The Creek

In the seventies, I had a dream that seemed to hold significance. Generally, I have two types of dreams, those that come true and those that are pressure dreams wherein I'm blowing off steam from the days encounters. I had long ago been able to tell the differences. Today, I would call this an encounter with my own timeline and not a dream.

I was flying over a desert area and approaching a mountain from the south. On the side of the mountain was a word. As I flew over the mountain I saw a small, green circular valley at the top of  it. It was circular in the way that the caldera of a volcano is circular. I landed in the middle of it. To the west was a pyramid. I started walking towards the door. From the side of the mountain a creature disgorged itself and came screaming down, landing before me with arms outstretched blocking my way. A voice came from inside the pyramid, "Let him pass. He's been invited". The thing moved from my path and I continued. I reached the darkened door to the pyramid, peeked inside then woke up. The structure was imagery but with a purpose.

In 1994 I set about the task of finding this place, if it existed at all. I used my computer to scan data tapes I'd received from the postal service containing all the names, counties, and zip codes for the country. I dismissed the State of Texas as a possibility as it is not a mountainous region. In all of the United States, I found only one place with the proper name that is within a mountainous region, The Creek. On July 4th weekend, I went in search of the truths I felt were awaiting.

This is a mysterious place. The mystery however lays right in front of your eyes. Daligastia, who lives in Hawaii and had never been there channeled instructions on landmarks to me. Three rock spires lined up were one of them. She told me that if I looked on a map, I would see an inverted L. This formed the route into the place. She told me I would see my name on the rocks. A natural formation there did form the first three letters of my first name. She also commented about a large boulder. In all these instances she was right.

The Creek is a place of many faces. The faces are carved into the rocks but few see them. The faces begin on Highway 50. Into the mountain is carved the face of a man facing the creek area. The most significant face in the valley is that of the Old One. It shows a carved image of a one eyed man.

Yet, old one is not the only carving there. There is one of an angel, of a gray, of a red and of a ufo that appears to be crashing into the side of the mountain. Across from Old Ones face is another. One that appears to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex - The Dragon - Satan.

Here we have a combination of the Christian story of Armageddon and the Norse legend of Odin. In the end times, Odin is to do battle with Loki. Loki's Christian equivalent is Satan. Further, the imagery provided is of The Dragon and ties in well to Revelation.

This valley has some oddities as well. Most notable is the lack of animal life, even birds. Hiking around it you run across bear droppings but I have yet to see an animal there day or night. If they come in, they don't stay long. My philosophy on these things has always been that if an animal doesn't care for it, perhaps its not a terribly healthy place to be. Regardless, the why of it remains yet to be seen. The following rock artifacts are all positioned roughly within a 50 yard area of each other. They provide a cast of characters in the end times scenario. Each is positioned in a place according to status. At the highest point on the mountain is The Creator Father.

The Creator Father

Creator Son Michael of Nebadon - The Lord of The Universe

This picture is rich in symbolism. Note that Michael's image wears a crown. On his left shoulder rests a figure in anguish, The Universe. It speaks to the trials of the rebellion and the pains to come during the universal awakening. Two other figures appear in these carvings. Beneath Michael's chin at the bottom of the picture is the image of a Gray. This represents the uninvited aliens now trapped upon this world. To the right of this image is the face of man illustrating Earth's ascendants. Note that both Father and Michael are smiling.

The Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel has been the defacto ruler of the universe during Michael's sojourn upon the earth. Upon his head  is a well carved image of a lizard. This photo may not well show the detailing but the mouth and eye are particularly well formed. The lizard represents the universe and Gabriel's primary concern.


                                                                                      Odin's Head

Abaddon, who was also known to the Norse as Odin. Second in command to Caligastia and Father of the Lanonandek race of Angels.

Satan - The Dragon

Ufo Rock

Midwayer - Beezelbulb

Midwayer - Metasophicles