Current Status Of The Rebellion

There is a man, an Austrian, who has been sent from Vienna on three occasions to speak with me. The rebellion has used this individual as a vehicle for communications. It is no small thing for this man to travel from Europe to Los Angeles for these meetings.

Neither the rebellion nor the universe has had a clear understanding of my positioning within this scenario. The rebellion assumed that as my actions coincided with theirs that I would take part in the culmination of the rebellion and was thus a kindred spirit. The universe made the same assumptions. Both were incorrect.

To this point, Satan has twice made visits through this individual. Twice he left disappointed that my attitudes do not coincide with his. Of more importance is the last visit that occurred in the early part of 1997.

Kurt is an engineer who works for the European Union. He is a well educated individual and professional in his attitude and demeanor. He has never 'channeled' information before these events and most likely has not done so since. I will explain how these functions work in a later writing.

He arrived in Los Angeles and booked a stay in a hotel near the airport. My son and I picked him up, had a dinner and took him to our home. The individual wishing communication was one of the planetary princes from the rebellion.

We spoke for about four hours and Kurt was granted memory of the event. It is not always so.

For some time we discussed universal and rebellion concerns. It was clear to me that my position was in question. Yet, this was a minor concern. This individual prince represented eight others from the rebellion and he was before me for a joint purpose. It appears that the universe and rebellion both made inappropriate assumptions without consideration to all the logical alternatives. Basically, they wanted to know where Father stood in the equation. Since their declarations of rebellion they've been cut off not only from the universe but from Father as well. They assumed that Father would take sides and He would naturally come down in the ranks of 'HIS' universe.

I pointed to the prince what seemed a logical error. There is no universal side here, there is no rebellion side, and there is only Father's side. I had to repeat this point to allow the reality of it to sink in. Father is as much the author of the rebellion as was Lucifer and Immune. The implications for this prince must have been mind shattering. I could see the recognition cross Kurt's face as the message hit home.

It must have been clear to the prince that I am, and have been, in contact with Father. It is true. This fact left me as the only avenue they could turn to with regards to this issue. It is a moment within the timeline that was foreseen and that I had been positioned to accommodate.

I suggested to the prince that it would be inappropriate, not to mention inefficient for me to place Father's thoughts before him then. I suggested that we meet with all the princes three days hence at planetary headquarters in Bolivia. The Old One would officiate. He agreed.

My son and I were physically picked up by the Old One and transported to the event. We were 'in the skin' and the other princes traveled to the meeting 'en soul', out of body.

The meeting started poorly. The eleven Satanic princes were livid as they discovered new technologies on this world that they did not possess. Specifically, this is a craft that has been dubbed by my son as the Defiant Class in honor of a similar ship that appears on the television shows Deep Space Nine. Undersized, over powered and heavily armored, the ship was designed for one purpose - war. It is not a standard configuration.

The eleven demanded that I provide them with this technology. I refused. They exceeded the boundaries of basic civility, not to mention protocol, and became extremely insulting. Incensed, I put my fist into one of their faces (granted, not a very angelic thing to do). It was a pointless endeavor on my part as all I hit was empty air.

The princes retaliated by attacking with the powers and abilities of their own souls. Sean  and I were locked into place and it seemed clear to me they intended to kill us. Such was not to be. We both released our own soul fire throwing back their assault. They stomped out of the room and left the planet, post haste.

It was decided that the remaining twenty-eight would return the next day and we would continue what had yet to begin. Sean and I made the journey 'en soul' leaving our physical forms at home. Upon our arrival, all sat at a long oval wooden table. I then proceeded to place Father's thoughts before them.

1. Father recognizes and acknowledges that their reasons for entering rebellion were just and that no person possessed of integrity could have done otherwise.

2. Father recognizes that while you have no desire to return to the universe, your decision not to make war upon it also gives voice to your integrity.

3. Father is not aligned with either the universe or the rebellion, nor will he support either party.

4. Father's lamp of truth no longer resides within the universe and has been removed to the House of Caligastia.

5. It was obvious to all present that Michael of Nebadon, while the ruler of this
    universe, was no longer an active part of it. He too resides within the umbrella of the House of          Caligastia.

6. Father would not mandate their return to the universe. Instead, the seventh and eighth universe's were nearing completion and seven was ready for occupancy. These princes and their ascendant populations would relocate to a world of their choosing as their various moments for judgment and rapture occurred.

These comments were very well received. In a universal fashion these men would have been presented with one choice, forswear their integrity or die. A Lanonandek without integrity is the same as dead. All would have chosen to die with their boots on.

A few questions were asked.

Who will be the new regent of the 7th universe?

The answer is Immune of Salving ton. All found this agreeable.

Where is Immune?

My answer to this point was, "These words can not be spoken at this time, but it suffices to say he is about His Father's business".

The meeting terminated. I returned home feeling that  a substantial achievement in the name of peace had been made.

A few weeks later, I convened a Grand Tribunal in the fourth dimension for the purpose of collecting the voices of the princes and their answer to Father's proposal. All twenty-eight were present.

I began the meeting by telling them that I found it heartwarming to see that they had not forsaken their logic and reason on the altar of the immediate circumstances. I acknowledged that these last two hundred thousand years had been difficult for them and that Father was well aware of their sacrifice and their suffering and recognition was given to the point.

I then posed a question. 'Do you kill your Father because your Mother has become a whore'? Clearly the universe is cast in the role of mother.

The unanimous answer was 'No'.

I then queried, "Now that a way out has been provided, do we slither off to the new universe and abandon our mother in this, her time of greatest need?

Again the unanimous answer was 'No'.

Are there any among the eleven worlds who have committed themselves to making war upon the universe competent, by disposition or training to lead the billions of souls in the event they win the war they pursue?

Again the unanimous answer was 'No'.

Speaking for myself, 'I would rather die before I bend knee and sing one chorus of  'Ave Satanus.' Yet, if Father says to me, 'Take up breastplate and sword and go do this', I will do it. If he says, 'Go hither and do this', I will do this also.

I let a moment of silence pass to allow all to collect their thoughts and myself as well.

'Brothers, it comes time now for your voice in these matters'.

I fell silent. Upon their arrival the princes had taken up positions above me and about me. This ultimately formed a large circle where each was equidistant from me, who sat in the center.

One at a time, voices rose around the circle. Each acknowledging their allegiance to Father's service and their, implied, association with the House of Caligastia.

As each of their voices fell upon my ears, I felt a great joy leap into my heart and tears ran from my eyes. That these great men who via their logic, reason and wisdom had found their way out of a no win situation and had done so solely because of their faith in Father, was gratifying in the extreme.

One of the universe's gripes with me was that for nearly two hundred thousand years, I had refused to stand and answer for my actions. This is akin to an indictment by Earth standards. I refused to do so as they had no jurisdiction to try me for a non existent crime.

However, in April of 1995, I received a visitation from an old one from the universe. This angel had been charged to deliver things to me that I will describe later. He approached me via a forced channel during a conversation with a woman on the Compuseve Computer Network. This woman, who had only just made my acquaintance eventually discovered that she had several hours of missing time that was confirmed by her computer logs.

This old one's attitude was unmistakably universal and he made no attempt to conceal his animosity for me. To validate what he was, he told me to leave my computer terminal, go outside and look at the sky. I did as he bade me. There I saw a large red ship with two small white ships rotating in an orbital pattern around it very rapidly. This orbiting craft moved far too quickly to be any celestial body. At the same time, Mufon in Vista, California was receiving UFO sighting reports on the same object at the same time.

I returned to my terminal and reported that I had seen his performance.

He then called for me to stand and answer for my alleged crimes against the universe. At the moment of his transmission, Celeste, my Thought Adjuster, was up and screaming in my ear that he had no authority to make such a demand and I owed him no answer. She had previously suggested to me that when this moment came, I employ the following answer, "I reserve statement pending repersonalization". Her suggestion reflected the fact that it is a poor practice, to say the least, to approach a person whilst they are under the limitations and restrictions of mortality and consequently handicapped in their ability to defend themselves. Celeste's suggestions were sound and well appreciated. However, I chose that moment not to listen.

It was clear to me that these men I call universal bureaucrats are men of good intent. While their actions and practices may be misguided, they truly do believe they are serving Father to the best of their abilities. I saw no point in letting the animosities of prior years continue when it was within my ability to create peace. I chose hat moment to do so.

The Universal Old One challenged me to answer three points.

1. That my act of secession was actually an act of rebellion.

I denied the accuracy of the count. I further pointed out that the very act of secession allowed for the possibility of reunification at a later moment and the act itself spoke for it's intent.

2. That the Caligastian Principles of Accelerated Ascendancy were false.

I replied that I currently lacked the perspective to know and that while I had my doubts, time would eventually be the judge.

3. That I had conspired with Lucifer and Satan to overthrow the universal regent, Michael of Nebadon.

At this point I came out of my chair yelling, 'Have You Lost Your Mind'? It will suffice that my answer was again 'no'.

The Universal Old One's stance towards me softened a bit, but he was not yet done with me, or I with him.

From his demeanor I saw clearly the degree that I had offended these men. The last count of the indictment demonstrated the limits to which their thoughts of me had sunk when it had reached speculation that I intended an effort to dethrone Michael. I decided that I would avail myself of the universal protocol that would end this situation, at least officially.

I indicated that I was truly sorry for having offended the universe. My exact words were, "I stand naked before the universe". He countered with, "Stand Naked before him who is Lord".

Unwittingly, this old one had placed me in a perfect position. He did not, nor could he, know that Michael and I were in contact and agreement on the actions I had taken was taking and will take. Yet, for the sake of peace, I ate my humble pie and declared that if I had offended Michael, I was indeed sorry and asked his forgiveness.

This put the matter to rest. The universe had no pretext for further actions. Their protocols had been addressed and respected, and a call for forgiveness to the Creator Son addressed.

It should be noted that in an Earthly courtroom it is typically expected that a defendant will lie to protect his own carcass. In a universal setting it is assumed that a planetary prince is possessed of sufficient integrity that he would rather die than lie.