A Message to Terran Security Forces

Various governments have been infiltrated with moles. These individuals stand in service to Samael, The Ancient of Days and chief bureaucrat of our corrupted universe.

A case in point:

The tremors of my awakening from mortality began in July, 1973 and it had a significant (yet undetected) influence on the timeline. Predictions from prophets who had a history of being correct suddenly went off target and few had any reasonable explanation for this.

I've spoken about the Dark Man. His parameters are operational not only in the United States but there are others like him
as well. This man, who is no man, came into mortality and the timeline via the vehicle some call 'the walk in'. He was not
born to earth. Instead, he reviewed the timeline for a death that would occur, with an individual that met his operational parameters, and the individual's demise would be from something easily corrected - i.e.: drug overdose.
Once the individual actually died and the soul had departed, DM healed him and then attached to the skin suit taking it as his own. People viewing  this would call it a near death experience never suspecting that the act of death had been completed and the person now in control of that body was not the one that was there before.

Never before, in universal history, has 'walking in' been allowed. The practice is rep reprehensible in the extreme and unthinkable. As such, we never instituted accounting practices to keep track of bodies - only souls with a minor exception as it applies to the Nephalim. Clearly, the practice has exploited a hole in our accounting procedures.

The Dark Man took advantage of this deficiency and arrived on stage before the restructuring of time. Friends and family would have perceived the 'new man' as something significantly better than the one who died. They'd have felt that the individual had turned himself around and become a new person as a result of the close encounter with death. Little could they know that it really was a 'new' person.

DM set to join government service. He worked his way up the bureaucratic ladders until he reached the position that allowed him the maximum influence possible over certain subjects. His instructions and goal is to turn the Earth into a graveyard.
His boss, Samael, The Ancient of Days, placed a death sentence on the heads of every man, woman and child on this world two hundred thousand years ago. This also includes the various angels who have been working on behalf of mankind.

One theory employed was that to kill me would also destroy the timeline (as it has been written by Father, Immanuel and myself). Numerous attempts have been made to achieve this end, sometimes using alien elements as operatives. A few weeks ago, I was driving back to town from Pueblo and a green meteor appeared no more than a mile away from my car and no more than 1000 feet above me. It flamed out in short order. This green meteor is a relatively new phenomena and it is not a natural event. Instead, it is a ufo being shot down. In this case, it was a forty footer who got closer than my security detail would allow. The pilot paid for his miscreance with his life.

Two weeks ago, another ufo appeared as Jackie and I were out and about. This one, however, kept his distance and was a good five miles away. I am not the only target here.

The Advens are, and have been declared to be, important elements in the timeline. Before all chose to associate with me, I warned them that the journey would not be easy and affiliation with me would have serious and deleterious consequences as my enemies expanded their sights to include them. As with me, each carries a security detail with them 24/7.

DM is about 5'9 to 5'10" in height. He is between 50 and 60 with graying hair and stocky build. You can fry eggs on the heat that comes off this fellow. He speaks with a New York accent and, quite likely, has a Jewish background. He is regarded as being extremely psychic. He should be. He didn't arrive through the birth canal as we did and his mental abilities should be 100%. He does, however, have the limitations of a lesser genetic code and many of the things he could do while an angel,
are beyond his ability now.

He is an archangel. He is murderous in the extreme. As he was sent by Samael, he knows that no prosecution for crimes will ever arrive from the current government and he feels free to commit any evil he deems to serve his purpose. He does not rule upon the earth but is subordinate to mortal interests - but only just barely.

Every significant country on the planet has a DM imbedded into their midst. The United States, Great Britain, Russia, and the Vatican to name a few.  Anyone who has had the so called Near Death Experience should be viewed with suspicion if they also occupy positions of governmental power and influence. There will be tell tale signs. As the personality currently occupying the carcass is different from the one that died - personality surveys, the MMPI, and other such mechanisms, if compared, will reveal differences in the before and after. Evidence of exceptional psychic abilities should be viewed in a similar vein.

As for Samael, In May/June 2002, he was approached by Terran interests who suggested a 'meeting'. Arrogant as always and apparently unacquainted with the practices of some elements of Earth - he accepted and walked into a trap. The room the
meeting was to have taken place had, hidden behind the walls, a Faraday Cage. This, similar in concept to the one I adapted to
prevent abductions. Samael's abilities to jump dimensions meant nothing in this environment and The Devil has been an
unwilling guest of local concerns. By this time, these elements will have learned that The Devil doesn't negotiate, he dictates,
and nothing useful is to be had from him. Regardless, he is confined and he won't be going anywhere.

Ironically, The Prophet Daniel alludes to this moment. The Ancient of Days became trapped on the earth when Father's Ring was put in place in 1995. In Daniel he says (to me), I will bind you with iron and brass, make you eat with the beasts of the field and will pass over your seven times raining the dew of heaven upon you (urine)  until you learn the Ancient of Days rules over the earth. (Paraphrase).

And so it has been. Between 1995 and 2002 is seven times (years). The Apostle John defined a time as one year.

While this means that Samael himself is 'off my case', it does not mean that his positioned operatives are so inclined.
One must always keep in mind that the goal is the destruction of the earth. Those who refuse to bend knee before The Devil's miscreance have met such fates in the past - it will not be so in this era. Instead - it is The Devil who will be going down.

Caligastia 10/2002