The Round Table

The philosophy of power assumes that some are greater than others. It is true that some individuals are possessed of abilities that only a few enjoy while the masses do not. Using the economic systems employed on the Earth this typically results in greater incomes and aggrandizement's for those individuals. A doctor, who has earned his skills will reap more societal benefits that will an orderly. Does this make the doctor 'better'?

The universe employs the politics of ignorance in maintaining its caste 'class' systems. People are only allowed to go so far and no further. This, regardless of whether they are competent to do so. The average angel is not taught, for example, how to use the dimensional abilities inherent in his soul whilst those of higher castes are so instructed from childhood. 'Each to their own ability' is not a concept the universe recognizes. Maintaining power over their populations through enforced ignorance IS their practice.

These practices are not unknown on the Earth. Mexico, for example, provides a free education for children only to the third grade. After this, the parents must purchase books, supplies and uniforms in order for the child to continue. In a country rampant with horrendous poverty, this frequently is not possible. The policy produces a worker caste condemned from birth to a life of hard labor with few rewards.

In India, what you know is a product to be sold. One does not 'help out' a stranger with knowledge when a profit can be earned from it. Even though the government has passed laws against the prevailing caste systems there, they still endure.

Only once, in the history of this planet was the idea of superiority based upon job tasking abandoned. This was in Camelot and the Round Table became the enduring legacy of what many now consider to be only a myth. In the fashion of Father's Truth, the king was subject to the same laws as the stable boy. Neither was either  the greater or the lesser. Each did according to their own ability and skill. The Round Table became the physicality of this belief. The table had no head and no foot. No leader and no follower. Each member of that council sat in equality to the king and he with them. This philosophy extended to the general population as well. There would be no condescension towards those who earned their daily bread from what today would be considered 'lower' jobs.
Each job had its own importance as did the person performing that job.

Our souls are all created in Father's image and  we are one with our Creator and with
each other based upon the common gift of life given us.

We, as a people, will have made a grand achievement when these thoughts stop being words and become realities.