The Steffani Dialogues
Anatomy of a Possession


Channeling is a practice involving dimensional communications between parties in 4d and 3d. It is a standard form of communication when both parties are also in 4d. We call it mindlink.

Attachment is the process of extending the umbilicus of the sender to connect to the temple of the receiver. A circuit is completed in this fashion and mind to mind communications are enabled.

Possession is the practice of extending the umbilicus to attach at the base of the receiver's neck. This enables the sender to literally take control of the individual. The practice is commonly associated with demons although angels of poor status are now doing it as well. The only variable standing in the way of this form of possession is the integrity and will of the receiver. No one can be forced to do anything they don't want to do. However, people can be conned, fooled and manipulated if they aren't 100% centered in their own integrity. This should not infer or imply that a person who can be controlled is not possessed of integrity. The issue is one of degree.


An angel, by definition, is one possessed of much more experience and ability that a mortal soul. The seeker of truth will, in the course of the endeavor, run into angels from time to time. Most are so thrilled to have made some contact they do not hold their sender's feet to the fire demanding proofs of identity, purpose and character.
This leaves the door open to misinformation (that which accepted without benefit of proof) and, in the extreme, delusion. Perspective to degree is required in these things.

The nature of a mindlink communication is temporary and generally short lived. It would be similar to using a telephone. There is no intrusiveness inherent in this purpose. When the link becomes of long duration (at the temple), influences can be passed to the receiver. If this progresses to a placement at the back of the neck AND
the receiver is a willing participant in the endeavor - possession now becomes the applicable word. In this, the receiver has subordinated their free will to that of their invisible 'friend'.

Within the realms of the universe, for an angel to do such a thing is an illegality that can bring a death penalty to the sender. However, in a universal government where such things are being ignored because it suits their agenda of the moment, such prosecutions are unlikely.

The Steffani Dialogues show the beginning, middle and end of an attachment scenario at its mildest and progressing onwards to a point it becomes difficult (sometimes impossible) to ascertain where Steffani ends and the attachment begins. Personality changes become evident. The use of words change in accordance to which personality interest is dominant at the moment. At times she professes confusion and her writings indicate such.

In September 2000, I ceased these interactions following which she informed the users on the discussion forum that she had, in fact, been 'at war' with me. She called it a war of love but the words are, in themselves, oxymoronic.

Steffani has always been a willing participant and cohort to her connections. At times, her writings reflect a certainty of superiority sometimes surpassing blatant arrogance. I'll add that the things I'm saying to you have also been said directly to her.

The willing receiver also can be 'preprogrammed'. During our July 2000 trip to Angel's Lair, I removed all attachments. During the course of our explorations, Steffani told us she was too tired to continue and was going to hang back with Susan who was exhausted. The rest of the group continued the climb. I was comfortable that Susan wasn't going to be left alone. You don't do this in the wilderness. As the main group neared the top of our target,
Steffani took off, leaving Susan by herself. Several of us yelled at her about this. If she heard us at all, we were ignored. Her 'friends' had no ability to get a close look at the area. Were they to try, they'd have been shot down.
Steffani saw nothing of importance but that she'd abandoned Susan in the quest was very disturbing.

In late August, 2000, me and mine located the base of operations for Steffani's invisible friends and destroyed it.
She was, for a time, thrown into disarray. It is my opinion that she's become so dependent upon her relationship with these miscreant angels and their mindset that she has returned to the last point she felt most comfortable.
In the doing, she's adopted their mission as her own and this to her own detriment.

Confronted with these things, Steffani employs a variety of diversionary techniques. Rarely does she ever answer a direct question with a direct answer but goes into left field with a variety of repetitious 'holy word' dialogues few  of which end up meaning anything. The presentations are frequently circular and irrational.

As the dialogues progressed and Steffani's 'friends' saw they were not being successful in their efforts to 'turn'
either me or those who associate with HQ, the holy word diatribes gave way to cheap shots taken at a variety of people. The bitterness of the presentation stripped the 'holy' varnish from the delusion and showed the true
worm cake laying underneath.

In her failure, she's accused David Price of essentially being mindless and little more than my 'puppet'. That he has no words that are his own. I don't do attachments, the practice is evil.

When others haven't bought the holy word act, she's claimed that ALL of them are turned against her and/or are being manipulated by me. Further she claims that I, and others, have taken her words out of context in order to 'get her'. (paraphrasing).

These presentations serve purpose as a denial of responsibility for her actions as well as a rejection of that which is true. These people speak for themselves. She sees no cause and effect between her actions and their reactions.
What began as an inquiring seeker of the truth has run the course to a place some psychiatric professionals might call a paranoid delusion and Steffani is not alone here.

It is not my goal or purpose to indict Steffani. Far from this, it is my point to discourage the thousands of 'channelers' out there from a continuance in the practice. Few of you are competent or qualified and are definitely out matched. Your failure to adhere to strict methodologies involving proof leave you open to a variety of very poor things - none of which you should have to endure. Be careful what you ask for. At this time and place, you run the risks of great injury.

These writings were taken from the HQ discussion forum. They were and are, public in nature an no one posting there has any expectation of privacy.

I'd like to offer my thanks and appreciation to HQ's Archivist, Cinde, for her efforts at recovering these records


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