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Tuesday August 8, 2000; 12:10 AM EDT

            Traficant Drops Treason Bombshell on Reno

            Ohio Democratic congressman James Traficant accused Attorney
            General Janet Reno of treason Monday night, saying he has
            evidence that she was blackmailed not to appoint an independent
            counsel to investigate the Clinton-Gore administration on
            Chinagate charges.

            Appearing on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes," the Ohio
            Democrat announced that he has five affidavits from individuals
            who charge that Reno was repeatedly arrested for drunk driving
            in Florida during the 1980s, had sex with a lesbian call girl
            and got her job as Miami's state attorney through mob

            Traficant, who predicted last month that Reno was about to
            indict him on corruption charges, suggested that Reno's
            encounter with the call girl had been captured on videotape.

            Critics of Traficant say the Congressman's comments on Reno are
            motivated by the fact he is the subject of an FBI/Justice Dept.
            probe of having received possible kickbacks.

            Supporters of Traficant say that the Congressman has been
            targeted by the Clinton White House and the FBI because of his
            criticism of federal handling of controversies such as the Vince
            Foster death, TWA 800 and Waco.

            The maverick congressman and frequent Clinton administration
            critic said the FBI learned about some of the damaging evidence
            on Reno during a 1993 background check prior to her appointment
            to attorney general. But he said he did not know whether the
            material was turned over to the Senate during her confirmation

            TRAFICANT: I have received several affidavits, and here's what
            these affidavits allege. I have done some cursory investigation
            and will follow up further myself on a limited budget. What I
            received was that Janet Reno was first appointed to Dade County
            state attorney, they call them state attorneys there, as a favor
            and a thank-you to the mob.

            Number two, she's a lesbian. And I really don't care about
            anybody's sexual preference ...

            COLMES: Well, what are you saying that for ...

            TRAFICANT: Hear me, hear me. This is an affidavit. This is an
            affidavit I'm speaking to and I want you to listen to me. 'Cause
            I don't really care about anybody's sexual preference.

            COLMES: Then why bring it up?

            TRAFICANT: Because it's in the affidavit, and listen to the
            salient points, Alan. I'm not talking about Democrat and
            Republican. And I want you to set Democrat aside tonight and set
            Republican aside tonight.

            Janet Reno had a relationship with a call girl who was
            associated with organized crime figures. And they have
            videotapes of this woman. Now hear me. Also you had five police
            officers stop Janet Reno for substance abuse, namely DUI - under
            the influence - willing to testify, never testified.

            Now, here's the point I'm making. Listen very carefully. I will
            be submitting FOIA requests. Because I believe Janet Reno in her
            failure to appoint an independent counsel, specifically on the
            threatening issue, the national security issue, China - she did
            so because of her blackmailability.

            I want to know why, and how long it took for the FBI to
            investigate, if they gave this information to the Senate, if the
            Senate knew about compromises they had from outside the
            government. They knew about her past history of alcoholism, her
            association with call girls. And they did interview several of
            the affiants that have in fact given me these affidavits. Now
            hold on.

            HANNITY: Hey, Congressman, well hold on one second. Let me ask a
            couple ... Let's clarify. You have just declared war tonight on
            Janet Reno.

            TRAFICANT: Yes, I have.

            HANNITY: You made some very severe allegations. You say you have
            affidavits. Who are these affidavits from?

            TRAFICANT: These affiants wish to remain anonymous, but they
            will testify in an open court or a congressional hearing of
            appropriate nature.

            HANNITY: You are saying she is associated, and that people will
            testify with evidence, that she was connected to the mob?

            TRAFICANT: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. And because of
            the fact - and I'm looking into this - I'm not throwing any
            darts at the president at this point or anybody. I want to know
            if the president got that information. I want to know the
            timespan from when the FBI went down and interviewed these
            affiants on these particular allegations, and how long it took
            for her to be confirmed.

            Janet Reno was one of the exceptions. They waved that 72-hour
            period from the hearing to the confirmation. And in a lovefest
            she became the attorney general, and I'm accusing the attorney
            general of treason right here.

Friday August 11, 2000, 10:20 PM EDT

            Gore Threats Force Sanchez to Move Playboy Fund

            After three days of intensifying pressure from senior Gore
            campaign officials, California congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has
            agreed to seek a new location for a Tuesday night fund raiser
            that had been planned for Hugh Hefner's Los Angeles Playboy

            Sanchez annouced the move in a statement to reporters late

            "Our decision is that we will be moving the Hispanic Unity USA
            party. We will be moving it to a different location. We will be
            having it on Tuesday night. This in no way reflects anything
            other than appreciation to the Hefners and to Playboy

            "As I said, sometimes there is discord and disagreement. And I
            respect that with some of my party leaders. But I do want you to
            know that sponsors and donors and in particular the Hefners are
            with us in this move."

            Despite past donations from Playboy to Democratic Party coffers
            that numbered in the tens of thousands of dollars, the Gore
            campaign threatened to cancel Rep. Sanchez's speaking slot at
            next week's Democratic convention and fire her as vice chairman
            of the Democratic National Committee unless she changed the fund
            raiser's venue.

            At one point DNC officials even warned they would withhold
            campaign money for her re-election effort.

            After Sanchez made it clear she was ready to back down, party
            officials reinstated her invitation to address the convention.

            Pressure on Sanchez became particulary intense after Gore picked
            senatorial moralizer Joe Lieberman as his running mate, an
            apparent bid to remove the stain of the vice president's
            eight-year association with the disgraced President Clinton.

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            Saturday August 12, 2000; 10:35 AM EDT

            'Jews for Morality' Web Site Shut Down After
            Lieberman Critique

            Hours after telling that Gore vice presidential pick
            Joe Lieberman doesn't live up to the standards set by his
            Orthodox Jewish faith, Rabbi Yehuda Levin found that his "Jews
            for Morality" Web site had been shut down by hackers.

            "It seems like Lieberman supporters don't believe in freedom of
            speech on the Internet when it comes to people in the Orthodox
            Jewish community dissenting from his Orthodoxy," Levin told
   on Friday.

            Before the hackers struck Wednesday, Levin had complained about
            Lieberman's moral hypocrisy.

            "It's very ironic that the liberal media is spinning Joe
            Lieberman as 'Mr. Morality' because he has made a few nice sound
            bites," said the Brooklyn rabbi. "But the question is, where's
            the kosher beef when it comes to morality?"

            Levin repeated his arguments to San Francisco talk host Michael
            Savage and on Bob Grant's nationally syndicated radio program.

            In his comments to, he zeroed in on the vice
            presidential hopeful's pro-abortion stance, which includes
            support for the gruesome procedure known as partial-birth

            "There's no way in the world that any Orthodox Jew could
            possibly support something so horrific," said Levin, noting that
            even Orthodox children know that abortion is "akin to murder."

            The Jews for Morality founder suggested that the hacker attack
            may be connected to complaints earlier this week about
            religion-based smears against the Connecticut senator on other
            Web sites.

            "I think this is especially interesting in light of the fact
            that Mr. Lieberman was crying foul and had Yahoo! shut down some
            anti-Semitic sites shortly after it was announced that he was
            chosen as vice presidential nominee."

            Levin says the attempt to drive him from the Internet is no
            trifling matter and urged the candidate to address the issue

            "I'm trying to get Senator Lieberman to issue an official
            statement disassociating himself from any kind of censorship of
            Orthodox Jews or others who are dissenting from Joe Lieberman
            based on his record of Orthodoxy - or frankly for any other
            reason," he told

            Read the interview with Rabbi Levin that preceded
            the hacker attack on his "Jews for Morality" Web site: Lieberman
            Void of Moral 'Kosher Beef,' Says Rabbi.

            Friday August 11 12:56 AM EST

            Klayman Deplores INS Elian Awards

            This past Wednesday Doris Meissner, head of the Clinton-Gore
            Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), outrageously
            announced that she would give awards to the agents who gassed
            and beat innocent bystanders in Little Havana during the illegal
            raid of the family home and neighborhood of Elian Gonzalez's
            Miami family.

            According to Judicial Watch, Meissner's announcement is
            undoubtedly calculated to try to influence court proceedings
            filed against her by Judicial Watch, Attorney General Janet
            Reno, and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder for over $100
            million in damages for violation of the constitutional rights of
            Cuban Americans and others during the Elian Gonzalez saga.

            Judicial Watch chief Larry Klayman reports that Meissner worked
            with the Clinton-Gore White House to illegally approve
            citizenship applications to obtain Democratic votes in the 1996

            Klayman says Meissner is "the most lawless head of the INS in
            American history."

            "To allow these individuals to sanction awards for agents who
            have violated the constitutional rights of American citizens
            constitutes an outrage," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and
            General Counsel Larry Klayman.

            "Ms. Meissner, Ms. Reno, and Mr. Holder will get 'awards' and so
            will their agents, but they will be large damage awards to set
            an example that this type of totalitarian conduct will never
            again be permitted in our democratic nation," stated Judicial
            Watch President Tom Fitton.

            Judicial Watch will be filing complaints against Ms. Meissner,
            Ms. Reno, Mr. Holder, and the INS agents with appropriate
            authorities for the misuse of taxpayer resources to reward INS
            agents who should, frankly, be incarcerated, not congratulated
            with government trophies.

Friday August 11, 2000; 9:35 AM EDT

            Conservative Truth Squad to Bankroll Hillary
            Scandal Ads

            Concerned that the mainstream press has kept New York voters in
            the dark about Senate candidate Hillary Clinton's central role
            in eight years of White House scandals, a group of prominent
            conservatives plans to launch a get-the-truth-out ad blitz in
            the final months of the campaign.

            The "Emergency Committee to Stop Hillary Rodham Clinton" seeks
            to raise $9 million to bankroll a series of 15 TV ads that will
            "show voters in New York State the real Hillary Clinton,"
            according to the group's first fund-raising letter, obtained by
            Newsday on Friday.

            Mrs. Clinton is "a key figure in: the Chinagate scandal, the FBI
            'filegate' scandal, the 'cattlegate' bribery scandal, the
            'travelgate' scandal (and) the Whitewater fraud that cost
            taxpayers $69 million," the "Stop Hillary" the letter goes on to

            Committee founders include former Reagan aide Lyn Nofziger,
            former attorney general Ed Meese, presidential candidate Alan
            Keyes and former congressman "B-1" Bob Dornan, according to the
            group's letterhead.

            To date, Mrs. Clinton's Senate opponent, congressman Rick Lazio,
            has avoided raising her role in the first couple's scandals,
            despite polls showing that the issue resonates with New York

            In June a Marist College survey revealed that those who dislike
            Mrs. Clinton cite her lack of honesty and integrity as their No.
            1 concern. Close behind were complaints about how she's handled
            her marriage, a thinly veiled reference to the first lady's
            apparent tolerance of her husband's predatory behavior, which
            includes everything from oral sex with underlings in the Oval
            Office to allegations of rape.

            When contacted about the "Stop Hillary" ad campaign Thursday,
            Lazio spokesman Dan McLagan told Newsday, "I've never heard of
            the group, and they've done nothing in the race."

            In its fund-raising letter, the group said it was not connected
            to the Suffolk County Republican in any way, a posture that
            would allow the committee to be "much tougher with our ads and
            'voter communications' programs than the Lazio campaign."

            The "Emergency Committee to Stop Hillary" also plans to launch a
            newspaper ad blitz and mount a phone bank operation to inform
            voters one-on-one.


             Religion and Free Speech Under Attack

Friday Aug. 11, 2000 4:12PM EST

            Sears Dumps Dr. Laura

            With less than a month until the debut of her new Paramount
            television series, Dr. Laura Schlessinger is defending herself
            against a backlash of criticism and activism stemming from
            remarks made on her controversial radio talk show.

            Schlessinger, who has become a favorite target of advocacy
            groups including the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
            organization, has watched as a steady stream of advertisers have
            methodically pulled backing for her nationally syndicated show.
            Sears is just the latest to pull advertising from the show,
            joining a list of other companies including Xerox, Toys ‘R’ Us,
            Skytel, Kraft and AT&T. This has prompted Schlessinger to reach
            out to her radio audience by posting a statement on her Web site
            insisting that her listeners support the many sponsors who have
            remained supportive and loyal to the show.

            Many of the activists have refocused their attention on the
            upcoming television series scheduled to debut next month. But so
            far the reaction has been minimal. Procter & Gamble is one of
            the few to pull its advertising for the series. Paramount, the
            show’s producer, is boasting excellent upfront sales, according
            to the industry magazine, Broadcasting & Cable. "Dr. Laura" is
            set to air in 97 percent of the U.S. beginning Sept. 11.

            Industry insiders are hesitant to say whether or not they think
            the recent departure of advertisers from her radio show will
            ultimately hurt her upcoming series. One syndication insider
            talking to Broadcasting & Cable said, "The studio is nervous;
            they have to be. ... They knew she’d be controversial." But
            Paramount seems to be taking this all in stride. It may just be
            the controversy swirling around her that will have millions
            tuning in to watch.