The Fall and Rise of the United States

The days of the United States, as it currently exists, are numbered few. Our founding fathers knew that the primary weakness of Democracy was to be found in the corrupted hearts of men. That they would abscond with and divert public resources away from good purpose and towards the sole task of buying votes from corrupted voters who were willing to sell those votes in return for boons and aggrandizement’s served to them as the expense of the productive members of society.

To the end of preventing the inevitable from becoming reality, they gave the nation the tenth amendment which, they felt, would halt the movement towards a strong central government. They limited the Federal Government from acquiring power and restricted them to a few necessary functions. Our fathers calculated that the odds of all state governments corrupting simultaneously to be nil and that the Constitution would survive as the guideline for governance. They were wrong.

The first nail in the coffin arrived in 1860 with the Civil War. States who were not inclined to follow a Federal standard were set upon with war as the inevitable outcome. No where in the Constitution does it specify that once you joined the Union – you could not leave it. This dictum arrived at the end of the gun.

The second nail arrived in the 1930’s under Franklin Delano Roosevelt who instituted the Marxist system of taxation based upon the philosophy of ‘from each according to their ability - to each according to their need’. Currently half of the people of the United States, those who work hard, save their money and attempt to build lives for themselves, are forced to give up 50% (or more) of their income to the other half who are essentially parasites getting a free ride.

It was not until the 1960’s that government actively, and deliberately, circumvented the tenth amendment informing states that if they did not conform to their dictates, federal funds would not be allocated to those states. Funds that should never have been taken from them in the first place. The States sold us out and transferred our freedoms to a now de facto strong centralized government. This is precisely what the founding Fathers endeavored to avoid.

Since then, our courts have been subverted (with deliberation) while a very active Communist element planted other Communists into elevated judicial positions. They are euphemistically called ‘activist’ judges. In fact, the are Communists. While this has taken place, Congress has done nothing to implement the fact that they are the checks and balance built into the Constitution to insure that the judiciary did not get out of line.

The vast majority of those elected to Congress are also corrupted. Their primary concern is not for the welfare of the Nation but for their own acquisition of power and money. Both the Democrats and the Republicans employ the same system of using public funds to buy voting blocks.

It is a historical fact that the very first thing an empire in decline loses is control over its borders. Our leaders, for reasons they are not willing to state to the population, have deemed that an invasion across our southern border is agreeable to their political aspirations. They are willing to let the people bear an ever-increasing burden of social services that are granted freely to illegal aliens while, at the same time, denied to the legal citizenry.

The list of miscreances is encyclopedic and more than I am willing to give time and space to.

Those who track Bible prophecy believe that there is no reference to the United States in the End Times writings. They are incorrect in this but were not granted sufficient information that they’d know better. In fact, there is a considerable amount of information and I’ll share some of this with you now.

The Revelation Code identifies the following ‘facts’.

The information found in the Books of Revelation and Daniel came from Immanuel, aka Almighty God, The Word, The Word of God and The Light. He gave it to Earth’s Planetary Prince (in angelic modality) who divided it between the Apostle John and the Prophet Daniel where it was written into Earth's timeline. The purpose was to enable the planetary prince to recover the information from within mortal modality. Color this as temporal engineering.

The code is very specific, and redundantly so, that these works were intended for only one person. Also, that the person who broke the code is also Earth’s Planetary Prince.

As I’ve tracked the prophecies coming to pass, they are – to date – 100% correct. There is no reason to postulate that the remaining ones will not come to pass.

The Code speaks of a place called New Jerusalem. This is the place I’ve dubbed Angel’s Lair and Angel’s Keep. Since 1998, the carvings at the Lair have been systematically reducing in number. Conversely, the full list of prophecies from the code are also reducing in number. Factor one against the other and you arrive at…..countdown.

The central core of New Jerusalem, is 12 miles by 12 miles foursquare. These boundaries were identified based upon the placement of rock sculptures and the lack thereof in places exceeding limits. The Revelation Code adds greater dimensions to the place, 12,000 furlongs by 12,000 furlongs in all directions. From the location of New Jerusalem this equals most of the landmass of the United States.

A description of the ‘city’ of New Jerusalem (which decendeth from Heaven) is also given. It has a river running through it (it does) – it is 12 by 12 foursquare (it is) – it has a golden road (it does) – it has high walls (it has).

Angels Lair and Keep also have things that frequently defy the known laws of physics.

It is laid out in a logical manner producing identifiable structures and substructures. I have the ability to turn it off and on at times and in specific places with visible results allowing for confirmations of the cause and effects; and these things have been seen by witnesses.

I discovered Angels Lair and I provably broke the Revelation Code. Both have lain untouched for 2000+ years. The odds of either one of these coming to pass in one lifetime is well outside the bell curve. That the same person did both – is off the scale of probability.

At Angel’s Lair there is a 50-foot carving of the dog Snoopy. The Lair was built in 500 B.C. while Snoopy did not arrive until the 1950’s. The issue of ‘time’ is addressed.

In the Revelation Code the subject of time is repeatedly addressed and it is the nature of prophecy that one is accessing information ‘before’ it has arrived to a linear moment.

The Lair and Keep complex employ encryption that was deliberately design to mislead those of poor intent. These are alpha and omega reversals.

The same technique is employed in the Revelation Code.

The single most item of misdirection lays with the issue of the two-edged sword.

In the Revelation Code, John gave a warning of its existence early on in the text but theologians missed it.

The same methodology can be seen in the rocks carvings of Old One and Wrong Way Old One. So, again and again, there are factual and logical cross references linking The Revelation Code to the physicality of Angel’s Lair (aka New Jerusalem).

It can not be deemed accident or coincidence that I sit at the focal point of both subjects.

The recently published page ‘The Prime Key’ details some of the relevant verses so I’ll not quote scripture here.

This is what is going to happen.

The United States is not going to be allowed to fall. Left unattended we will be attacked from without or devolve into civil war. Neither proposition is agreeable to my purposes.

Using the Constitution as it was written by our founding fathers, the nation will purge the Communists from their positions of corruption using the Constitutionally prescribed vehicle of martial law. Then, in very short order, the nation will be put back onto firm Constitutional footing with the Federal Government being stripped of the powers it has usurped from the people.

The income tax will be abolished and replaced with a 10% sales tax. The welfare programs supporting parasitic elements that could work but won’t, will be abolished at the federal level. Such support is a state’s right and does not belong to a federal government. All expenditures and the authorizing taxes that offend the 10th Amendment will also be abolished. This will bring the Federal budget down to a point is should never have passed.

We can not allocate blame to solely to corrupted officials. Ultimately, the people of the United States are to blame because they allowed themselves to be bought by these poor elements or stood by and did nothing while they advanced a Communist agenda.

Those who made the Devil’s deal with Satan (10,000 worldwide) will be taken into custody and removed from the Earth to the Lake of Fire and Perdition. These have waived their right of freewill and judgement.

The prisons of the United States will be emptied and relocated into the areas of Mesa Verde, Colorado and Chaco Canyon New Mexico - The last residences of the Anasazi.

The corrupted members of the legislative branches and the judiciary will also be arrested and confined for their crimes against the people. These took oaths they had no intention of fulfilling. God Was Listening.

The code is clear to the point that the planetary prince will be ‘given’ control over a fourth of the landmass of the Earth. Knowing that the seat of power is in New Jerusalem, it follows that this will encompass all of the Americas. It is also noteworthy that North and South America constitute one fourth of the Earth’s landmass.

The word ‘given’ is critical as it implies no military take over. Instead, varied governments, starting with the United States, will capitulate before the very obvious power of the food chain that is about to make its appearance.

A new Nation will be formed. This is not the one world government some have theorized nor is it a brave new world. It will be an association of governments under the aegis of the Planetary Prince made in recognition of a common good for all. It should not infer that any nation will lose its borders or the rights to enforce their will within those borders.

The prime purpose at this juncture is to recreate the stable foundation given to the United States by our founding Fathers. To prepare the population for judgement and rapture while not disabling the structures that will be needed for the last leg of the journey for the Left Behinds.

Those residing in prisons, whose crimes are not particularly egregious, will be offered the opportunity to serve in the military. So also will many of the illegal aliens here. The code is clear to the point I will raise an army of two million.

Relative to the Middle East, their oil becomes an irrelevancy to the United States after rapture and the U.S. becomes energy independent overnight. Key elements of the new Nation will be returned to the Gold Standard. This will reduce the value of dollars acquired by Arab Oil interests (and others) and elevate the Nation’s currency to one of high value.

I’ve been discussing the feasibility (with the Old One) of introducing a very old device (but one that would be new to the Earth) called a Magnetic Resonance Generator. This is an electrical generator that draws power by opening a crack between 4d and 3d allowing the 3d element to siphon off energy for other uses. It uses no fossil or nuclear fuel. The arrival of such a device will additionally skew the issues of energy dominance to the Nation and away from existing poor elements.

Those given to terrorist endeavors will find that business has taken a turn for the worse as there is nothing that can stop me from picking them up at any time and at will. This same applies also for criminal cartels of various sorts.

Justice in the Nation will not be centered on legal theory which has nothing at all to do with justice. Instead, the only issues will be fact based and centered solely upon guilt or innocence. The days of the slick lawyer are at an end.

There is no possibility of secrets from within this timeline. Only the belief that one could get away with poor endeavors. This reality will come to common knowledge and will inspire many not to ‘try’.

Injustices committed by the government will be addressed and justice and redress granted to the victims of those injustices. Those who have committed serious crimes that went undetected will be held to answer for their actions.

The Supreme Court will be disbanded and replaced by three judges who will be answerable to the President. It will not take 10 years for a case to be heard. Justice will arrive swiftly.

These things will bring the world to the edge of Rapture. While no one will know the exact minute of the taking, they will have advance knowledge and allowed to prepare.

An enormous spacecraft will encircle the earth for three days producing three days of darkness. While the taking could be accomplished in a few hours, extra time is granted to wrap up loose ends for the ascendant population.

The Prime Key brings to easy view the issues and degree of ‘power’. The verses surrounding Pale Horse, White Horse and Black Horse elucidate the licenses granted by God and the degree to which they may be employed.

For half of the world’s population this will be a joyous moment and for the other half a time of great fear and trepidation. Our visibility at this juncture is mandatory lest the Nation devolve into mindlessness.