Tales From Life

O.J. Simpson

I doubt there are few who haven't heard the story of Orenthal Simpson and the murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. O. J. didn't do it and he has no direct responsibility for the poor circumstances that befell the victims of the crime. He does, however, hold in indirect and inadvertent relationship to the crime - one that does not rise to guilt.

Mr. Simpson borrowed some money from a sort of person one is usually best to avoid much less do business with.
When it came time to repay the funds, he got arrogant - I'M OJ Simpson and I'll pay them when I'm damned well ready to. Apparently Mr. Simpson did not have a respect for the danger aspects of the people he had dealt with. They responded by 'sending' a message via the brutal murder of his ex-wife. Goldman qualified as being in the right place at the wrong time. The bloody glove left at his house was their effort to incriminate him for the crime.
The glove didn't fit and the jury did acquit.

Simpson got the message and paid his debt quickly thereafter. He wisely said nothing of the causal agents here lest they come after his two kids. Unfortunately, he is now vilified and stripped of all he once was and had. He made the call and for the sake of his kids - he lives with it.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

F.D.R. was regarded by his generation as a truly great president. History, were it known in its entirety, might judge him differently.

Roosevelt DID KNOW that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor. He knew the location of their fleet several hundred miles away. He had a good idea, based upon military advice as to when they would launch their attack. He allowed a 'greater good' that would be achieved (he thought) by getting the United States into a war in the Pacific. In fact, he endeavored to so aggravate the Japanese that they would 'start' a war with the U.S.

William Jefferson Clinton

The truths of Mr. Clinton's sell out of the United States to foreign powers will become known at a point after he has left office. In Arkansas he will receive the 'traitor's reward' for his actions. As the man is a sitting president, I can say no more to the point.

The State of Israel

Regardless of what is said or promoted in the press or any other forum, the public policy of Israel is not now, will not be, and never has been one dedicated to the creation of a lasting peace. Governmental policy is based upon a xenophobic theocracy and this will not change.

Drug Cartels

In the future, those engaged in the endeavors of narcotics will find that business has taken a turn for the worse.

Great Britain and Russia

The true leadership of both of these significant countries can be tracked to the hands of only one man in each domain. In Russia, the real seat of power rests with the leader of one of the major crime families while in England it is in the hands of a man who is related to the Royal Family by virtue of marriage. The pretense of government, be it democracy or not is little more than a farce to distract the populations of those realms.


This country's days are numbered poorly. Cataclysmic earth changes will result in seismic and tidal forces which will destroy most of the country. The bulk of the survivors will be living then in the United States and Australia.

North Korea

The corruptions of this country's government are such that they are, in large part, unable to feed their civilian populations. Their sabre rattling over possessing nuclear weapons was a ruse designed to extort resources from those who would give them. They do not have nuclear weapons capabilities.

Hillary Clinton

Her future lacks significance.

Gas Prices - 6/2000

The Democrats are reconciled that they will lose the presidential race and both houses of Congress in the November election. To this end, they've made arrangements with middle east oil producing concerns to inflate gasoline prices with the excess being directed  to 'Golden Parachute' bank accounts outside of the United States.
Bill Clinton leads the list. Expect him to make multiple trips abroad between now and the time he leaves office.