Rebellion Strategies

I've spent the last two nights in conference with Old One and Losario (The Stable One) discussing the information he's brought with him. This includes Rebellion Strategies, Tactics and Targets.

Fancy yourself having escaped from the Matrix. You now see things in their true light rather than the fiction that had been imposed on you. You are FREE! Yet, the rest who remain are slaves to the fantasies provided for them.
This analogy is not far off where the Rebellion is concerned. For the last two hundred thousand years, they have had true freedom of thought and movement. Liberty or Death are the only two options they'll consider and they are lost in a blood fever of hatred against the Universe.

Yet, as they have gained their freedom they also know that the bulk of the universe suffers from an ant farm mentality. There are few true warriors within the ranks of the Universe AND the Rebellion knows it.  The universal population has, from day one, been weaned on Melchezidek doctrines that conflict is bad and contentiousness is to be avoided.  They were told that a desire to better oneself was ego glorification and it was only via the dictates of some bureaucrat that you could truly find a path to Father's service. This is not a population given to the idea of war and few will fight. The Rebellion knows this as well and has predicated its battle plan with this assumption as foundational.

A few years ago, I was called to a 'secret meeting' of the universal war counsel. Jackie was with me and the person who initiated the 'call' was Lucifer.  There the three of us sat beyond their dimensional vision and observed what was a truly sad effort. When it was done, I felt the event should have been called Abbot and Costello meet the Three Stooges. None from the Rebellion or the Universe have the first clue of how to wage a war. Is it any irony that on Earth, War is considered an art form? Lucifer and I earned our spurs in battle and because of this you might allow these folks looked a bit like clowns. In my last conversation with Satan I mentioned that his Rebellion looked only slightly less screwed up than the Universe - but not by much.

The Rebellion has an enormous fifth column within the ranks of the universe. In the early days of the Rebellion, universal's who expressed even the slightest support for the ideology of the rebellion found themselves summarily incarcerated; many of whom were shipped of to mental health facilities. People learned quickly to keep their mouths shut. These spies have supplied the Rebellion a steady stream of accurate material. The universe has no spies within Rebellion ranks while the House of Caligastia did have one agent in service to Father, Losario.

The seat and symbol of power for the Universe is at Jerusem, its capitol. This is a small planet that circles the left most star in Orion's belt.  Given that the universal populations indulge in  the mindless and ritualistic worship of things bureaucrat, the Rebellion decided that the fall of Jerusem was mandatory. If accomplished, there is strong likelihood the war would be over due mainly to the overwhelming psychological impact upon the ant farm.

The Rebellion has two goals. First to capture the place of power and secondly to capture the person of power, the Ancient of Days. Using Terran analogy, the AOD can be likened to an Adolph Hitler or a Mussolini with the added power supplied by a theocratic assumption that he is God's Chosen One. Such combinations brought us the Spanish Inquisition and, at least, one world war. This is not a nice person. We know from the Book of Daniel that the AOD will escape. In fact, he'll never set foot anywhere near a battlefield but will have no problem ordering others to their deaths. Such is the courage of the man.

The Rebellion battle tactics are actually quite simple. How could the be otherwise? They will send strike teams to hit universal targets at remote areas of the Universe. The fascist mentality of the AOD is such that 'any' defiance to his authority must be quashed in a tit for tat fashion. With him, it's a personal vendetta. This is a weakness the Rebellion will exploit. The AOD will over deploy his resources sending them to out of the way places far from actual Rebellion targets. Once there, universal forces will be set to 'defend' the area against another incursion thinking there must be some logic of purpose in striking the target while, at the same time, they'll be unable to identify that purpose - until its too late. This tactic will ultimately leave Jerusem's defending forces without reserves of any import. When those reserves have been sufficiently depleted, they will strike full force at Jerusem AND The Rebellion  will win.

Then Earth forces step up to the plate......