The Miracle Baby

My now ex-wife and I had been married for ten years. We'd been told we would never have children. The lady had told me that the reason she couldn't conceive was due to the fact that her uterine PH factor was inimical to sperm. What do I know of these things? Not much. I accepted the explanation and the fact we would never have children. These thoughts crossed my mind as I flew back from my weekend with Derrell Sims. As I reexamined this information with new eyes and the knowledge that I knew more than I ever thought I did. As I mulled my wife's comments, I realized that she had lied. My 'database' told me that she had malformed fallopian tubes and her inability to conceive had nothing to do with PH factors. Upon my return home I called her and asked why she had been dishonest. Her response was, "How did you ever find out"? This served as the first of many verifications of the information contained between
my ears.

In the summer of 1983, I had a young man of twenty over at my house helping me with some work. My wife was upstairs with her head buried into the toilet. The fellow asked what was wrong. I mentioned that she'd been sick the last couple of days but wasn't running a temperature or demonstrating any flu like systems. He pondered a minute and commented that his wife had done a similar thing when she was pregnant, morning sickness. The boy's comments hit me like a bolt of lightning. No.... not possible.

I went upstairs, comforted my wife to the degree possible and repeated the comments. Like me, she got this incredulous look on her face and said, "It can't be". I suggested that we get a EPT pregnancy kit from the drug store. After all, it's only ten bucks and its worth looking at.

The next morning she's waking me all excited. "Get up, get up, the rabbit died!". I stumbled to the bathroom sink while she explained the test results comparatively with the instructions. Color me flabbergasted. We made an appointment with her gynecologist.  As we sat in the OB's waiting room, he came to the door with this look of gloom on his face as if to say, "Lady, I really don't want to hurt your feelings but it's not possible that you're pregnant." I accepted the look for what it was. After all, the test kit could have been wrong. It wasn't. He confirmed that she was pregnant and commented that this had to be a one in ten million chance. After all, we had been married for ten years. Sean was born on 01/23/84 seven weeks premature and weighing in at only three pounds three ounces.

It should be noted that the universal definition of a virgin is not a woman who hasn't had sex. Instead, it is a woman who hasn't had a child. Under this standard, it rates as a virgin birth. Even more so as the woman in question was incapable of having children at all.