Dimensional Sculpting

In our ways of relating, we'd say that its axiomatic that the things that occur at Angel's Lair can't. Boulders don't get up and walk away nor is a rock carving capable, on its own, of changing its appearance. If you refer to the chapter "Disappearing or Changing Rocks", you'll find that, in this case, the axiom is false.

We are all acquainted with the dimension in which we live. It requires no effort, nor is it desirable, to state the obvious. However, a three dimensional object placed within a fully shifted four dimensional field  will seem to have disappeared from view in 3d. In truth, the object is still there but on a plane that can't be seen or touched by another object or person in 3d.

Consider that the carvings on the face of the Sphinx are layered. It follows that they had to have been constructed a layer at a time. How can this be done?

The answer isn't really that fantastic IF you have dimensional technologies.

If the sculptor is in 3d and he precisely places a four dimensional energy field over a section of rock, that
surface will become invisible while the underlying surface becomes visible. Then using a laser, a light weapon or any other light based cutting tool, he is free to shape the layers of rock that might be at the middle of a boulder rather then only the surface as we did with Mouth Rushmore. When finished with his work, he'd withdraw the dimensional energy field to the next level and the next proceeding one layer at a time. The completed work would then show a viewer that which was only on the surface exactly as had been done with the original whistling man carving as the face of the sphinx.

The changes in the main images at the sphinx, the appearance of the devil's head, the reshaping of the whistling man and the newer carving of the face on the sphinx at Giza, all speak to the presence of 4d energy fields.
For the underlying image of the Giza face to have become visible, a dimensional field must be present hiding the overlaying rock that was present in the face of the original whistler. Just as the original sculptor had to have used these energy fields to access the underlying layers of rock, those very same fields must be present for us to see them from our 3d vantage points.

Now, these carvings have been there for two thousand five hundred years. Hikers, campers and hunters have been through this area many times and none, NONE, ever saw them. Point in fact, when I first entered the Lair, neither the sphinx or the angel were visible. When I re-entered at a later date, bingo - they were there. My arrival into the area set certain wheels in motion. Until the moment the switch was thrown, none of the carvings were visible, in as much as none of them were 'lit up' by dimensional power supplies. With only the flip of a switch, the energy fields could be withdrawn from the rocks and they'd go back to just looking like rocks.

This is the most obvious application of knowledge visible from the seeming movements of the rock scultpures.