Susan - The Adven

It's long been my practice to put names to things. During the Adventure II, Allie was the one who noticed the line up and positioning of the artifact I now call Allie's Door. Greg Robbins named his trip out here The Adventure.
I added a I to it after II became a fact. Most would think that the title of Adven is a shortening of the word adventure. It is not but it will suffice. The appropriate word is Advent.

In Latin 'ad' means to or towards. 'Vent' means (literally) window or opening. Most correctly translate the word to mean 'a new beginning'. Yet, an advent typically holds a spiritual connotation and is something more important than just the first few steps of a journey. The journey itself holds considerable significance.

Since I first declared the Advens as a group, I've been contacted by some who want to 'join'. It is difficult, I think, for them to understand - there is nothing to join. It isn't a club, no one holds a membership, no dues are collected and I am not their leader. We are an association of people who recognize a commonality of purpose and a mission. We are all declared and dedicated to Father's service.

That I blazed the trail and issued Father's call was but an aspect of my individual mission. I was competent to do this. Also, the product of my experiences have been passed to all of the Advens with few reservations. The result will be that the elapsed time to their becoming fully functional will be considerably less than my own. Jesus had hosts of angels waiting for him to sneeze. I had one old geezer who likes to bust my chops; so things took a little longer for me.  The Advens have me and, in a larger context, Father. It follows that their available resources are greater and, if nothing else, they have each other.

Up until the time of the Adventure II, I had license from Father to bring 'some' people to meet with him in Father's Room in 6d. I did take a few, but not many. I was interested to see how average people would react to a face to face with the Almighty and whether or not they'd be able to correctly process the incredible amounts of energy inherent in such an audience. Few did. Susan was one of who was successful, even though she went kicking and screaming <g> A joke. Father advised that at the end of the event, my license had expired and unless a specific exception is granted, I may not take others to 6d. This suits the logic of Father's purpose and is as it should be.

Susan has granted permission for me to share her experience in Father's Room.


The room itself is a simple affair made of white energy. To one side there is a circular pedestal with three steps.
One walks up these steps and positions themselves on the level area. Over the pedestal are two angel wings forming an arch and the tips are interlaced at the top. When one arrives, it is protocol to announce your presence and I had advised each of those there to do so. They did and each had their own unique and individual experience with Father.

Susan stood before God and was told that she is a valued daughter in whom her Father is pleased. She was given a ball of white energy which she held in her hands. She reports that she was shocked to see it morph into a sword.
Such is not her nature.  To her left, three white serpents appeared. She took the sword a decapitated one of them. Again, she was shocked by the entire incident as she does not view herself as a warrior. This is understandable when one factors in that she is a Melchezidek and such thoughts are not a part of their mindset.

Susan did not share this with me for a few months. Eventually she did, asking me for the meaning of the event.

As I told her, Father was telling me. The three serpents are/were three challenges she would face. The first challenge was getting here to Colorado with the others for The Advent. This she had done. Two challenges would remain.

Within the last week or so, Susan had another extraordinary event. She was called to a 'meeting'. Note, this was not an abduction but an 'en soul' meeting with another party in 4d. Some might call it an out of body experience. She sat down in a chair and thought she'd fallen asleep. She reports that she never sleeps sitting up. Her meeting was contentious and unpleasant. She remembered parts of it but not all. This isn't unusual and I told her she could expect the rest of it to surface over the next week.

At the time of our conversation, she'd forgotten that when she returned she had written a word on a piece of paper and then forgotten she'd done it. Today, she would recall that she'd placed it on the headboard of her bed. The recall was triggered by the fact that when she awoke this morning, the paper came floating down upon her.
The word written was 'perfidy'. She didn't know the meaning of the word and looked it up. When she called me,
I likewise was unfamiliar with the word. It means treachery or deceit. Essentially, the person with whom she was meeting called her a traitor (to the universe). It also means something very important. Susan has made her 'stand' with Father. It would appear that Susan has vanquished her second serpent.

Anyone who has read the illogical tripe in the Urantia Book can well expect that universal attitudes towards the Advens won't be mild. My response to Susan was, 'Welcome to the party. I'm tired of being the only one shoveling manure around here'.

For those who would think that the Advens are a version of Spanky and Our Gang playing clubhouse
think again. This service will be most difficult and few would wish the journey.

Each of the Advens have passed the judgement of man. Here, on Earth, their angelic origins mean nothing.
That and a buck is worth a cup of coffee. Within their number there are two Archangels, two Lanonandeks,
one Melchezidek , two Adams and one good human soul. This association encompasses universal families from the highest to the lowest and the experience they take back with them will be of enormous importance to the future of the entire universe.

Of more immediate importance, however, is the future of Earth.

Each of the Advens will go forth amongst you, at a particular moment, as public speakers bringing The Word to those who would listen. They are not pretentious people. They'll make no money from their endeavors although Father will provide for all of us that which is needed. We will go forth naked, clothed only with our faith.
It will be enough.

To this end, I've been inviting each of them to get some practical experience with public speaking via the radio show. Believe it or not, this isn't as easy as one might think. I found it much easier to speak in front of a live audience than to sit down and crank out a radio show. Of course, with practice, it gets easier. Old One swears he won't do another show. He was quite nervous and I think Lucifer is a woose. I haven't been able to corner him into a show at all.

One of Susan's concerns was the same as mine at a certain part of the journey. 'I must be losing my mind'.
When one unusual event occurs, you might write it off as an anomaly - two, perhaps a curiousity. Yet, when event after event begin to compound and the only rational explanations are found within my paradigm -  Well, you are confronted with two possibilities. Shall you believe your own eyes or you've gone nuts. Susan, the Advens and anyone else attempting such a journey would reach this point. Susan isn't drooling.