Unresolved Life Situations Resultant From The Rebellion

There are many circumstances and conditions that are currently unresolved as a result of the rebellion. One that occupies much of my thought at the moment is the disposition of the unauthorized life forms generated due to the needs of the rebellion worlds.

Upon the various declarations of rebellion many of the angelic staff of each of the planetary princes opted not to involve themselves in the affair and returned home. This produced
an obvious shortage of people, people who were needed to get things done.

Each of the princes, myself included, chose to create new humanoid life as replacements. The practice held one serious liability, those created after the rebellion have no souls. This serves as a severely limiting factor. I will address now only one of these life forms, The Nordic.

Modern ufo types have dubbed these people 'Nordics' reflecting the fact that they appear to be Scandinavian in appearance. They range in appearance from quite beautiful to quite average and in, most outward ways, mimic human beings. Their emotional presence is limited to those delivered with the biology. They have survival instincts, are given to irrational outbursts of fear if their buttons are pushed and are incapable of the higher emotional levels that issue from the soul. Love is not a possibility for these people although they do develop likes and dislikes and can be fond of each other.

I recently approached two Nordics, one male and one female in Denver. I knew these two had been assigned to hang out at a certain place and could be counted on to arrive in the evening. The male was about 5'6" dark skinned, husky, with a very unique facial structure. In fact, his face has been seen on this planet before and is present in Hawaii as a tiki. Deep set eyes, pronounced nose and lips. He was born off world.

The female is a local nordic. She was the offspring of a nordic male and a human female. In such a case, the offspring is not possessed of soul. There are many such people running around our society who do not know they are nordics, only that they don't seem to work and play well with others and have a hard time fitting into our society.

In June, 1995 Father gave me a tool of considerable power and application, an energy ring. With this ring, I can bring rain to a desert world or create any good purpose I chose. I placed an energy shield around Earth. It's purpose was to block those with dimensional technologies from having ingress or egress to Earth. Included in this purpose was to put an
end to the genetic abductions that have plagued Earth since our entry into the atomic age.

Initially, some ships tried to run the ring. As they did, their power supplies exploded. Deuterium tends to burn green when afire and more than one green 'meteor' has been seen in recent times. Father's Ring has served this purpose well. There is no point in stealing genetic material if you can't get it off the planet. The ring has succeeded well in this regard.

Another tangent goal to the ring was to capture one individual and keep him pinned to the planet, Satan. In early 1995, he arrived here with a contingent of five ships with nordic crews. He set himself the task of trying to organize the various alien groups who were here to predate upon us. As he was angelic in origin, he did succeed in impressing these nords and they agreed to join with him.

In that same month, planetary forces conducted a preemptive strike on this new alliance. Bases in New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Spain and Austria were attacked and destroyed. We lost only one man in the operation. We have for many years sat on our  hands tolerating the abductions . To have enforced our sovereignty over this world with military action would have tipped our hand as to our resources and intents. Doing so would have been a disastrous military judgment. Now the time for action had arrived. Satan lost three of his ships at that time.

Towards the end of the year, a shuttle mission had detected the  presence of the ring. On the following shuttle mission, a tethered satellite was loosed in low orbit to gather measurements on this new energy field. Scientists noted that the device gathered far more energy that should have been expected.

On August 13, 1995, I gave a lecture to these subjects before the Global Sciences Congress in Denver. On that day several things occurred. There was a ufo sighting, well filmed, in Salida, Colorado. That ship was on its way to meet with me later in the evening. It's occupant - Satan.

I was the last speaker of the evening and nearly the last to leave. As I left the hall, I was approached by what appeared to be two Nordics, one male one female.  The male was himself, my brother Lanonandek. The conversation between us was short and Satan left with a very clear understanding as to where I stood. Pay back came quickly.

He initiated a temporal divergence creating what, in computer terms, is called a mobius loop. A circular track that begins no where and ends no where. The Old One and I discovered his manipulation when events that were to have occurred didn't. For Satan to maintain this loop, he would have to return to the same moment at each pass of the loop and reinstitute the divergence. We are fortunate that Old One is what he is - inventive with unusual genius. Old One ultimately intercepted Satan, destroyed his 4th ship and rendered him impotent  to repeat his performance. At one point during this story, Satan sent Kurt to me from Vienna and offered me a deal. He would fix his divergence if I let him out of the ring. My response was simple, "I don't compromise with evil". We lost nearly two years and the delay of judgment and rapture. The effects of this temporal meddling showed up on a quantum level when the atomic clock in Denver went out of whack by twenty seconds. This clock is normally accurate to one second every three hundred thousand years.

The Nordic male now seated in front of me was attached to the last and fifth ship of Satan's original group. Nordics can be programmed and conditioned. This one was very much so. While his Earthborn female companion was possessed of an ordered and logical mind,  he was so ruled by his conditioning that reason seemed beyond him. We met for nearly four hours. His mission became apparent. For the last two years he has tried to pass himself off as a guru type competent to teach ascendancy. He wanted me to read a book called  the Keys of Enoch. I commented I had no need to read my own historical accounts. He shared with me plans to open a grandiose facility for the purpose of doing healing and teaching. I asked why he wanted to do healing. He gave me various reasons, none of which included 'because I want to help people'.

I pointed out to the female that because they lack soul, they would never be able to function well with 'my people'. She was puzzled. I told her that trying to explain soul to her was like describing color to a blind man, she had no point of reference. I gave her the definition of the soul and explained those abilities the average human being has that she didn't. I pointed to the waitress and hostess in the nearly empty restaurant we were in. They both kept hovering and swooping by the table. I told the Nordic, they know something is going on here. Sean and I give off far more energy than is normal to a human being and you give off none of it. Between the four us, their souls are picking up on the reality of this meeting even though it isn't being translated to a conscious recognition in their minds. I brought this point up as she commented dryly she'd like to get rid of the hovering waitress.

Between the two of them, it became apparent to me that they had both failed to assimilate with our society. While she was more conversant in our customs and acted as his translator, the reality of what we are was obvious. They had no chance of success in any endeavor involving human beings.

I laid this foundation as a precursor to the reason for my mission. The nordics upon this world must be dealt with and the time for doing so is short. The universe regards them as enemies who have no right or license to life. Those who created them consider them as nothing more than tools. If one breaks, you throw it away and get another. I do not share these opinions. That they are not possessed of soul is not their doing. If guilt needs be assigned, it should be to those of us who created them. All life emanates from Father and were it not his will that they be so, they would not be.

Regardless, when I rejoined this planet to the universe, I also accepted the protocols that go with it. If, at my return to my angelic status I have not resolved the issues of these unattached Nordics, it will fall on me to destroy them. Those Nordics who are attached to me or other princes are exempt. I do not much care for the title of Planetary Butcher. Yet, a solution exists within a small window of opportunity.

I am not yet completed into my angelic self. As man, I have liberty to operate as I will regardless of protocol for no man has ever been held to protocol. Thus, it was the goal of my meeting to put forth the fact that regardless of universal protocols, I was not inclined to leave a potentially hostile force behind my lines and would not do so. The time when I had the luxury of simply ignoring their presence had passed. I told them that I was there to give them something that they'd never had before 'a choice'.

If they were willing to associate themselves with me, we would take them in with our Nordics and put them to good purpose. In the doing they would be safe from universal extermination and no longer nomad.

The male, however, stuck with his programming. He'd been set loose by Satan to attempt to deceive the people he came in contact with. He'd failed miserably and I have no concern about his ability to continue with his failures. It became clear that my offer had been rejected. I accepted the situation, made appropriate good byes, and Sean and I left.

It was not yet over. That night, his group paid us a visit. They attempted to deliver the mark of the beast to Sean. The mark of the beast is delivered with a device. It is an 8 inch stainless steel cylinder. At its end are three electrodes shaped into the curly cue fashion that leave a mark that looks like 666. The device serves the purpose to disconnect the soul from the brain.

Sean woke to the intrusion when he felt the device on his forehead. The procedure had no chance of success as the mark must be delivered to a willing subject. He batted the device away from him and the event ended. He did have a headache after the encounter.

We informed Old One of the attack and asked that he dispatch a squadron of Defiants to deal with this last ship. Incensed he said he would deal with it personally. Satan's last ship is no more.

As to the male Nordic, I've left him to his wanderings. Ultimately, the female might see him for what he is. At the moment, she views him as her salvation and her ticket off this planet. She couldn't be more wrong. Even so, she is a logical being without his programming problems to over come.

In the mean time, we are pursuing communications with other groups of aliens left stranded on the planet. My military actions have generated a great deal of fear within their ranks and they are leery of me. Yet, to those who approach me in truth, they have no need of fear - now or ever. It is my goal to gather up these hapless children and take them to safety before it is too late to do so.