The Universe Responds

In early July, 1999, I went to Angel's Keep. This area is very difficult to get into so I planned on spending at least two, possibly three days there. The effort involved camping and carrying whatever supplies I would need, including water, as there was none in the area.

It was my wish to explore 'The City'.

The City


This structure appears to be on flat service. It is not and the picture is deceptive. Instead, it is on slopes ranging from thirty degrees to 70 degrees. It is very difficult climbing. This image is rich in symbolism.

To the far right, you'll see the structure of a castle, Camelot. There are literally hundreds of subset carvings of faces etc. within the entirety of the complex. At the left middle of the image, you can discern the presence of two elephants. Their ears form rudimentary pyramids. At the far left,
if you turn the image upwards (or your head sideways), you'll see the carving of a smaller (in comparison) dragon. To his immediate right is an upside down pyramid. From a distance, on the western ridge of the valley, the whole structure has the appearance of a sphinx. Just as Angel's Lair has a cast of characters within it, so too does this construction.

Elephants are large lumbering creatures. This well describes the state of most bureaucracies and governments. The pyramid is the symbol for the timeline of Earth. Two elements of the universe surround this timeline while a one of lesser significance (the dragon) rests at the end. The structure also forms a timeline. As with English, universal writings are read left to right, top to bottom.

The three elements form the 'Enemies of Earth' list. Starting first with the poorer aspects of the Lucifer Rebellion under Satan's command. The lesser nature in status implied in the carvings speak to the fact that this element is of lesser concern to the Earth. The elephants, however, are granted much greater status and constitute more of a threat.

The answer to this threat stands alone to the right - Camelot.

During my trip into the Keep, I hiked downward about two thousand feet to a flat area of three meadows. I pitched my tent in the early afternoon and set up camp. I was exhausted from the effort of carrying my gear in there. After resting for a while, I lit out to scout the area of my decent for the next morning and returned to camp a couple of hours later. This was a 'look see' effort and I avoided more back breaking effort for that day.

I had another mission to perform, one set for me by Father.  During the late afternoon and on into early evening, I was contacted by members of the Universe. These individuals have been trapped here on the planet since 1995 and have been out of contact with their leaders since that time. Father allowed them to remain at large on Earth. My task was to put before them His words and reason, just as I had done for the Princes of the Rebellion.

I was alone and in the wilderness. I came without fear and I proffered Father's words in similar fashion. I'm certain that my willingness to meet them under circumstances that were not particularly in my best interests spoke to the moment. My camping place was not picked at random. I allowed that if they also were without fear, they could easily land three ships and meet with me face to face. They didn't. Instead, all discourse was via mindlink.

Beliefs are choices and can be dangerous things when not founded upon logic and reason. These midlevel universal functionaries and been sold the proverbial 'bill of goods' and had based their beliefs upon the same misrepresentations common to the Urantia Book. I was the bad guy, they were the good guys and that pretty much summed up their position. I set before them a test of reason, one which they could follow and discern.

"Where is Gabriel"?

Answer : "We don't know"

"Where are any of your leaders"?

Answer: "We assume they are on Jerusem"

I told them that I would allow them communications with the universal capitol. That they should ask these questions of their contacts. This they did. They also informed the voice on the other end of the wire that Caligastia had permitted the discourse. I had no objection to the disclosure.

Asked about Gabriel, the universe's response was, "He's in seclusion"

Asked about speaking to any high status angel they were informed that such contact was currently impossible. They were not give a reason as to why it was impossible.

I jumped into the conversation and suggested they ask to speak with ANY person able to make jumps to the six dimension.

Again, the universe announced it was unable to produce any such individuals.

I closed the circuit and ended the link with Jerusem.

In a universe where communications travel at the speed of thought, no one is EVER unreachable except in unusual circumstances. If every one of the elevated beings of the universe, every individual who was capable of direct audience with Father was missing, an incredible and incredulous event had occurred.

I asked the universal crew for their speculations. They were confused and had none.

I informed them that the government they served was no longer relevant. Further, that Father had withdrawn ALL of the elevated personalities from creation and repositioned them at Havona, which IS in the sixth dimension. Father's purpose is to create a new universal order to replace the corruptions of the current administration.

I asked them to review the orders and instructions they were given prior to their arrival on Earth.
I suggested that an objective examination would reveal that they were not about Father's business and that the 'pragmatic' objectives and the means by which they were given license were in violation of every Melchezidek teaching.  "How can you assume yourselves to be in Father's service when you've been instructed to violate the foundational core of all of His teachings"?
Furthermore, you've already indulged a great many acts which are shameful in the extreme.

Father puts before you a choice. You may serve Him or you may serve the Universe. You can't do both.

Allowing for the Universe's methodologies of deception, I asked my former Temporal Adjuster, Celeste, to join the conversation. I told them that Celeste was once as they are now, deluded and deceived. Like them, she had indulged in poor behaviors where I was concerned. I asked her to share her experience and insight with them. She agreed.

I disconnected from the discourse at this point. I had no need to hear nor did I wish to. I did ask Celeste if she'd report her impressions when she was done. A little over a couple of hours later she returned and told me she thought the effort had been a waste of time. She was correct.

The universe's response to Father's proposition appeared at The Lair, carved in stone. It is a rather inglorious carving.

The Elephant's Backside


This carving appeared after the meeting I've discussed. Here you can see the elephant's ears.
He is kneeling and his leg and foot appears precisely as you'd expect of the animal. His tail is missing, however, his 'orifice'  is well displayed.