The Sierra Club

California is without electricity. Can this be a surprise? The Sierra Club and other ultra left organizations centered on the far left coast have prevented to construction of new power facilities extolling the virtues of animals and land over the necessities required by people. Wind Power! they cry. Yet, some of California's windmill farms are shut down because birds tend to fly through the blades and get killed. Need Juice? Call the Sierra Club.

The dubious benefits of a corrupted philosophy are now becoming apparent. It could not have been otherwise.
In true liberal fashion, the socialists of California believe the rest of the country, who have managed their resources properly, should proffer welfare to California enabling them to survive for another season. This, rather than acknowledge the obvious corruption's of the liberal (socialist) philosophy.

I have a hard time taking these maniacs seriously. They foul their own nests with their own corruption's in the name of saving everyone else from theirs.

Now if the Sierra Club was really serious about pollution


Answer this unsolved mystery of the universe.

Why is it that when you're near running water you have to pee?

And why is it when you're near a large body of water, like an ocean, you feel like your bladder is going to burst?

Now, the truth be known, we know what people do when they enter the water of the ocean and its a good thing the salt in the water naturally chlorinates the area or no one would ever want to go into it. However, if the Sierra Club was truly concerned about pollution they'd get legislation passed mandating that anyone using the ocean must wear a pee detector to alert others to their polluting activities. Sierra Club cronies could make millions manufacturing and selling the device.

Me, I'm more worried about the poor shark that has to swim thru that mess to bite your leg off!

Like I said, I have a hard time taking this seriously.