Religions and Corruptions
There's an old story that goes like this:

One day, two men are approaching the gates of a city and come upon a blind beggar outside the gates. One of the men gives him a few coins and the two proceed on their journey. Later in the day, the men again come upon the beggar and discover that he really isn't blind. The man who made the offering roars in indignation at having been the victim of a fraud. His friend counsels otherwise.

"You gave the man the money as a charitable act. When you did, you raised your own spirituality at that moment. Thus the beggar did you a service which brought you closer to God. Was that not the purpose of the gift? "

So too it is with many religious organizations. Few things are perfect and those who expect perfection and piety from those who are affiliated with the religious are doomed to disappointment. In truth they are just men and women as are we all. Would you destroy an organization that did great good for society because of a few bad eggs? Would you turn your
back on good ideas because a few indulge in hypocrisy? Perspective and tolerance is required to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Yet, what of the words? Are they accurate?

In most cases yes, in some no.

Historical perspective has been lost over time. While much survives, there is far more about those early days that didn't. The greatest disaster to occur on this planet was the burning of the Egyptian library at Alexandria. So much was lost.

Is the Bible the history of man?

No. It is the history of the Jews. Mankind has been on this planet nearly one million years and we were over three hundred thousand years into this timeline at the point Adam and Eve arrived.

Is Original Sin a valid concept?

No. No soul was ever created into a state of sin. That which issues from Father is pure and wholesome always. Adam and Eve's sin was that they mated with mankind, thus injecting angelic dna into the timeline. This has never been done upon a planet and the universe took an extremely dim view of it. I, on the other hand, applauded the move as it allowed me to get past the genetic dead end present in the genus. Further, I give admittance to the fact I was instrumental in convincing Eve to take this course of action. It should be noted that these matings were done with different tribes. The sons of Eve were eventually decimated at the hands of the sons of Adam. This gives rise to the story of Cain and Abel. Both bloodlines are still present upon Earth today.

Were Adam and Eve driven from Eden?

This is a matter of opinion. Adam and Eve were angels. They were sent to establish a base and from that sphere to teach the basics of survival and a simple religious philosophy to the tribes of their locale. These tribes were intended to go forth and teach other tribes according to universal principles. With a state of secession in place, the universal dictum was not for the benefit of man as they knew that two programs of ascendancy could not coexist. If they thought I'd sit on my hands and tolerate this situation, they thought poorly. Adam and Eve were sent into a no win position even as I had been sent to generate ascendants from a genus that had not the intellectual capacity to be ascendant. Between the universal duplicity endemic in sending the adam and eve in the first place and the certainty that I would not sit idly by, Adam and Eve had no opportunity for success and, thus, the base they established was doomed to failure before its inception. The angel at the gate with the fiery sword is universal imagery imposing upon these two angels judgment for their sin. Yet, those who initiated, and are responsible for the contrivance and the suffering these two endured have yet to be charged to stand and answer.

Through the histories of various religions there are common themes. The idea of original sin is a contrivance of religious bureaucracies to convince you that you are inherently evil and that they are your salvation. Naturally, this imbues the organization with the power of sin and guilt. Powerful tools used to convince you that you need them. This need typically translates to a transfer of wealth or commodities that enable the organization to continue in a comfortable fashion.

Here, the perspective of the beggar must come into play. While these manipulations are poorly conceived, the houses created by them have served the purposes of ascendancy. Religious institutions serve those whose evolutionary moment requires a religious edifice and the people attached to it.

Religion is not the only road to ascendancy. Any person who is of good heart, who knows right from wrong and has the integrity to live between those limits, is ascendant. The saying of "Different strokes for different folks" well applies to this subject.

We must also be mindful that so much harm has been done in the name of God. The Spanish Inquisition figures prominently in this poor use of religion. However, were we to view these poor moments as evolutionary steps, then a different perspective might also appear.

Judgment is always an individual matter. You do not incur penalties for the acts of others. It matters not your race, your job, your religion or any other societal or organizational affiliation. It is what is in your heart alone that matters.