Neo - There is No Spoon

Some people believe that  the acquisition of the stigmata (the wounds of Christ) is a gift, trial or imposition sent by God. It is none of these things.

The Apostle John gave us a schematic for the entirety of the cosmos covering  seven dimensions. The top three of these are  are called the Trinity and each rules at his own dimensional level. The first of these is 7d - The Creator Father and the power that enables everything we view as creation. The next level (6d)  is ruled by His only begotten Son, Immanuel (also known as The Word, The Word of God, The Truth, The Light, and Almighty God.
The third level (5d) is the beginning of the Kingdom of the Son of  (Almighty God) who is known to Earth as Jesus.

Everything from 5d downwards falls into the dominion of the Son of God. When Jesus said that no one gets to the Father except through Him, he was not addressing spirituality but a hard fact of creation. One does not access 6d or 7d without first having to go through the Son's Kingdom at 5d.

There are devout souls who, in their quest for higher spirituality, raise their own evolutionary moment to the point they can, at will, connect with the Holy Spirit (Jesus). When this connection is made, abilities and 'powers' are granted to the person.  This is the way of things.

For example, one can not 'be' a planetary prince unless he's demonstrated the ability to access the fifth dimension. He could not do his job otherwise. Mortal souls who have reached this level of attainment frequently return with the ability to perform what some consider miraculous feats. When Jesus bestowed the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles they could heal the sick and, on occasion, raise the dead. Another noted skill is bilocation, the ability to simultaneously be seen at two locations.

The stigmata, however, is a quirk caused by Christian beliefs. The person tries to join with the Christ Spirit using the imagery of Jesus on the cross and, in the doing, inflicts the stigmata upon himself with it being translated  down to his own physical being.

In a realm (4d and higher) where thought can manifest as reality, imagery becomes important yea even critical. When the crucifixion becomes the focal point of imagery, one can acquire its marks. It follows that anyone accessing these higher realms should have sufficient mental discipline before doing so. Alas, while Christianity recognizes the idea of 'saints', they do not teach the skills that allow people direct one on one discourse with any of the Trinity Deities. Even so, some forge ahead on their own and succeed in their quest for a higher level of spiritual attainment.

Herein, one is forced to question the idea of just exactly what constitutes 'reality'. Most mortal souls can not translate thought into something substantive or 'real' even though everyone does it unconsciously in dream states (4d).  When one learns to cross back and forth between 3d and 4d at will - he'll also learn what Neo discovered - there is no spoon and one can influence a 3d reality by directed will channeled through the soul.

The soul is an actual piece of the Creator's being. Within the soul we have our personality. The soul is not linear and possesses the qualities of all seven dimensions. While our physical forms are limited to 3d, the spirit (soul) is not and one can learn to use the abilities there in.

All of the things people call 'psychic' are, in fact, functional aspects of the soul. If you've ever watched two married people speak, you might have noticed the lingual short hand they use that, to an outsider, appears to be gibberish and incomplete sentences. These people are using mindlink communications without even being aware that they're doing it. Mothers with young children 'know' when the child is about to cry for a feeding. Both parties are tuned to each other. As children, you might have sat alone for hours entertaining yourself with fantasies - commonly called being in La La Land. You'd have continued this ability into adulthood but someone told you it was time to grow up. So we forget the skills and abilities that all children enjoy.

Jesus tried to impart a dimensional ability to the Apostles but they didn't understand its import. This is my body, this is my blood was 'not' an act of sacrifice bloodless or otherwise. Jesus was trying to tell them to focus their 'intent' upon the bread and wine for the purpose of connecting with His Holy Spirit. Instead, what could have been an invaluable tool for dimensional advancement has become mostly a mindless ritual performed without effect.

Raised as a Catholic, I was an altar boy. In serving mass for a variety of priests I found only one who demonstrated an understanding of the dimensional aspects that 'could' be had from the Mass. His name was Father Granger. He began his journey as an Anglican minister but crossed over to become a Catholic priest. When he performed the invocations common to the Mass those summoned would arrive at the altar. As the hair on the back of your neck went up, you could 'feel' their presence. Hardly objective evidence. Even so, one learns from experience to know when the dimensional switch has been flipped. It is important that Father Granger was a good, decent and pious man.

When my Dad laid on his death bed, during his last moments of lucidity, he pointed to the corner of the hospital room excitedly although, at this point, he was unable to speak. I asked him, "Do you see someone there?" He nodded in the affirmative. His temporal adjuster had arrived and sent a link to me with messaging that he could hear in what he thought was the real world.
The message was, 'it isn't time yet don't be afraid'.

I told my Dad that he needed to speak with this person and we'd give him some privacy. He looked up at me from the bed with this look that said, "How the hell do you know this?". I assured him he'd be okay and I shoo'd the people in the room out.
I left the door cracked so I could keep an eye on him from the hallway. When I saw that his conversation was over, I returned asking, "are you okay".  He nodded in the affirmative. While my parents knew with a certainty that I was a certifiable pain in the backside, they never had a clue as to breadth of my other abilities. My Dad didn't want to die in the middle of the night. He lasted to just a little after dawn. After the arrival of his temporal adjuster, he calmed considerably and he no longer gave any evidence of fear.

When people experience dimensional subjects it is very common that they think 'I must be nuts', or 'it's just a coincidence'.
It doesn't help that people who really are mentally unstable are drawn to these subjects and it difficult to draw the line between real ability and mental illness - so people generally don't listen to them at all. The sane person is well aware of these social maladies and doesn't want to stand in line to be perceived as 'cracked'. New Age subjects touch upon many of the abilities of the soul but are filled with so much hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo that the average person just isn't inclined to go there.

The bare truth is that there is no magic to it. Its a skill that can be tested and developed just like any other skill. Where New Age falls down is that they descend into belief and perform no objective testing. Anything that is true can be established as 'real' by virtue of logic, reason, or fact. When one comes to see that there is no spoon, then the option of seeing what is really there has arrived.