The Beast and The Mark of The Beast
Revelation gives voice to the various characters who have principle roles in the end times. Michael and his angels, the prince of this world, Abaddon the ruler of the bottomless pit, The Beast and, of course, Satan. Indirect comment is made to the ten planetary princes who will join with Satan to make physical war upon the universe. At this writing, that number stands at eleven. I know not which one will fall from their ranks.

The Beast is that which gathers itself to poor purpose. A schism of being occurs within mankind wherein those who are of poor soul gather themselves against those who are of elevated soul. "Birds of a feather flock together". The Beast is not a single individual but the collection of those of similar nature.

The conflict that occurs between these two groups is the relationship that exists between the soul and the anti-soul. Both groups are inextricably linked together by the fact they have a relationship to each other. While good can exist on its own without the presence of evil, the anti-soul can not exist without the object that it protests against. These groups form the earthly boundaries for the final conflict. At this time, Satan will be loose upon the planet and his manipulations will be seen and judged via the poor actions of those who have come to accept themselves as godless beings.

The Mark of The Beast is the extreme in this equation. The Mark is the result of a device, a stainless steel cylinder which has three electrodes that appear circular in shape. This device is held against the forehead of an individual it separates the connection between the soul and the brain.

You can't sell your soul. It isn't yours to sell. However, you can abrogate your right to free will. Those who accept the mark are the hopeless and deluded who believe that service to Satan will bring them some reward. Other than the mark left on the forehead, it mark has one very notable side effect. The person's eyes turn totally white and are completely devoid of obvious pigmentation. There are some who will elevate these sad people in their esteem and will see them not for what they are. Many others will see them accurately.

The mark can not be delivered involuntarily. The person MUST CHOOSE, as his last act of free will, that this is the path he wishes to travel. Once separated, the soul no longer provides the ability to access the higher emotions of love, tolerance and compassion. Further, they have, by choice, accepted an existence of slavery.

This is a time where there can be no fence sitters. The choice will be forced upon you by the beast and you will choose well or poorly depending upon your evolutionary moment.

These situations, do not apply to the ascendant soul for they will already have left the earth.

Update of 12/21/97

I have previously described an encounter I've had with two Nordics working out of the Denver area, a male and a female. I've kept a loose contact with them working under the old adage of 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. These are my conclusions based upon these interactions.

There are those who take shortcuts into mortality. One Drunvalo Melchezidek, and angel of that family 'walked in' during the 70's. For this to occur the individual inhabiting that body had to have died. Such procedures are oft times implimented in hospital emergency rooms and drug overdoses provide a quick way for a wanna be to gain access to a body. In the moments when the individual's body dies and the soul separates it is possible and feasible for another soul to take possession of the body and impliment quick repairs.

A nordic version of this procedure exists as well. Any individual who has made 'the deal' has forfeited his free will. Those at the other end of the arrangement may kill him if they so choose. Intelligence and data can be copied from one living organism to another. Thus, the personality of a nordic can be injected into the living body of a human being. The nordic's own body can be kept in stasis indefinitely awaiting his return. This is the case of the male nordic in question. Ironically, both he and the Melchezidek made their entry points in the early 1970's, both before August 1973, the actual beginning of mine own awakening.

This nord has compiled an assortment of New Age mumbo jumbo and quasi religious rhetoric. He uses the book 'The Keys of Enoch' as his bible but is amazing unacquainted with the real Bible. His story basically promises that 'if' he can call this mythical 'straylene' light, you will be advanced in your quest for ascendancy. He challenged me to accept his offering. I told him that, as an act of tolerance, I would keep an open mind and did so for a few months. Naturally, he failed to produce any light other than that common to General Electric. Finally, I challenged him. I told him that unless he could 'elevate' me to a point past God Himself, he had nothing to offer. As I am enabled with the evolutionary moment to stand before Father, anything less is a joke.

He replied, "Well on Earth your definition of God is......". I interrupted, 'Forget Earth'. I'm talking about the Creator of the cosmos, of all of creation. Put me in his prescense if you can'. His response was silence. I've noted that when in doubt he returns to his prepared script about the mysteries of the Keys of Enoch.

The female nord (earth born) claims to have seen his magical light and was impressed by it. Odd that we have one soulless creature giving testimony to the righteousness of another soulless being. However, for the sake of argument, I've given her the benefit of the doubt and assumed that she saw 'something'. Is it hard for a species with the ability to engage in interplanetary flight to throw up a little light show to impress the gullible? Certainly not. Moses was impressed by a burning bush. Is is reasonable to propose that a soulless species is empowered to generate ascendants from a soul bearing species. Again, the answer is an unequivocable NO!

Here we have the first fledgling volleys of The Beast being prepared. The real issue is, "Do you really need anyone else to tell you right from wrong? Is it this mythical straylene light in which you should place your faith and trust or is it the light within you, God's light, to which you should gravitate?

The male nord has some interesting quirks about him as well. His right hand always shakes when he eats solid food. I have no explanation for this but comment on it as it is out of the ordinary. He has frequent memory loss and can not remember prior conversations he's had. The female nord confirms and thinks it 'odd'. What happens here is that he is little more than a walking transceiver for the party on the other end of his leash. When they check in to pick up the messages from his mind, they frequently wipe the answering machine's memory leaving him with gaps in his memory. It is important to remember that his individual has no free will of his own, no volition.

Another 'quirk' is that I've never see him smile. The female nord has a sense of humor and is quick witted with responses. This is a clue one needs to watch out for. Earthborne nords are, culturally, the same as we are. Offworld nords aren't. What little humor they have is limited to 'food chain' humor wherein they are higher on the chain than reality might allow. They do not smile easily and, when they do, it is a 'forced' smile.

I've oft times described the physical persona of these two individuals as 'two black holes walking on scenery'. They do not 'emote' in the way a soul bearing person does. Instead, they 'animate'. When in motion they can give the appearance of a normal presence. However, when at rest, the black hole imagery is appropriate. It would be a sad mistake for us to think that the differences present make them superhuman, they aren't. Or, that in the desire to find truth, we look to the purveyors of misdirection. If it doesn't 'feel' right, it usually isn't. Listen to your own soul, your own 'instincts'. More than once, I've left the company of the male nord with the feeling I needed a bath. It takes an act of will for me to tolerate his presence (and a bath later).

Update 5/98 The beast begins to gather itself in serveral arenas. China, the main body of the beast, sets the stage through its number one agent, President Clinton. Mr. Clinton has, by presidential order, sold to the Communist Chinese, the technology needed to make multiple reentry vehciles (mrv). This is allows a nuclear missle to have multiple targets for multiple bombs. The Chi-Com connection is more than apparent in the funneling of money from the Chinese to Clinton AND the Democratic Party's reelection efforts even though it is illegal to take money from foreign interests.

Most recently, Clinton roars in indignation that India conducted a nuclear bomb test yet made no comment when the French did the same. What is the difference? France has no common border with China and does not have a history of conflict with China. India does. India's nuclear ability poses a potential risk to China in the event of war.

Israel: Clinton is doing his best to alienate Israel under the guise of forcing concessions on behalf of the Palestinians . Israel will stand against the beast. Clinton attempts to damage relationships forcing a rift between the U.S. and Israel.

Rome: A year and a half ago, the Pope was warned by angelic visitation that he was being slowly poisoned to death by him who he thinks is his best friend, a cardinal. The Pope chose not to believe this messenger. He will die soon. Him who caused his death will become the next and last Pope. He will not sit long upon Peter's throne. Michael himself will depose him. The beast will flee into the Middle East to hide amongst other elements of the beast. In the doing, the Church will face schism.

The College of Cardinals is mostly corrupt. Michael will relieve them of their duties as well. He will reach down into the seminaries for young and newly ordained priests who have not been corrupted. These he will elevate as the new Princes of the Church.

The Urantia Foundation:

This organization was funneled information to serve the moment of the beast. I've given my thoughts and comments on it already and the reader can refer to the specifics in other web writings. Those who have read the words but not 'seen' the truth will be deluded 'true believers' in the universal propaganda placed before them.

They will not see that the rebellion's prime concerns are not the conquest of Earth, a small and insignificant world, but instead the conquest of the universal government. Those who hold the grudge against Earth are FROM THE UNIVERSE! These very same hypocrites who proclaim their sanctity of being in the words of the Urantia Book.

The stage is setting itself.


For those who track the countdown to Armageddon, we stand at a moment before 'The Days'. The child has fled into the wilderness. The 1,260 days will be performed 'out of time'. Relative to Earth, it will seem as though only one night has passed. Few will be aware. Following the days, two great events will occur.

The first I call The Grand Tour. A ufo sighting unprecedented in the history of this world. There will be no landings but contact will be made and an embassy will be established. The people of the planet will be addressed and, to many, this will be the impetus that sends them higher toward their own ascendancy. Afterwards, the taking will occur, rapture.

There are several purposes for the tour and contact. Foremost is that the peoples of the world NOT devolve into abject fear. Those non ascendants who are left behind are not to be abandoned. Instead, the Son himself will be amongst you to work with you in the hope you will choose ascendancy.

Upon the completion of rapture, my timeline is ended. However, I will not abandon you either. Instead, I will stay with the Son and work for our common goal.

The governments of the world should know that the tour produces no threat to any nation. This is not science fiction nor are you being invaded. In truth, we have been here all along but greater purpose was achieved by keeping a low profile. Regardless, it would be injudicious to fire upon my people. I wish no military confrontation. However, be advised my people will be ordered to defend themselves should the eventuality arise. Let logic and reason be the arbiters of actions in these moments, not fear.