles for the universe.

The Voronandek Family of Angels are builders. The structures, physicalities and technologies we employ are generated from their group.

It serves no purpose to give a listing of each grouping. There are many. Yet, the point here is clear. Those who are not blessed with the advantages of status are denied the abilities to advance  by virtue of the fact they are not granted access to the vehicles that allow advancement.

Take yourself as an example. You live a life. You take the journey. In that quest you gain experience. The job you have as an adult usually is far superior to the first job you had as an adolescent. This reflects the gains in experience and worth as you have advanced yourself through life. Yet, were you denied the ability to move from job to job and gain the experiences incumbent with those individual journeys, you'd never have the opportunity to advance anywhere. So it is with the universe.

The universal argument to the point is that there are no limitations on how far a soul can advance. This is true. Yet, it has also been long recognized by this same universe that EXPERIENCE is the key that enables the advancement of the soul. This produces as Catch 22 similar to those many adolescents run into as they seek their first job. The employer tells you he wants someone with experience. The seeker counters that if he doesn't get the job, he'll never get the experience.

Like those within morality, the universe is a collection of ascendant beings. That they are higher up the evolutionary ladder does not denigrate the fact that they too will one day stand judgment before Father and whether or not they ascend to Heaven to be with him is an issue that remains yet to be seen. The First Cause is not limited only to mortal beings and being of angelic origin guarantees no result.

What Lucifer did and did not do is of great importance. He challenged the universe as to the inadequacies I've presented. He stood his ground and did verbal battle with the Archangel Gabriel on Jerusem, the universal capitol. He stands guilty of FREE SPEECH!

The ideas he presented were the reflections of the unhappiness that exists in much of the universe. Those of low status, who have not yet evolved to the level they can physically stand before Father have no perspective of Him except to what they've been taught. Many felt that Father was a fiction created by a universal bureaucracy intent to keeping them subservient to the will of a small ruling class. Lucifer, naturally, knew better. Even so, if his voice was  to have value, it had to carry the thoughts of those disaffected billions who had no voice at all.

Lucifer did not run into the worlds of time and space and hide from universal 'justice'. He stood his ground refusing to give way before the bureaucrats that demanded he recant his statements. He did not. Ultimately, he was taken into custody and incarcerated upon Earth. He spent nearly 2000 years here and was extracted via Father's personal command in 1996. He is repersonalized and is here on Earth serving the First Cause as he has always done. One of his incarnations was a Leonardo Da Vinci and another as General Sheridan during the American Civil War.

While the universe knows what he said and did, they do not know the 'why' of it. I will supply these historical facts now.

Aware of the unhappiness, and having performed exhaustive and detailed research to the point, Lucifer developed a plan to initiate an awakening, a new birth, that would ultimately lead the universe past this sad point in its history. He took this plan to another great universal personality, Immanuel of Salvington, a Trinity Son. Together they worked out a timeline that would produce the desired results. As this work involved an entire universe, something that had never been done before, it was critical that this same body be denied any knowledge of it. Doing so would only have served to destroy the effort.

Finally, with as much detailing worked out as was possible, the two of them took the work before Father. There, before God, the finishing touches were added and the final work refined. What the universe has called, with scorn, the Lucifer Rebellion, will ultimately be known as The Lucifer Awakening.

What is most important is not the actual words that brought the Rebellion into being but that those words affected many and inspired them to action. Thirty Nine Planetary Princes declared near immediate rebellion from the universe. As stated, I made my declaration of secession. Yet, within the ranks of the universe there are many many sympathizers to the rebellion that remain undeclared.

The universe has taken no action to solve or resolve the issues that inspired the rebellion. Instead, they seek to quash and to subjugate those who do not agree with their totalitarian stance. Within their entire position there is no expression of love, tolerance, understanding or compassion even though they give frequent and hypocritical voice to the same.

Fortunately, the Creator Son has been the leveling factor. Michael ruled, before his incarnation as Jesus, that no action be taken against the rebellion. Archangel Gabriel, an arch conservative, must have chaffed at this decree. Regardless, he is what he is and his loyalty to Michael is without equal in the universe. He obeys.

In the mythohistories of Earth, Lucifer and Satan are frequently viewed as the same people. They are not. Satan was his assistant and no more. While he had served Lucifer with distinction, at the outbreak of the rebellion he went his own path for his own reasons.

Satan views himself as a leader on par with his former mentor. He is not. Of the rebellion worlds, twenty eight of the princes view him as an irritant and want nothing to do with him. Of the eleven that do associate with him, they do so for common purpose and all are lost into clutches of jingoistic rhetoric divesting themselves of logic and reason in the process. Satan, who has never been a planetary prince, who has never had a timeline, is not deemed worthy of a leadership position by the twenty eight who have earned that right and they have refused his advances to that point.

What is Earth's role in this unfolding drama?

It is substantial for from this place will issue the awakening that brings new birth to a stagnant universe. It will not be without its labor pains, but it will occur and there is nothing now that can stop it. Father's Will Is Done!

I could speak at length to this topic but it is sufficient that the foundations for what will become 'The War In Heaven', be known and the personalities and their roles be correctly identified.