Satan Chained!

January 26, 2000

In mid December, 1999, Satan arrived on earth in the company of three planetary princes from the rebellion. Neither I nor Michael allowed him in through Father's Ring so one must assume that Father permitted his entrance.

Several weekends ago, in January, Jackie and I were at The Lair, checking on the status of key sculptures. Satan arrived there and we had a conversation which can best be described as contentious. He also downshifted his ship into 3d so we could see him. It would not surprise me if there were others who also made the same sighting I did.

I found this meeting aggravating and gave the encounter long thought. The last time I'd met with him, face to face, was in Denver on August 13, 1995. Following that meeting he instituted a temporal divergence which has had some long term effects albeit not permanent. The question occurred, "What am I waiting for?" Knowing full well that nothing good was afoot, I pondered the question of why I hadn't already taken him out. I decided there was no good reason and contacted Old One.

I instructed The Old One to send a number of ships out. Each ship has one dimensional door.
He was to calculate the number of people on Satan's three ships and send a number of ships equal to the task of simultaneously beaming all the people on those vessels off. He did so. In fact, the effort was so successful I could hear him screaming "We got them all!"

It is incorrect to call these Satan's ships. In fact, each one belonged to a rebellion planetary prince and he came as a passenger on one. The crews on all ships were Nordic and all male. The three princes and their crews were transported into a stasis chamber and remain 'on ice'. Satan was sent into a small room, perhaps 10 x 15 feet where he has been cooling his heels since the incident.

I let him keep his own company for a time. Then, I instructed Old One to put before him a 'deal'.
I would release him from his prison in return for three things.

1. He was to release all the souls he had collected viz a viz 'The Devil's Deal'.
2. He was to declare his leadership of the Rebellion.
3. He was never to return to Earth again.

One and three were for me and mine. The second condition was installed pursuant to Father's instructions to the point. While Satan has been the defacto leader of the Rebellion, he had never declared himself as such. Father wanted his declaration. It was given.

However, the items on my personal agenda were not delivered. By his count the number of souls locked down to the devil's deal is ten thousand. I was surprised this number was not higher.
Regardless, Satan remains incarcerated in his little room and will remain there for a very long time. He has been deposed as are the the planetary princes who were in his company.

To date, Satan has had contact only with Old One and whatever functionary brings him his food.
This will change. He will have contact with no living being at all for the duration. His food will be delivered via automation and Old One will be instructed to have no discourse with him. This policy is not to be construed as vindictiveness. The man is a walking cancer and that sickness is now located in the middle of home base. It is natural that there is a curiosity about him. Restricting access to him insures this disease does not spread amongst mine own people.

My meeting with him, last night, was extended in its duration, a little over two hours. He accepts his situation and, I believe, is relieved to be removed from what he viewed as his duties. He has some hard days ahead of him.

It is no small irony that universal concerns have not taken the time to read the most published book on Earth, The Bible. They view themselves above such things as our petty religious beliefs.
The irony is that as neither the universe nor the rebellion have had discourse with Father, in a very long time, and that his words to the current events have been written in this work for nearly two thousand years. It has been my opinion, and Old One concurs, that the words of Revelation contain information that could only have been known by Father and none other. The bulk of the writings of the Apostle John were not inspired by Father, they were written BY Father through John's hand. Accepting this, we can now check off some of the stage setting events reference by Revelation.

Originally, the Rebellion had thirty nine planetary princes involved. Of these, twenty eight divorced themselves of the rebellion over a year ago and realigned with the House of Caligastia leaving eleven princes and worlds. I quote from Revelation:

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of  blasphemy."

In this issue, the 'sea' is space - the universe. The beast in question has ten horns and each horn has a crown. These horns represent the ten worlds of the rebellion who will do battle with the universe and their planetary princes. Yet, this moment is recorded by the fact that the beast has only seven heads - ten crowns but only seven heads - three are missing from the body of the beast.
Now we know where they are at, I have them.

Yet, our counting is off by one. At the moment, there are eleven rebellion worlds not ten.
Angel's Lair has a sculpture of the rebellion 'beast' and this eleventh planetary prince.

The Beast and The Eleventh Prince

Look carefully under the bestial character and you well see a man looking to the right. His eyes are set in a very stern look and his lips are held together tightly. This is a man of great intensity.
The eleventh rebellion prince is a spy, Father's spy.  He was positioned within their ranks and will separate himself from them in the last minute of the eleventh hour joining with the Earth. When he does, he will bring a considerable and detailed knowledge of the rebellion attack strategy for their war upon the universe. I am told that the war in heaven will occur two days after he departs.

This prince made contact with me two months ago. I commented, "I was wondering when you'd show up - I've been expecting you".

The stage is set and Father's words of Revelation are in progress. I should comment to all of those who have spent much time in study of these words that they were written with a 'time lock' upon them. It was not intended that you have an understanding of the words until the time arrived wherein a person would arrive on the playing field to explain the cast of characters, their relationships and the story line. It is natural that the biblical scholar would focus on Terran concerns. There has been much speculation as to the meaning of the words and some have concluded that the referenced Beast refers to the European Common Market or the now European Union. Point in fact, this passage does not relate to any concern born of the Earth.

The Countdown to Armageddon continues....