A Journey for Truth - A Ten Year Retrospective

I had first met Cal online in the Fall of 1997.  I was 18 at the time, and I had just graduated high school that summer.  It was around this point that I still had a great many questions about what lay ahead of me out in the "real world".  Some of the questions I had were about the basics of life, such as: Who am I?  Where are we?  What does everything mean?

During this time I was very involved in the Internet and IRC, specifically the EFNet chat network, and one night I saw the channel name #Midway2Paradise catch my eye in a list of chat rooms.  I went in and met Cal, and soon after he shared with me a copy of his digital book he had made which told a detailed account of his investigations into his own abduction phenomenon that he and his son had experienced.

I continued to visit and listen with intrigue when Cal had shown me the color changing eye pictures.  I was unable to provide a logical explanation because I wasn't an eye doctor, nor could I readily ask someone with credentials that could provide an explanation to the colour changes as Cal was more than willing to submit copies to someone with those credentials.  

Yet, I still listened and inquired at times about what was going to happen in the future.  Cal eventually stopped going to the #Midway2Paradise chat room as his website came to replace it entirely.  I didn't think he was whom he claimed himself to be, but yet something made me feel compelled to keep a watchful eye on his website.

On another note, it was also at this stage in my life that I had been looking into "New Age" material for answers on some of those previous questions.  I settled on psychic abilities as they have more focus on using the mind and less on the ritual for a desired result.  However, in retrospect, this allowed me to work on abilities that I discovered almost anyone could do themselves.

It was also at this time I came across people online that began fueling unhealthy areas of delusion and in some cases it was deliberate lying.  Thankfully, I had attended a community college which extended my understanding of both philosophy and psychology beyond what I had solely read or heard about online, as I wanted answers.

I had lost track of Cal for a time after his website was launched and in 1999, when Cal had shown the rock formations on his website, I still remained cynical as I found quite a bit of the rocks were less apparent to me.  Yet I still read with wider eyes on his growing list of pages that would slowly appear on his website.

It is around this time, after dropping out of college and obtaining a dot com job in Los Angeles, that I began to shift my own personal belief system. I was raised mainly Christian, having even attended some religious schooling in my grade school years. My mother being the Christian influence, my father the Catholic influence, as I had attended both types of churches as a child. At this point, I had switched from a Christian viewpoint to that of an Agnostic.  Some may ask why not an atheist?  Because I did not want to close the door to the possibility of Father's existence.

For me, this was likely a much needed step in self reliance, as I used to pray every night asking for help/things and asking for the help to others as I went through a list of people I cared closely for. I had been using prayer as a crutch instead of taking the necessary changes to take responsibility for my life and make corrections on my own.  I had concluded that if a deity existed that based upon my experiences, if I wanted to effect a change in my life or had anyone to blame for my decisions, it was me.  Pleading night and day for changes did nothing to change the behaviors I exhibited day in and out.  I needed to take both responsibility and better control of the steering wheel for my life.  From that point onward, I had noticed an amazing change of both personal satisfaction and accomplishments.  I will also add, a bunch of mistakes were made along the way, but that is part of the process.

As time progressed and I kept an eye on Cal's growing website, there were a couple of instances when I went up against Cal challenging him on his web forums, as I was quite suspicious (cynical) of his intentions.  After having my own previous bad experiences, I was absolutely determined to get that other shoe to drop.  The downside in this was that I was so intent on looking for that other shoe I wasn't able to see what was right in front of my face the whole time.

I had originally thought he was after money or this was an effort to create a cult.  However, the evidence did not add up to my theories and cynicism, but the reality.   The facts are he had let me call him collect on more than one occasion.  He was also willing to discuss and show in great detail on how to recognize "The Revelation Code", and he even went so far as to even provide me the linkword searching software to help find linkwords in the book of Revelations and Daniel.  If I was to be fair and logical, I had to revisit my theory that Cal was a con man.

The cult theory also didn't pan out after I took a hard look at what he has been saying over the past decade.  He always maintained that he wasn't looking for people to "join" anything.  Plus he had actually cautioned me to stay away on more than one occasion to me, but yet I still persisted to keep an eye on him and chat with him.

I had felt compelled to keep tabs on what all of this meant as I wanted answers, while at the back of my mind I had an itch I could just not scratch that drove me to continue researching Cal and other spiritual/psychic studies.  Unfortunately, in looking back on both my philosophical and psychic studies I found a lot more questions than answers.  At several points it required me rebuilding from nearly the ground up as I had discovered I had gone completely in the wrong direction, whether by bad choices or false truths (not always deliberate) given to me.  This was both frustrating and distressing, as it felt like for the three steps I thought I took forward, I took two back, or in worse cases all three.  The only thing I could do was take breaks from my searching and continue on with my other parts of my life, then resume once the frustration subsided.  I imagine feeling like you are chasing your own tail would apply here, and it can grow quite tiresome for most.

About a year ago, I expressed my frustrations of not having much luck with my search for truth to Cal.  Cal pointed out that for all the activity I had been doing for the past decade, I didn't have much to show for it.  He also suggested that my answers lay with Father, and I should attempt to talk with him, as he knew I was dimensionally active.  Incidentally, he had suggested this to me years prior, but this was the first time I was actually receptive to his suggestion.

I had reasoned that if an entity were to exist, this entity would indeed have the absolute truth and the highest vantage point over my existence.  So I began to make a more conscious effort to try to figure out how to do so as I wasn't making much progress, and my biggest concern was hearing him correctly.  As I began to try to figure these things out and had a genuine interest in trying to understand Father, I had discovered a unique movie and book by strange coincidence in timing that changed my perceptions on Father.

After discovering them, I no longer saw that Father was this unapproachable deity that I would have to sign triplicate forms for, or go to the ancient mountains across the sea to figure out in silence after years of training.

I had begun to strip away my expectations of him, and my preconceptions that I had grown up with as a child.  This felt what I imagine it would be like to find out about having another paternal Father.  The only difference here is that this Father knows everything about you.

I learned he is very patient and loving "Father", that is a phone call away.  In this case, a thought away.  Moreover, that he does not judge us, but we do make our choice of whether or not we stand with or against him.  I was renewed with hope and joy in these revelations to speak with him.

I made another attempt in conversing with Father, and in this instance I apparently succeeded.  In this conversation, I had offered my help to Father.  His response was, "I don't need your help."

This one phrase stuck with me for weeks as I chewed on it over, and over again.  This was at a time when I had delusions about myself still floating in my head.  This was a huge wake up call that I needed to get my head out of my ass, nor does Father make any deals.  I may not have said anything, but Father knew I had hopes for something in return, and that I had felt obligated to do something for him, which is the wrong way to approach him about service.  I learned a valuable lesson from Father, which also helped ground me back to Earth and see outside of myself.

What I also realized was that this existence and free will, is a true gift.  A true gift is given without an expectation attached to it.  An offering of service to Father must also follow this same vein of gift giving.  If service is accepted, the journey given gives the reward of the experiences and memories with that journey.

I had many conversations with Cal at great length on my theories over the years, and my own self-centered delusions.  The reality was something I was not receptive to, and what I originally thought was attacking, I now look back on and see he was speaking truth.  I did not want to recognize the fact that I wanted to make this about me in some way, and the reality was it was not.  Once I was able to stop thinking the universe revolved around me, and let go of the delusions I had built up over the years, the truth was able to be seen for what it is.

At this point I decided Cal is either telling the truth, been manipulated to these truths (abductions), or he's on the disorientated express.  I will also add, to this day I still do not detect malice from this man.

On another note, I did attempt to speak to Father again and offer my service after starting to shed my baggage, and wants.  By this point I had dropped the bone I had to pick with Cal, and I began to work on the code with Cal periodically.  Incidentally, Cal showed me how to work the essentials of the revelation code without ever buying it. Moreover, he pointed out to me certain scriptures and I have shown/asked him about others I have noticed. By the time I bought the ebook of The Revelation Code (I'm a cheap bastard), I had already known almost all of it through conversations with him and from reading it on the forum.

In one particular review of code, on the day before Stephen came out to see Cal (see #177 Stephen's Adventure - Thor's Gate), I had brought Cal's attention in regards to the Linkword = LION, out of what I would now call Father's inspiration.  What transpired afterwards with Stephen's adventure I can truly say was breathtaking.

In another Father inspired event, I had shown Cal an important sculpture in the new pictures that Stephen took of the Lion.

In another Father event, I had awoken from a dream where the numbers 7, 39 came to me in a clear voice in what I can only describe as the state of darkness between sleep and awake.  I somehow knew what the numbers were in reference to, so I asked back, which book?  The reply was, "The book of John."  I awoke up promptly thereafter with the words and numbers vividly in mind.

I looked over the verse, and was first surprised that they even exist in the Bible.  You see, I am not a heavy reader of the bible, excluding Daniel/Revelations for the Rev Code work I had been doing with Cal.  As soon as I was able I shared this unusual dream with Cal, which lead him to the "GLORIFIED" linkword.

At this point, Father spoke in the conversation, and to say that I was overwhelmed was an understatement.  As I was growing a list of "proofs" in physicality that were verifiable right before my eyes that Father both exists, and heard my request. I am very thankful for the opportunities to serve that have been given to me.

I have shared these events with you in hopes that it may be of value to those that have searched for truth, only to be frustrated as I had been from time to time.  That itch I spoke of earlier that I could not scratch ceased after I sought and found Father. I have also experienced an acceleration of events I can not explain happening with the level of synchronicity that could only come from an inspiration such as Father.

Seek, and you shall find.  As Cal said, don't, and you won't.  Father is always there, and from my experiences he is willing to have a conversation to those that are also willing to listen with an open heart and mind and have an honest talk with him.  I will also mention that you cannot trick, lie, or be fake with Father, to do so would only be cheating yourself of what is truly the "Father experience".

I thank you Father for all the patience and help you have given me.  My best wishes to all of you who read this and thank you for listening to my story.

-Art Flores
a.k.a. MagicPaw

Cal's comment:

Art's biggest problem with me came because he was waiting for the proverbial 'other shoe' to drop. It never came in that I have no agenda other than the truth. Recently, he was able to get past this deciding that, at worst, I was a nice old man who 'might' be deluded. Once he moved me into the column of 'harmless', his journey took off and he has since learned to fly. Everyone has their own dragon that needs to be conquered. This was one of his. It was the last obstacle in his journey to Father.

I had , for a long time, tried to get him to seek out Father. He resisted. About a year ago, I taught him how to request an audience with Father. This he agreed to do and it facilitated his first conversation with Him. Since then, he's received  license for first person (at will) journeys to Father whenever he wishes. No small thing.

Art adopted my methdology of asking for confirmations, and he received them quickly and obviously. A point Christianity missed or ignored is that Father always will serve up proofs.