Situatational Update

A couple of months ago, two of the Advens contacted me stating that 12 ships had taken up position near their residence. I relayed the message to Old One who sent in a squadron of Defiants. The result was ......... green meteors. All of this was visible to the naked eye.

Two years ago, I was advised that the Dark Man had been fired from his land side food  chain.... forced retirement.  As I had no hard confirmation of this information, I filed it away for future reference. In July 2006, DM purchased land about three miles north of Angel's Keep where he built a house.  He has positioned himself where he can see anyone entering or leaving the area of the Keep. He keeps company with a female Nephalim he is holding out to be his wife. He has changed names as well. DM's bridges with his prior food chain are burnt and they are reviewing everything he ever touched. A judicious move. I suspect that DM was allowed to walk away from this because he had value as 'bait'.

Old One has systematically been removing the enemy alien presence. At one time, this numbered more than three thousand ships. Today, the number is down to five and it should come as no surprise these five ships like to cluster near DM's new residence.

As noted in prior writings, the genetics for the corpus man occupies was intended for a three dimensional reality. It can not, without modification, handle the pressures of a four dimensional reality. To this end, I received an implant in the spine in 1995. However, I am not alone in this endeavor and the Revelation Code makes it clear that the Advens are also intended  to go transdimensional.

Beginning about three months ago implants began arriving for the Advens. This manifested as a pain in the left wrist. While the pain is an annoyance, it is within tolerance.. I received this offering about a month ago. At this writing, six of eight have reported the arrival of this implant. I've been expecting such an event for some time as it is the next logical step in the progression of events.