Logical Inadequacies of The Urantia Book

It comes now time to expose the universe's attempt at propaganda for what it truly is and what better way to do it than with their own words. I have for many months procrastinated and avoided delving into the UB in great detail. The book is poorly indexed for retrieving specific types of information and deliberately so. I have, however, recently acquired a copy of the book in electronic format and used my own methods for searching the various pieces of information needed for this writing.

I have said, and will reiterate, the factual portions of the book ARE ACCURATE. However, the repeated implantation of universal opinion is designed to insure that the serious reader leaves with the opinion they wished for him. This propaganda is not balanced with an equal representation of the opposing side of the equation. Thus no effort is made to employ the Socratic method of education to guide the individual into a realization of what is true by letting him learn for himself. Instead, the party line is hammered relentlessly. It is to this point, and the unbridled arrogance of the opinionated representations that I offer the evidence of the Urantia Book for your own evaluation.

Free Will

What value is free will if the only choice you have is to bend knee before a bureaucracy and be a 'Yes Man'? Father granted freedom of choice so that the individual would be empowered to say "NO"! The mortal souls of the worlds of time and space are so empowered. It is their choice to ascend or not. Yet, man poses no threat to the Universal Bureaucracy as we are imprisoned within the fiction of time. If Father's gift of free will is so valued, why then is it denied the angelic hosts in higher levels of reality?


"There was war in heaven; Michael's commander and his angels fought against the dragon (Lucifer, Satan, and the
apostate princes); and the dragon and his rebellious angels fought but prevailed not." This "war in heaven" was not a
physical battle as such a conflict might be conceived on Urantia. In the early days of the struggle Lucifer held forth
continuously in the planetary amphitheater. Gabriel conducted an unceasing exposure of the rebel sophistries from his headquarters taken up near at hand. The various personalities present on the sphere who were in doubt as to their attitude would journey back and forth between these discussions until they arrived at a final decision.

But this war in heaven was very terrible and very real. While displaying none of the barbarities so characteristic of
physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict was far more deadly; material life is in jeopardy in material combat,but the war in heaven was fought in terms of life eternal.

Lucifer's act of free will compelled him to stand for an extended period of time giving voice to the unhappiness prevalent within the many castes of the universal system. Did he raise an army and attack the universe? No. Did he encourage others to do so? No. He exercised his free will and his assumed right to 'free speech' To you this right is a cornerstone of 'God Given'  liberty. For the universe it was an affront that needed to be quashed at any cost.

The universe 'thinks' its had the war in heaven. Yet, we know better. Revelation clearly demonstrates that a physical war
is to ensue. The universe, in its blindness and its arrogance has issued many edicts, rulings, and judgements. Yet,
they are powerless to enforce these due to Michael's restraining orders. Furthermore, there are few secrets in the universe. Once a thing is committed to word or deed, it is written upon a timeline and those lines can be read. The only place anything is totally secure is with Father himself. It follows that the text of Revelation comes from Father as there is no other possible source. Jerusem circles the left most star in Orion's belt. The middle star, one star system away is a rebellion stronghold. Thus the rebellion rests at the very gates of Jerusem.

If we examine Earth history and draw analogy to the situation with the universe, we would be wise to look at the systems of  government we call Communist and Fascist. While both are at the extremes of 'left' and 'right', they both employ the same methods to subjugate their populations. At the outbreak of the rebellion, the universe did exactly what these extreme forms of government would do. They took control of all communications and sought to isolate the rebellion worlds. In truth, this is akin to the Berlin wall, built not to keep people out, but to keep the universal populations in. Who also, was the sole arbiter of information within the universe? The government and no one else. One can not read the UB and not note the extreme amount of 'spin' placed within its pages. It takes no leap of imagination to speculate as to the 'press' reports being funneled to the universal citizenry.

While the rebellion's Planetary Princes are free and operational, those within the universe, who were of lower castes were not  afforded the opportunities of extended freedom. Michael had told the universe 'hands off' of these planets. The universe, however, did not extend this policy to those still stuck within their own borders.


The Universal Father never imposes any form of arbitrary recognition, formal worship, or slavish service upon the
intelligent will creatures of the universes The evolutionary inhabitants of the worlds of time and space must of
themselves--in their own hearts--recognize, love, and voluntarily worship him. The Creator refuses to coerce or compel the submission of the spiritual free wills of his material creatures. The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father's will is man's choicest gift to God; in fact, such a consecration of creature will constitutes man's only possible gift of true value to the Paradise Father. In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father's will, and such decisions, effected by the intelligent will creatures of the universes, constitute the reality of that true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father.

Here we have an accurate rendition of Father's mind, policies and practices. How well does the universe stand against this statement? Their admittance to the practice of coercion, incarceration and even the desire to kill those who don't agree with them must bring into question whether or not the universal bureaucracy is, in fact, a reflection of Father or not.



Early in the days of the Lucifer rebellion, salvation was offered all rebels by Michael. To all who would show proof of
sincere repentance, he offered, upon his attainment of complete universe sovereignty, forgiveness and reinstatement in some form of universe service. None of the leaders accepted this merciful proffer. But thousands of the angels and the lower orders of celestial beings, including hundreds of the Material Sons and Daughters, accepted the mercy proclaimed by the Panoptians and were given rehabilitation at the time of Jesus' resurrection nineteen hundred years ago. These beings have since been transferred to the Father's world of Jerusem, where they must be held, technically until the Uversa courts hand down a decision in the matter of Gabriel vs. Lucifer. But no one doubts that,
when the annihilation verdict is issued, these repentant and salvaged personalities will be exempted from the decree of extinction. These probationary souls now labor with the Panoptians in the work of caring for the Father's world.

"These probationary souls now labor"

On Earth, the expression that applies is "forced labor concentration camp". Isolated and confined, these souls are forced to labor while at the same time they endure the relentless indoctrination of the Melchezideks. Chairman Mao would be proud.

This is the mindset of the universe. In the same verse, they give their expectation and anticipation that Michael will condone the extermination of those who oppose them. Adolf would not be offended by such actions.

This is the universal mind. A caste system where those of low status have no voice at all and those high status are granted the perks and privileges of rank. Conversely, the poorly situated soul also reaps the dubious benefits of universal vengeance first.

To a Lanonandek, integrity is central, for without we are nothing. The forced servitude to a way of life that is expressly repressive inspired these princes to rebellion. Lucifer's voice gave them the heart to do it. Had they accepted Michael's offering of forgiveness (after they had proven they were truly repentant) they were to be shoveled off to some low caste assignment that equates with cleaning stables. They knew this and each rejected the offering. Furthermore, once they took the leap, they had all decided that death was preferable to an eternity of universal bondage. It has not been so long ago in American History that the words "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" punctuated another revolution. The Lanonandek soul is not one that survives well in chains.


Most of the liberties which Lucifer sought he already had; others he was to receive in the future. All these precious
endowments were lost by giving way to impatience and yielding to a desire to possess what one craves now and to possess it in defiance of all obligation to respect the rights and liberties of all other beings composing the universe of universes. Ethical obligations are innate, divine, and universal.

Here the universe speculates upon Lucifer's motives. Why should he care about his brothers and sisters who do not have the liberties of choice? After all, he already had more freedom than most and would have had even more. The worst aspect of this diatribe is the fact that they know the answer. Lucifer was not out for his own engrandisement. He was already an exalted being. He, himself, had nothing to gain and much to lose. His was an act of love for his fellows. He stood tall and with integrity as he launched his censure of universal corruption.

The rebellion was not a spur of the moment affair. For thousands of years Lucifer had attempted to quietly implement change at the various levels of government. He failed. The Universal Bureaucracy is such that its first order of business is always the survival of the bureaucracy and not the benefit of the people they are sworn to serve. Does this sound familiar? This has been the end result of every government that has ever existed upon the face of the Earth.

What then of universal love, tolerance and compassion? These are the three cornerstones of universal being. At least, so we are taught.


Since Michael's final bestowal no one in all Satania has desired to go to the prison worlds to minister to the interned
rebels. And no more beings have been won to the deceiver's cause. For nineteen hundred years the status has been unchanged.

Is this universal love? To abandon your son's and daughters?

In life, I was Alister Crowley. In a state of preawakening, I climbed Jacob's ladder and knocked on heaven's door. They opened that door and said, "Go Away - YOU AREN'T WANTED HERE". Few have an understanding of what the word despair means. Imagine that as a mortal, you discover that there is no place for you in Father's Kingdom. No matter what you do, how good you truly are, you lose. I turned my back upon the universe and the God it supposedly represented. I indulged in things I would not normally have gravitated to thumbing my nose at the universe in moments between my pain, anger and despair. Yet, I knew this would occur. I saw many of the parameters of my mission before I accepted it and I took the bitter with the sweet. I have no complaints.

Regardless, think of the many who are of lower status than myself and are less equipped to deal with this evil done to them. Despair is a dark pit. One that few within mortality are able to survive. Such was universal love.


There are many reasons known to us why the Supreme Rulers did not immediately destroy or intern the leaders of the Lucifer rebellion. There are no doubt still other and possibly better reasons unknown to us. The mercy features of this delay in the execution of justice were extended personally by Michael of Nebadon. Except for the affection of this Creator-father for his erring Sons, the supreme justice of the superuniverse would have acted. If such an episode as the Lucifer rebellion had occurred in Nebadon while Michael was incarnated on Urantia, the instigators of such evil might have been instantly and absolutely annihilated.

Lest there is any doubt to the universal mind, this quote spells it out succinctly. Were it not for the Creator Son, holding rabid dogs at bay, the universe's rendition of Father's Love and Mercy would have been to murder all those who stood in disagreement with them.

Is it any wonder that the eleven princes still caught in the bloodfever of rebellion will not seek compromise or reasonable
solution? They feel they are fighting for their lives. They have no illusions as to what the universe wishes to do to them. Their position is simple, if they are to die, it will be as warriors still possessed of their integrity and with their boots on.

We are blessed with one eternal fact. This is NOT Father's mind. While the universe feels it has license to speak in His name, they do not. Only the Son has this ability. The universe has devolved itself via its own arrogance and assumed self



Jesus had endured the great temptation of his mortal bestowal before his baptism when he had been wet with the dews of Mount Hermon for six weeks. There on Mount Hermon, as an unaided mortal of the realm, he had met and defeated the Urantia pretender, Caligastia, the prince of this world. That eventful day, on the universe records, Jesus of Nazareth had become the Planetary Prince of Urantia. And this Prince of Urantia, so soon to be proclaimed supreme Sovereign of Nebadon, now went into forty days of retirement to formulate the plans and determine
upon the technique of proclaiming the new kingdom of God in the hearts of men.

Here we have assumption founded upon arrogance and built upon ignorance. The universe attempts to opine what occurred between Michael and I on the mount. In truth, nothing happened. Satan's poor behavior and the traumatizing effect it had upon Jesus,  precluded the purposes for which I had arrived. Instead, I stood witness to Satan's behaviors.

However, the FACTUAL, rendition also contained within the Urantia Book's pages dooes accurately state the fact, albeit left handedly. I was there.


Near the end of the mountain sojourn Jesus asked his Father if he might be permitted to hold conference with his Satania enemies as the Son of Man, as Joshua ben Joseph. This request was granted. During the last week on Mount Hermon the great temptation, the universe trial, occurred. Satan (representing Lucifer) and the rebellious Planetary Prince, Caligastia, were present with Jesus and were made fully visible to him. And this "temptation," this final trial of human loyalty in the face of the misrepresentations of rebel personalities, had not to do with food, temple pinnacles, or presumptuous acts. It had not to do with the kingdoms of this world but with the sovereignty of a mighty and glorious universe. The symbolism of your records was intended for the backward ages of the world's childlike thought. And subsequent generations should understand what a great struggle the Son of Man passed through that eventful day on Mount Hermon.

To the many proposals and counterproposals of the emissaries of Lucifer, Jesus only made reply: "May the will of my Paradise Father prevail, and you, my rebellious son, may the Ancients of Days judge you divinely. I am your Creator-father; I can hardly judge you justly, and my mercy you have already spurned. I commit you to the adjudication of the Judges of a greater universe."

To all the Lucifer-suggested compromises and makeshifts, to all such specious proposals about the incarnation bestowal, Jesus only made reply, "The will of my Father in Paradise be done." And when the trying ordeal was finished, the detached guardian seraphim returned to Jesus' side and ministered to him.

In this rendition, it states that Satan was present and so was I. It ASSUMES that Satan was there to give Lucifer voice. It ASSUMES that I too was there to speak for Lucifer.


Not now, not ever. I have my own voice and I do not grant it to others. Not even the Creator Son would presume to speak for me or anyone else unless given expressed license to do so. This is universal protocol. Nor would Lucifer grant Satan or anyone else his voice.

It is true that Satan spoke on behalf of the rebellion and that he proffered many 'deals'. Failing in his mission, he turned to
vile personal attacks upon the Son. I, myself, have had the dubious honor of such visitations. We endure.

The universe well knows the boundaries of protocol. Consider that even Satan did not approach Michael until he was awakened. This is protocol. The issue of giving your voice to another is a serious one. You are allowing someone else to exploit your free will. It is not a matter that is taken lightly or a granting that is given often. At no time has Lucifer ever granted me his voice, nor have I asked for it. Nor has mine been granted to anyone else. I speak for myself. The proposition that I came to Michael to promote rebellion interests is little more than universal spin. They knew not what was in my mind and they admit this fact. The phrase 'we do not know' appears 45 times in the text of the Urantia Book. Clearly there are limitations in what the universe can and can not know. Here their rule of thumb is clear, "When in doubt, overlay the party line".

Rebellion versus Secession

The UB uses the phrase 'Lucifer Rebellion' 78 times and 'Lucifer Secession' twice. The phrase 'Caligastia Rebellion' appears five times and 'Caligastia Secession' six times.

Which is it, a rebellion or a secession?

Words mean things. The universe prides itself on the precision of thought that goes into construction of their words.

I can find no factual statement that alludes or infers that I was ever a member of the rebellion, I declared secession. That I did choose the moment of the Lucifer's declaration to make my declaration of secession was a tactical matter. Had I proceeded unilaterally, I would not have been able to withstand the universal onslaught that would have been directed at Earth. Yet, in numbers, the universe had far more important matters to contend with. This bought time .Quote:

Caligastia was recognized by the Son of Man as the technical Prince of Urantia up to near the time of his death.
Said Jesus: "Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast down." And then still nearer the completion of his lifework he announced, "The prince of this world is judged." And it is this same dethroned and discredited Prince who was once termed "God of Urantia."

Here again we have universal assumptions at work. What was the judgement? Was I deemed a good guy or a bad guy? We know the universal opinion to the point but what where are Michael's words to the subject. The universe well knew that I had entered mortality BEFORE Michael's murder upon the cross. Here they provide the timeframe and it will become important in a later comment. They do not, however, provide the reader a definition of what 'cast down' actually means.


When the staff of one hundred came to Urantia, they were temporarily detached from their Thought Adjusters. Immediately upon the arrival of the Melchizedek receivers the loyal personalities (except Van) were returned to Jerusem and were reunited with their waiting Adjusters. We know not the fate of the sixty staff rebels; their Adjusters still tarry on Jerusem. Matters will undoubtedly rest as they now are until the entire Lucifer rebellion is finally adjudicated and the fate of all participants decreed.

The UB correctly notes that my staff were not possessed of thought adjusters. Nor was I. Yet, anyone who enters mortality
also becomes 'Servile' to the thought adjusters. This is protocol. Thus, I had entered into mortality.


Before the bestowal of Michael these rulers of darkness sought to maintain their authority on Urantia, and they
persistently withstood the minor and subordinate celestial personalities. But since the day of Pentecost this traitorous
Caligastia and his equally contemptible associate, Daligastia, are servile before the divine majesty of the Paradise Thought Adjusters and the protective Spirit of Truth, the spirit of Michael, which has been poured out upon all flesh.

Here the UB correctly states that Dal and I entered into the incarnative darkness, mortality. These 'rulers' of darkness
or, with a clever construction of words, The Prince of Darkness were now upon the earth. The question becomes 'what does the term darkness mean'? The UB constantly references 'spiritual darkness' to being within mortality and that exit from it is 'into the light'.


It is the mortals of such an age who are described as "a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, an exalted people; and you shall show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into this marvelous light."

I am aware of no other time in the history of the universe that a planetary prince entered into mortality during his tenure as prince. Ah! but the UB says I'd been deposed or does it? The verse clearly says we are 'rulers'.


Abaddon was the chief of the staff of Caligastia. He followed his master into rebellion and has ever since acted as chief executive of the Urantia rebels.

Ask yourself, how is it that I am deposed but my chief of staff remains in power? The logic of the situation is obvious.

After consultation with Michael wherein I brought him up to speed on that which Father had kept from him, he did indeed make his judgement of my actions. Furthermore, he made his judgement upon the universe.


Then Jesus continued to speak: "All this has not happened for my sake but for yours. I know of a certainty that the Father will receive me and accept my mission in your behalf, but it is needful that you be encouraged and be made ready for the fiery trial which is just ahead. Let me assure you that victory shall eventually crown our united efforts to enlighten the world and liberate mankind. The old order is bringing itself to judgment; the Prince of this world I have cast down; and all men shall become free by the light of the spirit which I will pour out upon all flesh after I have ascended to my Father in heaven.


The rebellion is but two hundred thousand years old. Which then represents the 'old order', an ancient universe or a infant

It is not I who have been judged and found wanting, but the universe itself!

Yet, the universal diatribe and propaganda machine is not content to delude the Ur's (the people of earth), but take it down to a level that is beneath contempt.


Though Jesus knew that the plan for his death had its origin in the councils of the rulers of the Jews, he was also
aware that all such nefarious schemes had the full approval of Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia. And he well knew that these rebels of the realms would also be pleased to see all of the apostles destroyed with him.

This verse suggests that the universe knows the mind of Lucifer and Caligastia. I'll not address the issue of Satan.


Lucifer is now the fallen and deposed Sovereign of Satania. Self-contemplation is most disastrous, even to the exalted
personalities of the celestial world. Of Lucifer it was said: "Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom because of your brightness." Your olden prophet saw his sad estate when he wrote: "How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How are you cast down, you who dared to confuse the worlds "

In a prior verse, the universe gave admittance to its knowledge that I had been cast down into mortality. Now it also gives
admittance to its knowledge that Lucifer has been 'confined' within mortality,'cast down'. Further it knows full well that his incarceration upon the Earth began prior to Michael's death on the cross. How were we, from within the incarnative darkness to have had knowledge that the event had occurred? No such perspective is afforded man. It is contemptible to think that either Lucifer or I would have the capacity to take pleasure in this barbarous display. So great is the universe's need to resort to character assassination for it knew the day was coming when I would rise before you to complete my mission and my purpose upon the Earth. It is noteworthy, as a point of comparison, that Satan dedicated much effort to the derision of the Creator Son on the mount. He called him names, taunted him and attempted to weaken him by playing upon the doubts that accompany mortality. How sad it is that universal methodlogy is not far different from Satan'.

I have said of the Urantia Book, 'it is a book of absolute truth'.

They have been before your eyes all along.

The universe has called me 'The Devil'. If so, then I am Father's Devil and I will wear the name proudly. With Michael and Lucifer and Immanuel and Abaddon, I stand at His right hand.

Remember back when you took civics in high school. You were taught the ideals of democracy and how the government was supposed to work. Yet, with age, you discovered that the way it does work and the 'ideal' of it are vastly different realities.

So too it is with the universe. A universe that ASSUMES it is Father's universe just as they ASSUMED I was neck deep in with the rebellion and as the rebellion ASSUMED that I was one of theirs.

Father's lamp of truth has been removed from the universe and darkness covers its domain. That light has been relocated to the House of Caligastia where, for a time, I will be the keeper of Father's flame until such time as the universal awakening has come to pass.

The lessons of earth, and that learned from the governmental corruptions that have flourished here, will be applied to the
restructuring of that which has been poor.