Run to Ground

When your enemy runs to ground - you take that ground away from him.
This is precisely what George Bush is endeavoring to do with the terrorist elements in the Middle East. Now, also, it is being done against the remaining alien elements here on Earth.

If you refer back to the page The Grays you will read a portion of the story  relating to the eradication of the gray presence here on Earth. The rest of the tale beings on July 4th weekend 2005 when Dave Price and I went  to 'The City"
We were following the logical trail established in the story line told in the rocks. There is another tale which I've called 'the schematic'. The schematic is responsible for me finding Angel's Lair in the first place. I followed the clues and, on the very first effort, discovered the place. Keeping this into perspective, archeologists spend lifetimes looking for such things and here I did it on my very first try. This reality rests well outside of the bell curve for 'normal'.

The schematic had several levels to it. In part it was a map of the entire Lair complex 'and' it also predicted a significant moment that would arrive. Specifically, that I'd be confronted with a creature wrapped up like a mummy and he would be blocking my path to the door of a sizable pyramid. When he did, a voice came from the pyramid saying, "Let him pass - he's been invited". At this point the creature gets out of my way and I proceed onwards.

This, is what actually happened.

When Dave and I crested the ridge line to the valley, the first thing I did was to refer to a carved map on one of the walls. I identified this map in 1999 and followed its clues. Now, in 2005, I read it again. It had, of course, changed. It instructed that I should go to the right side of the structure. I did not obey this - instead, I reversed the value and we headed for the left side.

The City is actually a composite. The photos here on HQ highlight one section of it. The totality of the structure shows that it is the missing paws from the sphinx located roughly five miles away. On the right paw, you find the carvings of the city. Those appear to have been carved from white rock - this isn't true. Those white structures are a crude concrete poured over an earthen structure (also an artificial construct) and then carved to make the images you've seen here. In that paw, there is a small cave. When you stand in the entrance, you can gain an appreciation for the use of the concrete which is about two feet thick and overlaying the dirt.

When I first visited this site, I sat at the cave entrance looking around to see if there were pointers leading to something else.
The cave itself was left open, I concluded, for a reason. On our 2005 trip to the location - the cave was still there, but another cave entrance had appeared on the opposite paw. The castle photographed in 1999 was no longer visible and had been replaced by a teepee of piled rocks dead center between the paws where the castle had been.

Dave and I made our way to the cave entrance. Again, it was obvious to me this was not a construct of nature. Rocks had been piled together to create a cave like area. We went inside. There I noted a control panel. These were four knobs of rock (that would fit into the palms of your hands) covered with a very shiny lava rock. This is not the first time I've found the shiny lava 'inside' an artificial construct. This type of lava can only be formed under extreme heat and pressure and is not a natural occurrence to the area.

I also recognized that they were I placed my hands on each - two at a time. Following this, I sat down and waited  for about 10 minutes. Leaving the cave, I tried to get gps readings. The dimensional energy fields that had activated when Dave and I entered the area prevented getting a good reading. The numbers of the device were jumping all over the place. Additionally, the batteries on my two cameras had drained out on my first efforts to get some photos.

While I was futzing with the gps - I saw a second cave entrance that had not been there before. I did a reality check with Dave asking him if he thought it was possible we could have walked right past it and not seen it. He agreed - not a chance. I asked him to go in and take a look around.

As with the other cave, it was an artificial construct. This one, however, had a small niche that you had to lift yourself up to get a look in. Dave came out with a serious look on his face and said, 'you'd better take a look at this'.

I went in, pulled out a flashlight (which was not powered by batteries) and took a look. I was eyeball to eyeball with a gray not more than a foot away right in front of my face. He didn't look pleased to see us. This 'creature' was wrapped in a metallic blanket giving him the impression of a mummy. His left eye was also covered with his right eye exposed. You could see very small pencil width fingers beneath the blanket and he was seated cross legged.  He did not appear in the stereotypical Roswell fashion in the gray suit with the almond eyes. This is an environmental suit - not the way they really look.

That right eye looked exactly as ours do. A brown pupil on a white eyeball - scaled down to size to match. He had a triangular shaped head narrowing down to a pointy mouth (with small teeth).

Due south of this location there is a carving of the little one that served as a prediction and a marker of the event Dave and I were now involved with.

What Grays really looking like

This is what grays really look like. Note that, in this rendition, a reversal is present. In the carving the left eye is visible while the right eye is under the blanket. In reality, the right eye was visible and the left eye was under the blanket. This sort of reversal was also present in the Old One and the Wrong Way Old One carvings. And, big surprise, the use of the reversal is also present in the Revelation Code.

The messaging of the carving was to reverse the values and go due north. Eventually, this is precisely where we would encounter the Little One.

The grays expected me to locate the entrance to the Keep and to open the door. However, the existence of the carving also showed that this moment had been seen in advance. The gray in the cave had been positioned to spy on us and, in the event I did open the door, to report back to his comrades. Their plan was simple - kill the king and capture the castle.

The schematic lead me to believe that the 'door' would be between the sphinx's paws and while it wasn't it also was.
A carved trail of bread crumbs pointed away from where the door should be to where the door 'is'. Unless you'd spent a great deal of time learning to read the stones - you'd not have the first clue.

This brings up another issue. Why didn't I grab the little creep, stuff him in my backpack, and haul him out of there?
Herein the same problem arrives. His comrades would have shown up, the area would have been swarming with armed grays, and there was no chance Dave and I would have gotten out of there alive. Thus, we did the only reasonable thing possible under the circumstances - we walked away.

These are the beginning events that led to their eventual conclusion they couldn't win.

Another important moment has now arrived.

I've known for sometime that we'd not be able to leave Earth to deal with the Satanic Rebellion without first securing the fort from the enemy agents present here. You can't leave an enemy behind your lines. This clear out began in December. Enemy forces were pushed into the area of the northern hemisphere. As our base of operations is in South America, it was important first to get them out of that area.

Old One informed me a few days ago that a big push was eminent. We expected a fight. Instead, the bad guys have decided this is something they can't win so they've run to ground. They've buried their ships and are going to try and blend in with the human population. The vast majority of these are Nephalim. The idea of it is just plain stupid. They have no documentation and no skills that would be marketable here. They had been offered the same terms of surrender as were the grays. We'd give them one of our old bases, they park their ships there (flight and communications disabled) and we'd supply the necessities of life for the duration.

We have a satellite system in place in 4d. Depending upon your location, Doppler shifts can been seen. The left shoulder of Orion is one such placement.  The satellite tracks with the constellation during the course of the night. There isn't an inch of the planetary surface that isn't under surveillance. Finding their ships is an easy matter. We simply check the logs and then go to the location and destroy it.

Finding the people - while a little more tedious - is also possible. We simply abduct every Nephalim on the planet and compare them against our rosters of who is supposed to be here versus those who aren't. Those who aren't are incarcerated and they'll receive the same treatment they'd have had if they'd accept the surrender terms except now - they won't have the comforts of their ships. Heads we win - tails they lose.

There are a small group of angels who have also run to ground. The Nephalim stand out like sore thumbs. The angels will be a little harder to locate and grab but not impossible.

With regards to the door, I followed the logical trail of the carvings getting precise gps readings on each leg. I mapped these out and went there. Here, we find a 50 foot carving of Odin. This was Old One when he traveled with the Norse. He's wearing a crown, and isn't all chewed up as you see in the Old One carvings. Again, we see another reversal. He's holding a battle axe, and looks like an 'action' figure - very muscular. He also has one big honking smile on his face.

At the location of this carving, an associate located a big pile of the shiny lava. This serves as a confirmation that we are at the correct location. As this is currently 'in play', I won't provide a photo at this time. Additionally, the Odin carving did, soon after discovery, 'fire up' and put on a light show that lasted several hours. I have people who are positioned in the area and can keep an eye on it.

According to the schematic, the next event will be me going into 'the door' - the moment when the son of man goes transdimensional and holds duel status both as man and angel.