The Father Moment

It is difficult to discuss things that are experiential with people who haven't had the experience. The possibility of truth can rest only in the credibility of the person telling the tale. I've watched so called ministers of God proffer slick and well rehearsed renditions of 'God's Love' when it was also painfully apparent to me that this was an act and they didn't have the first clue what they were talking about.....nor did they really care. One can only wonder how much appreciation they'd have for God's Love if no one put coins into their plates.

It is true that Father's love is infinite and the depth of it is profound. One can not state with any clarity what unconditional love feels like, even after it has arrived.  There is a moment where one 'can' reach to the Father and he grants a peek into the window and the truth of all things seems so simple - not complex. Further, that his love is unconditional and the scope of it so grand  and  so large that one can't help but feel humbled in the face of something so 'good'. When one realizes that this massive affection is directed at you (despite your warts) and that  Father thinks better of you than you do yourself.

An associate called me one day in tears and I asked, What's Wrong? She said, nothing is wrong - everything is right. Baffled, I asked for an explanation and she related to me the information I've just given you. Immediately, I knew what she was talking about. This isn't something that can be faked. Once one receives The Father Moment, it alters the way you see things forever. It also removes any doubt of His existence or His nature. Father no longer resides in the realm of a belief but is, instead, a hard fact.

Now, the cynic would demand proof - a 'little' miracle. From experience I've learned that no amount of proving will ever be sufficient to change the heart of a cynic.

There was a man who engaged me in conversation on the posting forum. He tells me he had a dream and I should tell him what it was (without stating anything about the dream). As a rule, I don't do tricks and I'm not Miracles Are Us. Yet, in his case, I made an exception because I was the person he was speaking to in the dream.

I told him that I had a conversation with a man who held me in the highest contempt. It would be more accurate to say that I was 'trying' to have a conversation with this person. Yet, his angst with me made communication impossible.  He was the man. From this point, he shut up and left the forum. How this man became so barren and so bitter, I don't know. Freewill always factors into the equation here.

The truth can only be offered - not imposed. Father's truth is a gift granted to those who have a) earned the privilege or b) are able to accept it. Father granted freewill and, unlike governments, He is not disposed to take it from anyone.

Father is the author of truth. Religion is an invention of man. Frequently, depending upon the subject, the two can be one and the same whilst at other times the interpretations of men deviate greatly from the truth.  Religion can be a valid guide and journey to ascendancy, but because of the errors of men, there is a glass ceiling beyond which only a few can pass. Father didn't create did.

The Apostle John tells us that to speak directly with the Father, one must be 'in the spirit'. Yet, how many churches teach this skill? The limitations of a ministry becomes obvious when those ministers themselves can not practice it. Thus, they can't teach what they themselves can't do.

It falls to the traveler in the journey to reach out to Father on his own and to 'believe' that you can. Good living, honesty and integrity (service to the truth) is the road and, as it happens, this is the same road to ascendancy. There is a Father Moment waiting for all who care to reach for it.